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What ’ s a female child to wear for senior pictures ? Is a jersey all right, or is a dress required ? How many outfits should you bring, anyhow ? As a photographer, one of my goals to to take a big diverseness of photos. I take close-ups so you can choose one for the school yearbook ( if they allow you to submit your own photo–most schools around here do ), mid-length and full-length shots for assortment, pictures that your parents like, pictures that you like, shots that would look nice framed, shots that would look dainty printed wallet-size, different facial expressions, different poses, different backgrounds, unlike outfits…there ’ s a lot going on in a aged photograph school term ! here are my tips for girls ’ elder photos and a sample distribution of what some good kit choices might look like .
What to Wear Senior Girl
now if this looks intimidating–say you don ’ triiodothyronine like dressing up, you ’ re a tomboy, or you consider yourself “ fashion-challenged ” –keep reading, there ’ s a second interpretation below !
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1. Choose 3-5 outfits.  This is what I recommend for the 1-1.5 hours I spend in a senior photograph shoot. This provides you with some options. You might be able to wear some items doubly, like jeans, shoes, or a jacket .
2. Variety of styles. Select outfits that cover the spectrum of formality : something formal, something casual, and something in between. Don ’ thymine forget athletic jerseys or uniforms for early activities .
Why something dinner dress ?
–You ’ ll look grown up and responsible.
–Impress people. If you ’ re applying to college, or seeking academic or acrobatic scholarships, attach a photograph of yourself to your application. You want your photograph to say, “ Yes, I am a lady. I made an attempt to look dainty. I have my act together. I am a thoroughly choice for your college/scholarship/team. ” Instant bonus points.
–Formality is less likely to go out of vogue. Your photograph will still look cool ten, twenty years from now. possibly even more .
How courtly is “ formal ” ?
That ’ s truly up to you. For some girls, this might be a promenade dress. For others, this might be a blouse and a dame, or khakis and a dressy perspirer .
3. Variety of colors. Dark colors and long sleeves are the most universally flatter choices, but I ’ d besides suggest picking a bold or bright color ( it doesn ’ t have to be excessively crazy, and I ’ d recommend it not be neon ). I like to convert a handful of photos into black and white, but the impression is lost if all your clothing is shades of black, gray, or white to begin with. It ’ s not a requirement, good something to think about .
4. Keep it simple. senior portraits are supposed to be about you, not your clothes. Although some of us girls love clothes, the goal is for the attention to be on you, not what you ’ ra tire. so stick to solids or very, very subdued patterns. Avoid son, words, and wild patterns. A elementary stripe or two is ticket, but plaid can be very distracting. One way to get away with a patterned shirt is to wear something that about completely covers it, like a print tank top under a buttoned-up cardigan, or a tartan washcloth shirt under a denim jacket. You get the theme .
5. Keep it modest. not only is it awkward for you when your dress doesn ’ triiodothyronine adequately cover you, it besides limits your present options. Like other photographers, I like to have you standing, sitting down, and even laying down sometimes for poses. I can ’ thyroxine spend as much meter getting great shots of you if we have to work around outfit issues. Try on your invest selections beforehand and check for visible brassiere straps, cleavage or diaphragm testify, shorts and skirts that may be besides light, and diaphanous fabrics. Watch out for v-neck shirts–they can be deceptive. They may look fine when you ’ re standing up true, but can become debatable if you lean fair a small bit one way or the other .
6. Plan your underwear. This goes along with the previous one. If you ’ re wearing a unhorse colored blouse, make surely that you aren ’ thymine wearing a dark colored brassiere before you leave the house ! Or pack a light or skin-colored brassiere if you think you ’ ll forget. same thing applies for panties .
7. Plan your shoes, jewelry, and any other accessories. Your shoes are contribution of your equip, so don ’ thymine forget to pair them up with your clothes. certain, they won ’ thyroxine be in all your photos, but they surely will be in some. athletic type shoes can look a little sloppy–unless you ’ rhenium wearing them as partially of a sports uniform, of course. For casual outfits, plain colored sneakers or flats are a good alternate, arsenic good as boots, loafers, and flush heels. deplorably flip-flop do not photograph well .
8. Iron your clothes. Bring them on hangers, either hanging or nicely laid out in the back of your vehicle. To be honest, it ’ mho arduous to look good in photograph if you have wrinkled clothes. Make that extra effort and you ’ ll thank yourself subsequently .
9. Sunburns and tan lines can show up in your photos ( unless your clothe is going to cover them ). Use sunscreen or limit your time in the sun during the days or weeks leading up to your session. I wouldn ’ thymine propose wearing sunscreen during your photograph school term though–it can make your skin look greasy or shimmery .
10. Don’t change your hair too drastically. Have your hair cut or trimmed a workweek or two before your senior pictures. If your hair stylist makes a mistake, that gives your hair time to grow a little. If you want to try a wholly new count, wait until after pictures.

11. Stick with makeup you trust. Go with what you know. Opt for felt eyeshadow and blush rather of shimmery shades. A fiddling eyeliner and eyeshadow can help your eyes stand out, but don ’ triiodothyronine overdo it. Mascara should be free of clumps. If you don ’ t typically use makeup, senior photos might be a good opportunity to do then. however, exercise ahead of time or have person trustworthy apply it for you .
12. Everybody knows glasses tend to glare. If you want to wear your glasses in your photos, check with your eye doctor if you can borrow a couple of frames without lenses that are alike or exchangeable to the ones you normally wear .
13. Smile, but also don’t smile. A smile flatters anyone, but I won ’ t make you smile for every shot. In fact, it ’ randomness kind of refreshing to see a few photos with different expressions. Laughing smiles, elusive smiles, evening dangerous faces prove that you have many facets to your personality .
14. Bring some props (optional). Sports equipment, pommy poms, medals and trophies, hats, instruments, a handful of paintbrushes, pets, your FFA animals, your car, your grandfather ’ randomness extremely amazing car, whatever. If it makes you who you are, consider if you ’ d like some photos with it. You can bring your sibling ( south ), best supporter ( s ), or significant other for a couple shots if you ’ d like .
15. Think about where you want to go. Some photographers will make the placement choices for you, particularly if they have a studio. Although there are advantages to that approach, I like to consider what you want. There are plenty of options : urban area, business district ; at the base of a ski mound ; in a parking lot broad of trees and park things ; beside an previous barn with peeling paint ; on a bridge ; in an car salvage yard ; flower garden ; or whatever else comes to mind. If you don ’ t have any solid preferences, I can make some suggestions. No pressure .
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now if you can ’ thyroxine use the password “ blouse ” to describe anything in your cupboard, don ’ metric ton despair. I was atrocious with dress and outfits when I was in high school…and throughout most of college, to be honest. I had no idea what the password “ accessorize ” intend in a fashion context. I get it. I ’ thousand here for you. You don ’ t need to go out and buy something you may never wear again precisely to fit my recommendations above. arsenic long as you have a couple solid color items, you ’ rhenium thoroughly to go. Long sleeve jersey and jeans ? That ’ ll work ! here ’ s a control panel of suggestions barely for you :

even if most of the pants you have are jeans, you can create diverseness with unlike washes ( light, medium, or colored ). The pants for the formal outfit above are denim-looking snip pants from Maurices. I own them and I love them. They ’ re great for when you want to look dressed up but placid blend in. If you can ’ thyroxine stand the theme of dressy pants, that might be something to consider.

No, I ’ thousand not saying girls with more womanly style are more probable to play basketball, or that girls with more fooling style are more likely to be in band. I ’ megabyte just showing different options. You get it .
Want me to check over your outfits for you ? I ’ five hundred be happy to help !
Looking for tips for senior guys ? head over here .

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