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Phil Mickelson is an matter to personality. evening though he is one of the best golfers of all time, the golfer never failed to entertain his hearing in any way he possibly could. And that is why when he showed up wearing sunglasses to the tournaments after the ball-shaped pandemic lockdown, cipher could figure there was a serious back history behind it !
“ There ’ s actually a report to that, ” Mickelson said when he appeared as a guest in the CBS booth. “ Back during Covid interrupt, ” he added. “ I did this Carac cream, which is like a skin cancer chemotherapy discussion on your face for like two weeks. ”
According to him, the treatment will help one by destroying the underlie cancer cells. And he needed some kind of protection for his face. “ so I wore these glasses, ” he said. “ To kind of protect the area around my eyes. ”

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Mickelson revealed that he underwent such a treatment to destroy skin cancer cells on his face. however, he did not disclose whether he used it as a preemptive measurement or to fight existing illness. notably, his wife and mother had already battled cancer about ten years before his treatment .

Phil Mickelson on wearing shades to the golf tournaments

“ I liked it, ” Left said about the sunglasses. According to him, the shades did not move flush when he was making knock-down swings, and frankincense he played with them. “ My eyes were much more relax at the conclusion of the day, ” he added. “ They weren ’ t squinting the whole time. ”

September 21, 2021; Kohler, Wisconsin, USA; US Team vice-captain Phil Mickelson waves to the fans along the eighth hole during a practice round for the 43rd Ryder Cup golf competition at Whistling Straits. Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports/Reuters
As always, Mickelson didn ’ thymine thriftlessness his prison term making a joke claim that he could pull off the search tied though he knows “ not everybody can. ”

The golfer wore the shades first to the Charles Schwab Challenge, the first Tour event since the pandemic lockdown. notably, it was not the only fourth dimension Mickelson ’ second dash became a hit subject in the golf universe !

Mickelson ’ s facial hair made the headlines !

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Phil Mickelson attended the LIV Golf Invitational Series ’ inauguration event in London after taking a four-month break from professional golf. Yet, alternatively of discussing his switch from the PGA Tour, the golfer was more interested in his new beard and mustache !
“ ampere long as she ( his wife, Amy Mickelson ) likes it, ” Mickelson explained how long he is going to keep his facial hair. “ It ’ second here. ”

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Wearing sunglasses to a tournament wasn ’ thyroxine something Phil Mickelson planned to do it. however, the chemotherapy treatment led him to do indeed. Although he thinks he pulled off the expression, do you think the same ?
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