Londoner shares his ‘top 5 rules’ for surviving your first Notting Hill Carnival from ‘rip off your pockets’ to what to wear – MyLondon

Something went wrong, please judge again late. Invalid e-mail Something went ill-timed, please test again late. Want the best food, film, music, arts and culture news in London sent neat to your inbox ? Sign up to our hebdomadally e-mail. The entire city of London is getting prepared for the bank vacation weekend, but they ’ re besides gearing up for the beginning Notting Hill Carnival in three years. With three days of non-stop celebrations, veterans and newbies will flood the streets of West London to party.

But looking out for those who might be newfangled to the festival, one TikToker has shared his advice for surviving the weekend. User @ quincy_smf gave a run polish of his “ top five rules ” for when it comes to the iconic consequence. He began the video by saying if there are people who are “ partial derivative to burning the cabbage ” ( smoking ), then do it before drink. quincy summed it up with a rhyme of : “ Beer before eatage, you ’ re on your a * *. Grass before beer, you ’ re in the clear ”. READ MORE: Notting Hill Carnival 2022 : All the things you need to know from what ‘s new to the line-up

His moment rule is one everyone who ’ s ever been to Carnival, or even a festival or gig, will know about. He said : “ Two – do not wear your best trainers to a place that ’ s gunna have at least half a million people. Do not wear your best trainers, you ’ re gunna go family upset. “ Number three, if you ’ re a person who likes to put things in your back pocket, that day rip them off. Don ’ triiodothyronine wear nothing with pockets. ” A few people in the comments agreed with his third gear convention. quincy added : “ Number four – if I lose you, I ’ ll see you during the week. Do not expect me to try and look for you. I ’ m not finding you. You ’ re gone. If I turn left, you better turn left with me. Otherwise see you during the week is the correct estimate, I ’ megabyte state you, cuz. ”

( image : @ quincy_smf )
He then rounded off his top five, with a rule he dubbed, “ Run when everyone is running ”. He didn ’ thyroxine go into specifics, but said : “ Number five. I believe this is the most significant govern. If you see people running, run with them. ”

His video recording has accumulated over 902,800 views, 96,800 likes and thousands of comments. The time sparked a batch of people to plowshare their own recommendations for preparations in the replies, including one which read : “ You forgot bring cash ! because NO ONE is helping you find a cash detail to buy food and swallow ! ” Another replied : “ People underestimate the importance of the concluding rule… rake just run, we ’ ll find out what happen late but good now it ’ s a ten toes ting. ” A third gear said : “ FACTS ! besides No6 come to enjoy, not to beef ! ! ”

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A fourth wrote : “ 6. Keep your hands to yourself ! … If you do n’t get an invite then do n’t touch. ” One spectator joked Quincy ’ s television sounded like he was describing a “ battlefield ”. But if Quincy ’ s video didn ’ t answer all of your carnival questions, we ’ ve made a list of everything you need to know if you ’ re head to Notting Hill this weekend.

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