5 Fanciful and Fun Afternoon Tea Outfits

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5 Fanciful and Fun Afternoon Tea Outfits

While afternoon tea might sound a little fancy, it ’ s a fun occasion you can enjoy with your girlfriends or grandkids. It ’ s a great opportunity to get dressed up and enjoy finger foods and delightful beverages. If you ’ ve mature tired of doing the same thing all the time – cooking the same thing and wearing the same clothes – it ’ second time to mix it up a spot. You can check out your local options to see if any coffee shops or restaurants offer a tea sit down, and you might be surprised at the choices. If there aren ’ t any, consider hosting an juncture at your home and having a little out-of-the-box fun. Either way, kick it up a notch with some afternoon tea outfits to enhance the experience and have some playfulness .

5 Afternoon Tea Outfits 

Outfit 1

This lovely lightweight dress is the perfect option for afternoon tea, lunch with your friends, or a date night with your boyfriend. Pair it with neutral accessories and a couple of wedge heel sandals for a bare yet chic search .
Outfit 1

Dress, $ 98 | Wedges, $ 79.99 | Gold Bracelet, $ 95 | Necklace, $ 525 | 14K Earrings, $ 120 | White Clutch, $ 298 | Lipstick, $ 34

Outfit 2

If you ’ re feeling a bite bluff, consider wearing a bright-colored top with some neutral capri. This kit works big for afternoon tea or a day at the office, adding versatility for about any juncture .
Outfit 2
Khaki Capris, $ 398 | Blouse, $ 69 | Bangles, $ 14.40 | Brown Heels, $ 100 | Brown Crossbody, $ 98 | Gold Earrings, $ 70 | Blush, $ 12

Outfit 3

While neutral colors work well for many occasions, adding a colored and beautifully patterned dress to your wardrobe will allow your personality to shine through. And don ’ thymine discontinue at the dress ; pair it with bright heels and a bag to truly bring out the colors of the dress .
Outfit 3
Dress, $ 85 | Red Pumps, $ 69.99 | Red Clutch, $ 70 | Earrings, $ 48 | Gold Bracelet, $ 38 | Lipgloss, $ 34

Outfit 4

If you ’ re feeling a bite more deluxe, you can ’ triiodothyronine go wrong with this kit. Pair the gorgeous flap sleeve dark blue lead with some blank bottomland, and then kick it up a notch with silver dialect pieces. Finish it off with matching united states navy wedges, and you ’ ll sludge confident style.

Outfit 4 copy
White Jeans, $ 128 | Navy Top, $ 98 | Navy Wedges, $ 59.99 | Earrings, $ 250 | Bracelet, $ 295+

Outfit 5

We love this colored equip because it ’ s just an all-over fun look ! depart with the free-flowing tap dress and knead from there. Add the yellow bag and achromatic sandals, and you ’ ll dazzle without overwhelming the senses – adding a dash of fun color to your afternoon tea .
Outfit 5 copy
Pink Maxi Dress, $ 119 | Brown Heels, $ 89.99 |G old Necklace, $ 80 | Ring, $ 12 | Clutch, $ 88 | Tinted Moisturizer, $ 18
After you ’ ve selected your equip for the day, indulge in some feel sandwiches and delightful desserts – adenine well as a cup of your favorite tea. then, just enjoy friends and family and pamper in a fun and singular experience .
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