After Your Tummy Tuck: 5 Things to Avoid

what to avoid after tummy tuck After losing a considerable sum of burden or after having children, a pot gather, besides called abdominoplasty, can help you get a fluent, flat abdominal sphere. The surgery is decidedly helpful for many people who choose it, but it ’ s not a minimally invasive operation nor does it have a short-circuit and sweet convalescence period .
As you recuperate after your pot tuck, there are a few activities and a few things you ’ ll want to avoid. Avoiding these things will not merely help you recover more easily and reduce the risk for complications, it can besides help keep people around you safe. Since you might need to rearrange your schedule for a few weeks after a pot tuck, it ’ s a good mind to know what things will be off limits, and for how retentive, before you decide to have surgery .


Your surgeon is very likely going to give you general anesthesia before the pot rapier so that you ’ ll be completely under during the routine. even after you wake up afterwards, you ’ re going to be a snatch dizzy and out of it from the anesthetic. It ’ s decidedly not a dependable estimate to try and drive yourself home plate .
If you do go home the lapp day, you ’ ll motivation to have a supporter or relative pick you up and take you home. Your ally should besides stay with you overnight to make certain you ’ rhenium OK. If you prefer, you can choose to stay overnight at the surgical concentrate.

drive is going to be off-limits for some time after your stomach gather, even after the anesthetic has worn off. If you ’ re taking trouble relievers, you ’ ll want to wait until you ’ ve stopped taking them and until your surgeon gives you the all clear. even if you aren ’ metric ton taking pain relievers, your may not feel physically up to driving for some time after surgery .

Salty Foods

You might need to make some changes to your diet for the inaugural few or so after a stomach tuck. You ’ re probable to see a clean sum of swelling after operating room, and eating salty foods ( think prepared and frozen meals ) is not going to help matters. Limiting your salt intake for at least the first week after your stomach tuck is a good mind as it will help with the bulge .


For the most part, practice is a adult no-no for several weeks after a stomach tuck. Any sort of vigorous, aerobic natural process needs to be avoided until your surgeon gives you the authority .
There is one exception to this rule, though. You don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate want to transform into a complete couch potato during your convalescence time period. Some walk is normally recommended, starting a few days after surgery. You might not be able to move very far or even stand up completely uncoiled during the first few weeks after your pot tuck, but going for a short walk every few hours is a good idea. It will help improve blood flow and ease the mend march .

Smoking and Drinking

If you were a smoker before your stomach tuck and want to resume that habit afterwards, you should distillery wait respective weeks before doing sol. Smoking interferes with blood hang, which can affect the ability of your incisions to heal.

There are a few reasons to hold off on drink alcohol during the convalescence period after your stomach gather. For one matter, the alcohol can interact with any trouble relievers you ’ ra contract. For another, alcohol can thin your blood and interfere with bring around. It can besides be identical dehydrating if you over indulge and don ’ metric ton drink adequate body of water. Your surgeon will give you an estimate of when it will be all right to have a glass of wine or a beer again after your surgery .

Binding Clothing

clothe can be slippery after a stomach tuck. You probably had the surgery in depart so that you could fit into certain clothes again. But the swelling that occurs mighty afterwards can make it unmanageable for you to fit into certain clothes. You besides should avoid bind or identical uncomfortable clothes right after surgery, as they can irritate your incisions .
normally, it ’ mho best to stick with baggy and comfortable clothes during the first few weeks after a pot tuck. If you ’ ll be relaxing at home during the day, baggy pajama or sweats are fine. If you don ’ metric ton want any elastic dig into your shank, you can try wearing a flow and loose house full-dress .
There is one exception to the tight invest govern, though. Your surgeon might recommend that you wear a compression garment around the abdominal area after surgery, particularly if the stomach tuck was combined with liposuction. The compression garment will help reshape the area.

Pets and Ill People

right after surgery, you want to keep your risk of infection vitamin a low as potential. That can mean avoiding snuggling with your pets and steering unclutter of anyone with a cold or other illness until you ’ re back on your feet .
The initial convalescence after a pot tuck normally takes up to two weeks, after which time you can go back to employment or early day by day activities. many people are amply back on their feet by the six-week crisscross and are able to resume full workouts and other previously off-limits activities .
To learn more about what you ’ ll want to avoid after a pot gather and more about the surgery in general, schedule a consultation with Dr. Paul Vitenas, one of Houston ’ s acme plastic surgeons, today. Call 281-484-0088 to book your complemental consultation .

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