Kevin Durant’s Insistence on Wearing the Wrong Shoe Size May Have Cost the Nets an Eastern Conference Finals Appearance

Kevin Durant ‘ s heaven-sent jumper at the end of regulation during Game 7 between the Brooklyn Nets and the Milwaukee Bucks about sent his short-handed team to the Eastern Conference Finals. The ace forward put a move on P.J. Tucker and stepped back in an undertake to win the game with a three, but the tip of his size-18 sneakers merely barely grazed the 3-point line as he rose up for the fritter .
The interesting part ? Durant international relations and security network ’ t even a size-18 .
If entirely Durant was wearing his discipline brake shoe size, he might ’ ve sent the Nets to the ECF with one of the most expansive game-winners in NBA playoff history .

Kevin Durant was one inch away from sending the Nets to the ECF

Brooklyn Nets superstar Kevin DurantKevin Durant reacts during Game 7 between the Brooklyn Nets and the Milwaukee Bucks in the Eastern Conference Semifinals | Elsa/Getty Images
When Durant stepped back on the court with his Nets trailing by two late in Saturday ’ s Game 7 against the Bucks, he knew precisely what he needed to do. Brooklyn was struggling to stay afloat with James Harden nursing a hamstring wound and Kyrie Irving sitting on the bench in street clothes, sol durant sleep together he had to go for the hard punch.

After receiving the ball at the top of the key, Durant backed Tucker down to the 3-point line, spun back to his right, and drilled what he thought was the game-winning three. But on irregular attend, his toes were merely barely touching the 3-point arch when he lifted up for the shoot .
Two-pointer. Overtime .
rather of waltzing into the Eastern Conference Finals thanks to one of the greatest clutch shots in playoff history, the Nets folded in OT and saw their season come to an end by chance early. When Durant finally saw the replay of his long two, he couldn ’ thymine believe it .
“ My big ass animal foot stepped on the line, ” Durant told reporters after the crippled. “ I merely saw how cheeseparing I was to ending their season with that blast. ”

Durant wears his basketball shoes one size too big

As if Saturday ’ s season-ending passing wasn ’ triiodothyronine brutal adequate for Nets fans, a little-known fact about Durant ’ s shoe preferences made it even worse.

After the game, Royce Young of ESPN pointed out a 2018 interview in which Durant told Chris Herring of Sports Illustrated ( previously FiveThirtyEight ) that he wears a size-17 brake shoe, but he wears size-18s on the basketball court for comfort reasons .
“ These are like slippers, serviceman, ” Durant told Herring. “ And I just try to be arsenic effective as I can when I create what I want out there. I don ’ t want something that ’ s excessively bulky. so, sometimes they may come off, but the thoroughly thing is, I can slip them back on and keep act. ”
You got tantalum be kidding me. Durant ’ s size-18 sneakers were about an edge aside from being behind the 3-point line on his incredible shoot. If he was wearing his typical size-17s, the Nets might equitable be in the Eastern Conference Finals right immediately .

What’s next for Durant and the Nets?

The 2021 NBA title was clearly the Nets ’ to lose. LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers had already been bounced, the Philadelphia 76ers and Atlanta Hawks are unproved playoff teams, and the westerly Conference finalists are both missing star players. Brooklyn ’ s Big 3 should ’ ve cruised to a backing this temper.

But that Big 3 dwindled to a Big 2 when Harden injured his hamstring, then a Big 1 when Irving landed awkwardly on his ankle. Durant did all he could to lead the Nets past the Bucks and buy some time for his other two co-stars to get goodly, but he was one shoe size away from doing so .
All three All-Stars should be binding on the roll next season, so the Nets will most likely enroll 2022 as the favorites to win the style. If they can stay healthy and add a few helpful pieces this offseason, Brooklyn will be back with a vengeance next postseason .
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