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You ’ ve conquered Halloween festivities and immediately it ’ randomness time to prepare for the best social gather of November—Friendsgiving ! We know you ’ ra busy trying to figure out the best ( & easiest ) cup of tea to bring. You don ’ t have time to figure out what to wear to Friendsgiving ! Fear not, we ’ ve got you covered with 15 of our stylists ’ favorite picks for Friendsgiving this year .
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Stylist Tips About What to Wear to Friendsgiving

Between preparing your cup of tea, loading up on carbs, and going back for thirds AND dessert, you ’ ll want to make indisputable your Friendsgiving kit is super comfortable and leaves board for a little waist expansion. At the lapp time, you ’ ll want to dress to impress !
I ’ m a huge sucker for anything that involves great food ( and lots of it ) and capital people, so you can only imagine how much I love, love, love this vacation. I ’ m so excited to help you decide what to wear to Friendsgiving ! No topic what vibe you ’ re going for, I ’ ve got you covered.

Before we get started, one last tip… possibly leave those non-stretchy tight-fitting jeans and restricting leather belt at home. 😉 Thank me late .

Stylist Picks for What to Wear to Friendsgiving

Shine Bright in a Sequined Tops

You ’ ll turn heads in a show-stopping kit with a cropped sequined top. To avoid looking exaggerated, pair the top with relax denim and a small wristlet to accessorize. Since your top will the focal point, wearing bare pieces for the rest of the outfit will complete the ensemble .
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Can’t Go Wrong with Classic & Casual

Why go rogue when the authoritative constantly works ? Cardigans and tartan are signature decrease pieces and they ’ ll always go great together. Remember how I taught you how to layer your outfit like a pro ? Don ’ thymine you forget it ! Just add denim and a classical black leather bag and you are good to go .
Looking for more cosy cardigans – here are are favorite cozy fall sweaters for your scroll joy .
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When in Doubt, Reach for a Moto

still not certain what to wear to Friendsgiving ? Reach for a moto—they go with literally everything. Don a flirty, floral musical instrument digital interface preen with a fake leather moto jacket for a sweet-meets-edgy vibration. Add a pop of color with a bright bolshevik clutch and match it with some red lipstick .
Bonus : not wearing pants at Friendgsiving will feel like a major blessing as you reach for your second base piece of proto-indo european. If it ’ second excessively cold outside, just throw on some fleece-lined tights and boots !
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Hands Down a Stylist Faux-vorite

You are a bold fashion diva cook “ fake ” anything and you want to stand out at Friendsgiving this year. Break out a pair of vegan leather pants and couple with your go-to perspirer or tartan top for the ultimate look that will turn heads as you arrive at the party. Finish your ensemble with a textured seize for an on-trend expression .
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Comfy Meet Cute

You truly want to wear your favorite sweater, but you besides want to look exalted and put-together so you ’ ve got quite the dilemma, properly ? incorrect ! good news—you can wholly have both ! Just pair your favored sweater with over a swank dame one of these cute holiday dresses. And voila ! You ’ ve got a capital of-the-moment outfit without having to forgo your darling cozy fall perspirer.

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I hope by immediately we ’ ve helped you narrow down what to wear to Friendsgiving ! Whether you sway comfortable and casual or elevated and swanky, you truly can ’ metric ton go wrong… ampere long as you have a small bite of stretch in the waist line to make room for that second base stack of mashed potatoes .
And if you want a small assistant picking out the arrant Friendsgiving ‘ fit, a stylist is on standby and can ’ triiodothyronine wait to curate a Style Edit barely for you. You can even leave your hairdresser a note mentioning you ’ rhenium looking for a Friendsgiving outfit and they ’ ll peck one knocked out for you !

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