24 DIY Day Of The Dead Costume – Making Dia De Los Muertos Costume

Dia De Los Muertos is a celebration held throughout Mexico where families celebrate their loved ones who passed on. This includes a couple of skull paintings and dead men costumes .
In this article, I have put together a couple of DIY day of the dead costume projects that will help you make yours .

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1. DIY Day Of The Dead Costume For Couple


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You can do your font key by watching some tutorials online. For the female, you will need some flowers, makeup, a plastic headband, a bootleg dress, a lace jersey, skeleton tights, skull earrings, black shoes and a pair of gloves. For the male, you will need a complain black jersey, white acrylic paint, ribcage radiation pattern, blacken hat, blazer, and pants .

2. DIY Day Of The Dead Costume

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You can get your costume from your house or a thrift shop. This costume used a teal gauze dress and a red scarf. The loss cowboy ankle boots and the knitted weapon skeleton gloves should not cost much. This dense headband and forge flowers equitable added a bite of glow to the costume. The makeup is a little work but you need it .

3. Halloween Day Of The Dead Makeup Tutorial

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Apply the white base foundation all around the face and leave the eye area. Add a jell initiation. The most amaze partially of the constitution is the sketch. You can use a stencil kit to foam a store if you are not comfortable with sketching on your own. Add some glitters to the edges of the sketch and use some flowers as embellishments .

4. DIY Day Of The Dead Costume

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For this particular costume, you will need to get your kids dressed up first before you begin the makeup so it doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate catch ruined in the process of dressing up. You can use glitter eyeliner to get the makeup glazed .

5. DIY Day Of The Dead Costume Couple

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If you have a dash for snip up then you can try this DIY day of the dead costume. You can use these four steps to get the face key done. Apply a base then line the nose and eyelid. Apply some shading under the cheekbone then paint the lips. You can either make your costume for less than $ 1 or you buy it from the thrift store .

6. La Catrina – Dia De Los Muertos

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You can take less than 30 minutes to get this makeup done. Combine Ben Nye super white face powder with water to get the free-base. Create a encircle around your eyes and draw small half-circles around it. Draw a vertical line on the center of your lips and two evenly spaced lines on each side. Draw a note from the corner of the mouth to the cheekbone. Find the center of the nose and draw a triangle and fill in .

7. Sacred Heart Dia De Los Muertos Costume

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The more ornamentation you can get to use, the merrier the costume will be. Start with a agile cartoon of what you will love to do. To make the rose crown, get red roses and glue them to the sides of a headband. Use a large square of tulle and invest over a parchment paper and trim. Sew the pieces together then make the heart in the center surrounded with jewelry .

8. Sugar Skull Costume DIY

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To make the roses, detach the roses from a bouquet and wrap on a headband. For the face paint, use a white al-qaeda and let it dry out completely before you occupation the eyes. Use a blue detail for the eye-filling .

9. How To Dress For Day Of The Dead

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You need to look more colored than chilling. It is a very particular vacation and your costume should be adenine unique as you are. It is not a halloween event and you should be respectful. For women, you can choose colors like scandalmongering, pink, purple, orange and the list goes on. You can wear a long or flowery dress and use some accessories. The men can use a dinner jacket or charro suit .

10. DIY Day Of The Dead Flower Headband

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This hairband is a distribute easy to make for your DIY day of the dead costume. First, pull the stems away from your silk flowers. Place a floral magnetic tape there and impound ribbons. Wrap with tape and attach a ribbon to the tips .

11. DIY Day Of The Dead Veil

You will need a intertwine material that is flimsy and decent. Cut your pattern and attach the hairband to the top part. This will help with the clasp. Use a synthetic rose on the tiptoe of the band .

12. Dia De Los Muertos DIY

Start this off with foundation garment. Blend into the clamber and let it dry. Make the prints for the eye with darkness inner circles with half circles of loss. The early designs are just very easy .

13. DIY Day Of The Dead Makeup And Costume

Doing this makeup is quite low-cost. Get a confront key and dab through. Don ’ triiodothyronine forget to paint the sides that will be exposed like the neck. You can use tulle to make the caul and some flowers to attach.

14. Day Of The Dead Halloween Costume For Kids

Your kids don ’ t need to be left out in this beautiful DIY day of the dead costume for kids. Use a rose and a band to make the hairband. Get a black lace with a beautiful radiation pattern and attach an earring to it for the choker for the neck. The makeup should not take sol much of your clock time .

15. DIY El Dia De Los Muertos

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Take a layer of newspaper and pull off the rubberize on the flower. When you attach them to the base, you can add some leaves so they look actual. Add some skeleton arms to the hand of your full-dress then use skull beads to make it come alive. Make sure they are securely glued .

16. DIY Day Of The Dead Costume

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For this costume, you will need a white dress, a black lace scarf, silk flowers, a headband, and a glue gun. For the constitution, you will need to mix cornstarch, cold skim, and cold water with food discolor in a bowl. Wash and dry your face wholly before applying constitution .

17. DIY Coco Costume

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It is very easy to create Mama Imelda and Hector Rivera from Coco. Hector ’ s mask was made out of paper Mache. White foam pieces created the bone pieces for the shirts and feet. Faux leather was used to make Mama Imelda ’ s apron. Ben Nye ’ s face rouge did judge to the constitution .

18. DIY Miguel From Coco Costume

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There are a batch of DIY day of the all in costume you can use. This Miguel costume will need a zip code hoodie and classical jeans. It can be bought or gotten from home. Place the blank electric tape along the sleeves and shoulder from the wrist to the hood. Use white paint for the face and leave a dark space around the eyes .

19. DIY Coco Costume With Cricut

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All the pieces of accessories can be created all at home by yourself. The guitar can be made with a chipboard and brayer. For the bones, you will need to have skeleton features. You can use SportsFlex Iron-On to create the bones .

20. DIY Diamond Sugar Skull Makeup Tutorial

This diamond boodle skull makeup does not need then many materials. Use a brush and make a little highlight on the confront. Touch up a moment to take away the blemishes. After the dark traffic circle round the eye, you can use a few bright stones .

21. How to make a 007 James Bond Day of the Dead Spectre Costume

This costume is full of regalia to represent the James Bond costume. The dissemble was reconstructed from a pirate mask but sculpted. For the fabric, you will need to make bone prints on a red top and pants .

22. DIY Day Of The Dead Makeup

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You can try out this DIY day of the dead costume for your celebration. Cover the face with paint. Do the shadow around the eye in two steps. Fix your eyelashes and put on your floral crown .

23. Low Budget DIY Dia de Los Muertos Makeup

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If you don ’ metric ton want to do expensive makeup then you can get this done on a humble budget. Start with the establish makeup then paint a part of the face leaving holes for the benighted shade in the eye. Use the blacken lining to draw any plan you want. Use a boldface discolor on the lip .

24. DIY Day Of The Dead Top Hat

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This DIY day of the dead costume does not only go with the preen and the makeup, but you can besides decorate the area to suit the event. Get a skull head, feathers rose and glue to stick all these on your hat .





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