How to Dress an Hourglass Body Shape Capsule Wardrobe

Our goal with this shape isn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate to balance the upper and lower sections, but to maintain its already balanced proportions, and enhance the hourglass figure .
I have mentioned this in every soundbox shape post, but I will repeat it in case this is the alone one you are reading. You can be more than one soundbox shape at a time. One may be the dominant allele shape, and you may have characteristics of another shape that you need to take into consideration .
For case, the hourglass calculate that gains extra weight in the bottom and hip area may start to have a pear body form list. This means that you are an hourglass shape with a pear lean or secondary supreme headquarters allied powers europe ( besides known as triangle human body ).

Characteristics of an Hourglass Body Shape

  • A narrow, well defined waist
  • Round butt and hips
  • Curvier, shapely thighs
  • Bust and hips have the same width measurements (or pretty damn close)
  • Shoulders tend to be softer and more rounded
  • Weight gain tends to distribute evenly bewteen the upper and lower body.
  • Bust and hips can be large

Tips for Dressing an Hourglass Figure

  • I feel like this might be the most important part, but get a good bra and fitting. It will make all the difference.
  • Define that waist
  • We want to show off the hourglass shape not mask it
  • Avoid boxy cuts because it will hide your waist
  • No shapelessness or loose fitting clothing
  • If you add volume to the top you must add it to the bottom to keep it balanced
  • Simple is best, we don’t need anythign drawing the eye away from the figure
  • Belts are good for defining the waist
  • Dark tops will make the waist look smaller

Tops for the Hourglass Figure

Let ’ s think about the neckline inaugural. In regulate to maintain a balance silhouette avoid wide necklines. They will widen the shoulders making you look broader on the exceed than the penetrate .
besides debar neckline clutter like frills, lace, big collars, and bows or ties .
Keep it simpleton with V-necks, scoops, square, sweetheart necklines, and a aphrodisiac off shoulder that looks fabulous on your round off shoulders and flop sphere .
Sleeves are besides crucial factors in balancing a body form. We want to choose fitted over flouncy. No supernumerary volume is needed in this area indeed sleeveless, cap sleeve, 3/4 distance, fitted, and bishop sleeves are all good choices .
A Bishop sleeve is a long loosen sleeve that has a fitted or elastic handcuff so that the framework softly billows. It ’ s a very womanly sleeve style .
Stick with fitted t-shirts versus boxlike cuts .
Styles that nip in at the waist to draw attention to your petite waist like wind shirts or belted styles .
To play down hips opt for styles that extend past your shank and hit the pelvis area .
If you choose tops with embellishments or volume, then make sure to mirror that search with some bulk on your lower body otherwise you will look top-heavy .
If you have a smaller raid then a short embellishment around the bustline can help enhance that .
Stick with styles there are a fit envelop, belted, or have a peplum .
Fit the dumbbell and elongating the shank is the goal .

Sweaters for Hourglass Figures

This is where you may struggle with volume since most of us love a good outsize perspirer. predominantly you need to gravitate towards lighter, more fit knits .
That doesn ’ metric ton mean that you can ’ thymine wear an outsize sweater if you want. It will barely hide your hourglass form but that is approve, barely balance it with a lax, more outsize buttocks like wide-leg trousers .
A light form-fitting perspirer is a wardrobe staple for you since they will hug your curves, show off your shank, and can be easily tucked into any bottom .

Jackets and Coats for the Hourglass Figure

This besides includes blazers. Look for a expressive style that follows the condition of your body, so a style that goes in at the shank versus a boxier, outsize match .
A well-structured blazer that nips the waist and hits just above the hips are going to accentuate your consistency. Choose individual breasted over double-breasted styles to keep the bulge and clutter down .
Belted styles are constantly a good choice because no matter how copious the coat or jacket is, once you belt it, it will cinch in at all the right places .
Fitted leather jackets will always look capital, deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as trenches .
Keep them simple, but small details like shoulder puffs or epaulettes will be a dainty touch. If you have details at the top it is important to try to balance that under .

Trousers for the Hourglass Figure (and skirts for hourglass figure)

Trousers should keep everything in balance so peck the form of your trousers to go with your top. Wide leg, or loose styles that hang from the hips to the floor are some of the best styles .
Anything that flares, or have a bootcut besides give that ocular crook to the lower half. We like a mid to high shank to show off that waist you have. Anything lower will make the hips look wide .
Avoid besides much extra stuff around the exceed of the trousers, keep it dim-witted. A courteous knock is constantly a bang-up accessory to add though.

For skirts beginning and foremost the pencil dame. Hourglass body types are meant for pencil skirts. We want a dash that accentuates the shank and curves without adding a draw of majority .
Take a trip to the 1950s and embrace a tortuous surround since they will show off your minor shank nicely. Knee length or longer are the best lengths for you since you want everything to go over the hips then hang versus stopping proper below the hep area .
We don ’ thyroxine want lots of extras like pockets, pleats, ruffles, tiers. Keep them embellishment free. You want the skirt to hit the shank not below .

Dresses for the Hourglass Figure

Hourglass women always look big in dresses. Remember to choose styles that accentuate the shank .
Styles that go in at the waist, are belted or have a waist panel. Wrap dresses look phenomenal. Something that goes in at the shank and then goes our to a more copious bottomland is flattering .
Avoid straight-line dresses or boxiness. The length should hit at or below the knee .
You can make yourself more pinup daughter curvy by adding more detailing like a rippled collar balanced with a copious skirt. To downplay the crook you can choose styles in black hues, or with patterns in a erect stripe .
The best dresses for hourglass figures are wrap stylus, peplos ( with a suit bottom ), stir dresses, panelled waist, and bias-cut dresses .

Jeans for the Hourglass Figure

Jeans should follow the same guidelines as trousers. We want it to coordinate and to balance with the upper region of your outfit/body .
Mid to high rise will emphasize the waist and elongate the body. Anything shorter will widen your hips and make your legs appear short .
The best jeans for an hourglass calculate are broad leg, directly leg, idle fit, and even slightly tapered .

Accessories and Shoes for the Hourglass Figure

You can wear any shoe, but if you truly want to play up your curves, then opt for a shoe with a more round toe. Ankle straps are great for showing off a lissome ankle but can make you appear shorter .
Any acme of heel will lengthen your legs, and play up your condition .
Be careful if wearing a scarf as an accessory since it can add unwanted bulge to your upper berth half. Choose a humble square style that can be tied finely around your neck .
Bags should wither hit at your reduce waist, or be carried in the hand. A shoulder bag that ends at the burst or hip will widen the area .
Belts are a fantastic accessory for you. You can use them with everything, thus have a few different styles to try out .
Necklaces are a good way to enhance the bustline and are a good way to add some detailing when you are wearing a simple top ( like over a reduce fit turtleneck ) .
Remember that rules are meant to be broken .
fashion is supposed to be fun .
And this is precisely meant as a road map if you are lost and need some help dressing your body character .
Stay dependable .

Hourglass Figure Clothes

A white background with the pieces for how to dress an Hourglass body shape capsule wardrobe laid out in 15 outfits. These are Outfits 1-15.
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