If You’re Wondering, “What Type of Jeans Should I Wear?”, We’ve Got The Answer for You

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Jeans are designed to be a style soulmate for therefore many women. They are an easy-to-wear wardrobe staple that is versatile enough to be worn for every season — which is why you can never have excessively many. But with therefore many styles, washes, lengths to choose from, you might be asking yourself “ what type of jeans should I wear ? ” It might seem like an easy question, but finding the best jeans that check all of your boxes from fit, quality, price to quilt is a unmanageable undertaking .
cipher likes the feel of slipping on ill-fitted jeans that are cadaver and boxy– which is why finding the best fit is a miracle. But just like the hunt for a holy place grail white tee, you might have to go through the hard exercise of going through so many options ( and a distribute of returns ) to find the arrant jeans. fortunately, we have done the legwork for you and found the perfect pair of jeans that you will constantly want to wear on repeat .
We have searched through brands like Everlane and Madewell to come up with this list of the 10 best pairs of jeans. These are the right couple of jeans that will flatter your torso condition and align with your personal style. From form-fitting skinny jeans, senior high school surface straight-leg jeans to comfy crop ma jeans — Below you will find your new wardrobe staple to live your best denim life.

Best for petite legs

If you ’ ra 5 feet 2 inches like me, then you would know that shopping for the perfect denim jeans for short-circuit women can be a struggle. just when you thought that you ’ ve found the best style of jeans in a perfect equip, you soon realize that they go way past your ankles. If you constantly run into this problem — I have good news for you ! You don ’ t have to break out your sewing machine and alter your jeans .
To find the jeans of your dreams, all you have to do is lookout for an inseam anywhere between 25 to 28 inches. so nobelium matter what jeans style you prefer, the significant thing to focus on is the distance because that is what makes jeans ideal for bantam legs .
not certain where to find short women-friendly jeans ?
Madewell has a dedicated bantam jeans section for women that are 5 feet 4 inches and downstairs. Their jeans have a 24 edge to 28-inch inseam which means that your fit issues will disappear. And they are available for anybody type — from bosomy to skinny. Best of all, they offer different types of jeans — including bootcut jeans, mid-rise scraggy jeans, straight leg jeans more !

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The Cali-Demi boot jeans are Madewell ’ s best-selling stretchable jeans, and perfect for styling with cunning going-out tops. It ’ s made with premium cotton and boasts a vintage design. Plus, The cultivate mini-flare at the bottom hem makes them amazing for sporting your favorite everyday sandals .
And thanks to its 24″ snip inseam, you don ’ t have to tuck or roll any supernumerary framework .
What women love about these jeans: “ I wanted an alternative to my skinny jeans and these are just perfect. The denim is super soft with some stretch to them. The fit is flattering while the jeans retain their condition while being extremely comfortable. I was anxious about the mid rise campaign I normally get the high rise. But it ’ s a nice deepen and very flattering. I ’ m 5 ’ 1 ”, 115lbs, and got a 25P and they fit capital ( true to size ). “

Best for long legs

even though grandiloquent women can easily reach the top shelf of their pantry, and never need to lift their maxi dresses when walking up or down the stairs in order not to travel, a fashion problem they constantly encounter is finding a good pair of jeans that don ’ triiodothyronine fit like crop capri .
If you ’ ra wondering why a set of brands are not stature inclusive for tall shoppers– it ’ sulfur because jean designers chiefly create jeans with an average short inseam of 28 inches. Why ? Well, the median height for an american womanhood is 5 feet 3.5 inches. So brand judge to meet that demand for that demographic .
But for leggy ladies, you will need to look for long inseams that are 30 inches or above. And a great way of discovering the right jeans in longer styles is to measure your inseam, a.k.a, the distance between the genitalia to the bottom hem of your pants .
If you ’ re uncertain where to find jeans that are specifically made for your farseeing leg, Madewell is a great trade name that offers extend inseams .

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Do you like your jeans with a skinny fit and a higher rise ? These trouser jeans are a great option for you. They have a 10″ skinny leg afford and a 30 1/2″ inseam. You can besides get this pair in different sizes — from 23 to 37. P.S. it ’ s made with particularly woven denim so you don ’ t have to worry about walking around with diaphanous jeans .
What women love about these jeans: “ Every match of jeans I get from Madewell fit perfectly. I have farseeing legs and a shorter torso, so the high shank is my darling. I ’ megabyte 5 ’ 9 ” and get size tall and the distance is perfect. “

Best for curvy hips

Ladies blessed with hourglass shapes know that when it comes to finagling their legs through a new couple of jeans, they have to come up with some pretty, emergency room, creative ways to squeeze through them for a close equip. The jean fight is real number for women with wide hips and a slender shank. And this leaves a draw of women asking themselves “ what type of jeans should I wear ? “
The best jeans for bosomy hips tend to be stretch denim. They will give you a comfortable fit and will hug you all in the right places without squeezing you .
If you ’ rhenium uncertain where to find the best jeans, Everlane is the place to shop if you have an hourglass figure. With so many different styles in their bosomy shop, it ’ mho fairly to say that Everlane is committed to providing good jeans for women with hourglass figures.

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In addition to size options that span up to 35, these skinny jeans besides offer an adjust hip-to-waist proportion to eliminate annoying shank gaps. The blend of cotton, polyester, and elastane creates what reviewers call “ the best curvy jeans always. ”
What women love about these jeans: “ These jeans are extremely comfortable. I purchased them for everyday wear and they fit me absolutely and aren ’ thyroxine excessively tight on my stomach. I love how they feel and wear them all the time. They besides absolutely accentuate my hourglass digit and make my hips and butt count capital ! “
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Best for a flatter butt

Jeans may be a humble wardrobe basic, but we all know excessively well that finding a thoroughly copulate is not always an easy feat. Add a flat derrière to the blend, and your mission to find the jeans of your dreams gets harder .
But fortunately, with this guidebook, you will find the best sculpt jeans to make you feel like you ’ ve got a killer whale rotter .
The first thing to look out for is jeans with larger pockets at the spinal column for accentuating the rear. Another secret weapon to making your behind look capital ? Choosing jeans with a good yoke design ( it ’ s the V character of your jeans located under the girdle ). The deeper the V, the better your buttocks will look .
To make your research immediate and easy, we have found a good pair of jeans you will love ! Scroll on and add these jeans to your shopping cart to give you an moment pilfer :

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This pair is a exceed seller with an impressive 4.6/5-star rat. And we ’ ra not surprise why. These black wash jean jeans lift and sculpt like a dream .
What women love about these jeans: “ I have never written a review in my life. these jeans compare to no other. I ’ ve tried the lucky brand, American eagle, and countless others, however, no jeans have ever fit me like these. I ’ meter 5 ” 10 and 160 pound. I ordered the 27 tall. they don ’ t have that weird gap above your butt, accommodate in my lower belly pooch, and make your loot look marvelous. one will most decidedly be purchasing these in every color. then worth the money. I have never been more excite to put jeans on. ”

Best for apple shape bodies

For women out there with apple-shaped bodies, the hunt for flattering jeans can be slippery and nerve-racking .
But with this easy-as-can-be lead, you no farseeing have to Google ” what jeans should I wear for apple-shaped figures ? ” anymore .
A big way to highlight your body is by pull attention to your legs quite than to your torso. You can do this by opting for high-rise jeans from Everlane to highlight your legs. They have the alone exponent to instantaneously transform your look and flatter your apple form soundbox .

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There ’ sulfur nothing like putting on a stylish and comfortable pair of jeans. And according to a draw of reviewers, these jeans are “ comfortable and high quality. ”
Plus, the high-rise design means that for apple shapes, these jeans will look spectacular on their bodies .
What women love about these jeans: “ Favorite pair of jeans ! These are by far my modern favorite pair of jeans. They ’ ra ace comfortable and flattering. “

With this jeans guide, you can save all those extra trips to the station function to return your on-line orders. Plus, now that you know the type of jeans you should wear, you can last add a cunning pair of jeans ( or more ) to your wardrobe. And best of all, you don ’ t need to look in the mirror asking, “ what type of jeans should I wear ? ”
It ’ second time to learn how to dress up your newly body-flattering jeans by emulating fashionable french girls .
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