9 Cute Apple Picking Outfits — Because You Know It’s Going on Instagram

well, it ‘s officially fall and, naturally, all things pumpkin are hogging the spotlight. Pumpkin chocolate, pumpkin donuts, pumpkin bagels, bread, cream cheese, chocolates — you get the mind. And while this October baby absolutely partakes in the pumpkin palooza spanning from September through November, there ‘s one component of fall that should not be overlooked or passed up in the name of pumpkin : apple — and, more importantly, apple pick .

Apple pick is, in my opinion, highly underestimate. True, in some parts of the populace apple season is n’t the coziest because it starts before fall technically begins ( if you ‘re going by the calendar ), thus weather forecasts can be hit or miss. however, even if the temperatures are n’t dipping into the ’60s just even, that does n’t make the activity is any less fun — nor is it any less of a photograph opp.

Cute Apple Picking Outfits Because You Know It’s Going on IG
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sol if you ‘re ( possibly literally ) sweating over what your apple-picking outfit should entail, do n’t. I ‘ve got you covered .

A Sweater Dress

I can barely contain my agitation for sweater weather and am ( albeit, pathetically ) trying to will temperatures to drop. But alas, in my neck of the woods, blustery days have n’t hit just so far. That being said, barely because it might be excessively warm for outsize knits in your area does n’t mean you ca n’t break out a lightweight perspirer dress for a trip to the farm. How you accessorize will ultimately depend on that day ‘s forecast, but booties or sneakers are always a go. If it ‘s a small chili, play up the look with funky patterned tights .

A Matching set

Take your favorite co-ord from the frame to the farm because I ‘m willing to bet you both could use the fresh air out. If the match set is monochromatic, add some playfulness accessories like a statement necklace or layer chains, but play down the jewels if you ‘re working with a busy pattern. minimalist jewelry or your favorite pair of sunnies will be batch .

A Shacket

personally, I ‘ve even to hop on the shacket swerve but this will be my year. They ‘re the perfect accession for in-between temperatures — when you ‘re not ‘freezing ‘ without some article of outerwear, but it ‘s not precisely warm enough to go completely without. Pair the staple patch with jeans and a tee and you ‘re dear to go .


Jeans and a sweater will always be the quintessential fall ensemble, but because weather forecasts are sol unpredictable for apple picking temper, lightweight bottoms are average game and leggings are no exception. Add some fall dash with a copulate of fight boots and an unfold flannel, or simplify the look even further with a childlike white jersey and your trusty denim crown .

A Sweater Vest

ICYDK, those sweater vests your grandfather hoarded are hot right now, so you might want to shop his closet. Thanks in large to models sporting the layering nibble as a solo top, sweater vests are being styled in a myriad of ways. Toss one on over a brassiere with jeans and sneakers, or layer it over button-downs, T-shirts, turtlenecks — virtually any shirt you see suit. even if you end up sporting the staple as a tank, the fact that it ‘s a pucker will help channel the cozy vibes you covet .

A Cardigan

Cropped cardigans, duster-length cardigans, outsize cardigans, and micro cardigans — all are acceptable apple picking attire. Wear the beloved basic with a pair of jeans to embrace the basic uniform, or opt for a crop top and trousers underneath for a slightly more raised front ( and I say slightly, because trousers are arsenic good as everyday pants nowadays ) .

A sundress

Do n’t pack these babies away just yet. Sundresses are the arrant transitional token from summer to autumn weather, plus they look amazing in pictures ( you know you ‘re doing this for the ‘gram or even TikTok ). If it ‘s chili, tie a light jacket around your shank as an policy policy, and because you ‘ll be tracking through the uneven, dirty ground, achieve for a copulate of sneakers on your way out the door .

A Bodysuit

Bodysuits are this writer ‘s newest compulsion ( specially ones that have bras built-in, like Natalie Rogers ‘ Brami sulfur ) because they ‘re multi-faceted. They dress up a couple of jean and can dress down a pair of trousers, and act as a foundational nibble for layering. For an apple-picking outfit, I ‘d manner a bodysuit with rip ma jeans, an open button-down or shacket, and a beanie .

A Graphic Tee

graphic tees are n’t precisely cool at concerts or made for teens — they fall under the Y2k comeback category and are more versatile than you might think. Brush the dust off your old front-runner and couple it with rip jeans and converse, or take things up a notch with leather pants and chunky boots .

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