How to Prepare for Clearance Interviews

once you have been selected for a position requiring a security headroom, you will need a Personal Subject Interview or PRSI as part of your background probe. The PRSI covers items listed in your security questionnaire package to verify truthfulness and consistency. This interview besides gives you an extra opportunity to discuss with the investigating agents any legal or security issues noted in your application. preparation is all-important at this stage as the result can affect your eligibility for the security headroom.

Review Application

Review a copy of your application for the position vitamin a well as your SF-86 Questionnaire for National Security Positions. Review any items that might need to be discussed during your PRSI. Subjects such as past credit problems, traffic violations, arrests or drug and alcohol abuse often require valid and in-depth explanations. Prepare your explanations in a way that demonstrates you have resolved the issues and have taken the appropriate steps to rectify them. This will help your case during the adjudication process during which investigators consider the hazard factors in granting you a headroom.

Contact the Interviewer

Call the interview agent using the contact information given to you when your interview was scheduled. Clarify and confirm what you need to bring or certain subjects you need to discuss during the interview. Write down any details or directives the interview agent gives you, including verification of the interview clock, venue and directions.

Gather Documents

Gather together any documents the interviewer requests vitamin a well as those for your own personal reference book. Documents necessity to bring to your PRSI include your curriculum vitae, proof of citizenship, licenses, transcripts, court orders, veteran ‘s documentation and a copy of your SF-86 questionnaire. besides, bring a tilt of references, including contact information, if not already indicated on the SF-86 form. Bring a valid government-issued photograph ID, such as your driver ‘s license or pass, to present to security personnel at your consultation venue.

Dress Appropriately

Dress for your PRSI as you would for any early subcontract interview. Unless you are in the military, in which you need only to appear in uniform, wear professional overdress. For most union government security clearance interviews, a blue suit with a white or blue shirt or blouse is much commend. Women should wear minimal constitution and cautious jewelry.

Arrive Prepared

arrive at your PRSI venue at least 15 minutes before your scheduled interview. While awaiting your security system interview, review your materials to be sure they are in the right regulate and easily accessible upon request. Greet the interview agents confidently and answer all questions with fairness and contingent, supplying the necessary documentation. This is particularly crucial for items requiring limited attention, such as credit issues, arrests and tickets. The interview typically lasts one to two hours, but could be longer depending on certain items in your headroom box.

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