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Children grow up flying. One of the authoritative mistakes many parents make is buying excessively many clothes for their newborn baby who quickly outgrows everything. unfortunately, it ’ s still easy to buy the wrong sizes as your children get older. Some children will be improbable, some will be slimmer and they will go through unlike growth spurts at different times.

Kids ’ sizes are normally fairly easy to understand, but there are diverse systems used in different countries. In the UK, they normally indicate historic period range once you get past 24 months such as 2-3, 3-4 etc. In Europe they just use a centimeter range for the acme of the child. however, in the US they use 2T, 3T, 4T and 5T for toddlers. The confusion arises because you can besides get size 4 and 5. therefore what ’ s the difference ?

In this article, let ’ s compare 4T and 4 sizes, as this is one of the more coarse issues facing parents when buy clothes .

What is 4T ?

4T refers to a clothing size for toddlers. It ’ s a system employed in the US, and the total refers to the recommended age of the child i.e. 2T is for 2 year olds, 4T for year olds etc. 5T is the biggest size in the toddler rate. It ’ s a reasonably simple system, but the claim size for 4T clothes can vary by store, which makes things a little more confuse. In general, 4T is for children who weigh around 35lbs and are around 40 ” tall. These are average numbers for a 4 year old, but if your child is smaller or bigger than these numbers, consider dropping to 3T, going up to 5T or size 4 ( see below ) .

Is size 4 the lapp as 4T ?

This is the biggest trouble that confuses parents. Size 4 is actually on a different scale of clothing sizes. This scale is for bigger kids going up to just to the begin of their adolescent years. The numbers hush correlate to the old age of the child though, and start from 4 going up to 14.

Size 4 and 4T are actually very exchangeable as they overlap on the two scales of dress sizes, but the former tends to be slightly bigger. 4T dress tends to have an adjustable shank for trousers, and shorter sleeves for tops. Size 4 clothing has longer sleeves but the waist is not adjustable ( so you ’ ll probably need to use a belt if it doesn ’ t match perfectly ). here ’ s a sizing graph that ’ s a good scout :

  • 4T is for children 39-41” in height and 33-36lbs in weight
  • Size 4 is for children 42-44” in height and 37-41lbs in weight.

consequently if your 4 year old is a little big for their senesce, you might want to consider size 4 dress .

Is size 4 bigger than 5T ?

5T is for 5 year olds who are 41-44 ” in acme and 39-45lbs in weight. Compared to size 4 they are actually very exchangeable in sizes in terms of altitude, but 5T supports a heavier slant .

What size should a 4 year old wear ?

Looking at the respective sizes available, your son or daughter could wear size 3T if they are quite small for their old age, sizes 4T or 4 if they are in the center, and 5T or 4 if they are a morsel bigger. normally you get a sense of what is right for your child, but it ’ randomness always best for them to try things on in the store first barely to make certain.

Another key component is the waist size of your child. When you choose a top or some jeans, although the altitude might be very well, your child ’ randomness shank might be unlike and an item of clothe can be besides tight or besides baggy .

This happens a distribute with my 4 class old daughter. She is quite grandiloquent for her age, but she has a narrow shank. No matter what trousers or jeans she puts on, they always seem to fall down a bit beneath her hips. It doesn ’ triiodothyronine serve that my wife orders a lot of clothes on-line and all excessively frequently something doesn ’ thymine fit our daughter properly ( and I ’ m the good-for-nothing soul who has to go to the post agency to return it ! )

Click hera for a arrant guide on toddler clothing sizes .

How does 4T comparison to sizes in other countries ?

While the US system uses 2T, 3T, 4T and 5T for toddler sizes, early countries do things differently. 4T is equivalent to 3-4 in the UK, 98-104cm in Europe, and 4 in Australia .

What is size 4T in different retailers ?

Although I ’ ve outlined the measurements for 4T above, unfortunately respective retailers can tweak them slightly which makes things a bit hard for you. here are some examples :


According to their size chart, in Walmart 4T has a acme of 38.5-41.5 ” and weight 34.5-38lbs. This means for them, 4T is 2lb heavier than the average, but the altitude is basically the same.


At Carters, size 4T is for children with a acme of 39-41.5 ”, and a weight of 34-37.5lbs. There measurements are more in line with the industry modal, but it ’ s still 1.5lbs heavier .


According to Nordstrom ’ s sizing chart, their 4T range is for 34-39lbs ( 3lbs more than average ) and 38.5-41.5 ” .


Although the differences are small between 4T and 4, it ’ second important to try these clothes on in memory. You can see that even across retailers, there are rebuff variations. If you have any doubt, it ’ randomness best to buy in person rather than online ( unless you know for certain an item of invest will fit your child all right ). besides, you can factor in growing room a sting besides. If you ’ re in two minds about whether to choose 4T or 4, go for the latter option as it ’ ll give your child a bite more room and it will therefore last a while longer.

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