What Socks to Wear with Chinos

They ’ rhenium lightweight. They ’ rhenium versatile. They ’ re the perfect alternate to jeans if you want to keep it free-and-easy or go for a slenderly smart expect. Of course, we ’ rhenium talking about chinos today .
so named because they were in the first place made in China and ‘ chino ’ is the spanish bible for China, chinos are highly popular and versatile legwear pieces that come in an extremely across-the-board diverseness of colours, finishes and styles – chino shorts are a adult deal as well !
Given this wide variety, choosing the perfective copulate of socks to pair with your chinos may seem like a daunting task – but fear not ! It ’ s wholly manageable. And that ’ s why we ’ re here today – to break down for you precisely what socks you should and shouldn ’ t match with your chinos to pull off the most fashionable looks, whether you ’ re staying smart or keeping it dainty and casual .

Choosing socks to wear with shorts

First up, let ’ s discourse chino shorts and the best socks to pair, before going into more detail further down about the full-length chino. Pairing socks with chino shorts follows some very simple rules to bear in heed that we ’ ll break down right now.

first, if you do want to go for a preppy ‘ US adolescent ’ look – socks pulled up your calves and paired with trainers. Go for a pastel color that ’ south nice and fall, though of course the most classical expression is to go for white socks .
second, you should be pairing the type of sock you ’ ve got to the type of shoe or trainer that you ’ re tire. The authoritative expressive style to go with when wearing shorts is to make it seem as if you ’ re not tied wearing socks ( which, of naturally, you should be ! ). then, if you ’ ra wearing gloomy top shoes, loafers or boat shoes, slip on a couple of no-show socks ( besides called invisible socks ). If you ’ re sporting eminent tops, ankle socks will do the magic trick fair very well .
now, let ’ s dig into the considerations you need to bear in mind when pairing socks with full-length chino !


Colour is key – even though ( if you ’ re not rolling your chino cuffs ) your socks won ’ thyroxine frequently be on display. When they are revealed, you ’ ll want your socks to either blend in with or compliment your choice of chino ( and the shoes you ’ re wearing excessively ! ) for a sincerely fashionable expect .
Pastel colours are your best friend here. Though chino surely are available in some preferably neon colours, most are more hushed and balmy in tone, so you should be pairing your socks accordingly. We ’ re talking light and inoffensive blues, creams, greys, browns, greens… you ’ ve got a draw of choice here !
And, naturally, if you love a neon expect, you ’ ll probably want some equally neon socks to either compliment or clash with your chinos to create a real statement. If you ’ ra sporting brilliantly crimson chino, you could blend with some bright loss socks, or create some discolor clash with some imperial or yellow ?
Of run, white is very versatile and looks peculiarly effective with lighter and washed out colours – specially if you are wearing loafers or trainers .


Length is possibly less significant than color, but if you ’ re trying to create a specific attend, distance is decidedly keystone – and that search is rolling your cuffs .
If you ’ rhenium rolling your cuffs, you ’ ll credibly want to make it appear as though you ’ re not wearing socks at all – a classical modern search. In this case, you ’ ll want to follow our advice above regarding shorts. no-show socks will be your best friend here !

Best socks to wear with chinos

now that we ’ ve got the hard and fast rules out of the means, it ’ mho time to run you through a few pair of our very favorite socks to pair with chinos that you can pick up from our on-line Pants & Socks store right field immediately !
No show socks
Let ’ s kick things off with a identical general woof – see as, by their very nature, no show socks are meant to fly absolutely under the radar .
All of the no-show socks that we keep in stock are quality picks for about any occasion, but let ’ s break them down into categories for you : sport, casual and bright .
If you ’ re going for a spot more of a dissipated feel and respect survival in your socks ( and big value ), then choose Puma ’ s Unisex Footies. In a handy 3-pack and coming in at fair £8, these are a real number steal.

If you want a more casual expect when you slip off your shoes, then Tommy Hilfiger ’ s Iconic Footies are the way to go with a preppy, sports-inspired design .
And ultimately, if you want to keep things a small classy, go for the invisible socks by BOSS. They ’ rhenium slick. They ’ ra ache. They ’ rhenium amazeballs .
All of these no-shows come with built stress zones and a handy injection of silicone around the cuffs to make certain they don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate go slipping approximately all over the position inside your shoes .
BOSS Regular socks
Don ’ metric ton let the name jester you at all – these socks will pair with your chinos like a dream !
As expected from BOSS, quality is the name of the game. Crafted from a sustainable cotton blend, these simple socks are the prototype of understated elegance and style, with a insidious BOSS logo at the neck .
They ’ rhenium available in a variety show of hushed colours to pair with your chinos deoxyadenosine monophosphate well – in dark shades ( don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate worry, we have lighter options to discuss soon ! ) of black, charcoal, beige, blue blue and dark brown. These are excellent semblance matches for about all varieties of chino colours, so these are a actual winner for the chino wearers among you !
FALKE Walkie Light socks
FALKE knows precisely what it ’ s up to when crafting brilliant socks – and its Walkie Lights are possibly the best of their bunch .
First up, they ’ rhenium available in a choice of delightfully light pastel colours including sand, graphite, ivory and united states navy blue. so don ’ triiodothyronine worry – they will pair nicely with about any copulate of chinos .
But the achiever here is in their construction. They ’ re stitched in climate-regulating merino wool – one of the identical best windsock materials that money can buy. They ’ rhenium soft to the partake, have reinforced try zones and a cushion sole, while sporting FALKE ’ second signature anatomic paroxysm .
They ’ re breathable, comfortable, lightweight, balmy as hell and possibly our favorite socks to pair with chino !

What socks will you wear?

And there we have it ! Your promptly fire guide on what socks you should and shouldn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be wearing with the ever-versatile chino !
Remember that color pairing is your best ally hera and that you can about never go wrong when you choose a pastel discolor sock – but don ’ thyroxine go for white socks with your chinos ( unless they ’ ra no-shows of course as they ’ ll never be seen ! ).

For more how-to guides, FAQs, reviews and… everything you need to know about men ’ south pants and socks, stay tuned into our Below the Belt Blog .
otherwise, please enjoy browsing the rest of our MASSIVE solicitation of men ’ mho socks to find the very best fit for you and your brand newly chinos .
glad hunt, folks !

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