Win the Cool Down: Hot Weather Horse Riding Essentials

clothe to Keep You Feeling ( and Looking ) cool

Is there anything better than hogback riding on a gorgeous summer day ? Although it ’ mho sturdy to beat a summer spent with your horse, riding in hot weather presents a few challenges. fortunately, those challenges can be overcome with chic dress choices .
If you’re searching for hot weather horseback riding clothing options, you’re in the right place. This post will cover equestrian clothing basics perfect for the summer along with a few of our favorite clothing items to help you beat the heat.

Riding dress Basics

clothe can make or break your riding feel. Regardless of the weather outside, constantly keep base hit first and first. And whether you ’ re design for a laidback lead ride or are schooling your second-level dressage pony, there are a few must-haves .
Boots must have at least a 1″ heel. As a general rule of finger, you should always wear boots when working with horses because a digress foot can well break your foot, or at least several toes.

Riding with a good heel prevents your foot from sliding through the stirrup and getting hitch, besides. If your foot gets caught in the stirrup and you fall off, you could get dragged by your knight and be seriously injured .

Pants protect your legs from sores caused by rubbing on saddle leather. And if you ’ re trail ride, pants offer leading protection from a roll branch or annoying mosquito .
Helmets are a safety necessity. Horses can be dangerous, and falling off is always a hypothesis. But wearing a helmet reduces the risk of a severe mind injury .
hot weather horse riding

What to Consider in Hot Weather ?

Although riding in hot weather can be fun, it comes with a few risks .
Stay Hydrated
dehydration is constantly possible whenever you ’ re physically active in hot upwind. This holds true for both yourself and your knight .

If you ’ ra riding in hot upwind, take plenty of rest breaks and make certain you ’ re both drinking enough to stay hydrated .

As a general rule, aim for around eight 8-ounce servings of water system on a normal day. In hot weather, or if you ’ re actively sweating, you will probably need to drink more .
design to take a body of water break every 15 minutes or thus if you ’ ra sweat. Drink even if you don ’ thymine feel thirsty because hunger is a late index of water loss .
Protect Yourself from the Sun
Sunburn is painful in the short-circuit term and can increase your long-run risk of skin cancer. If you choose a short-sleeve shirt, apply sunscreen liberally .

Remember that as you sweat, you lose previously applied sunscreen. Look for a product that has been designed for sportswear to maximize your protection .

Clothing limits your peel ’ south exposure to the sunday. Keep read for our top dress recommendations !
Let’s Talk About Chafing
Chafing is a skin aggravation caused by rubbing. constantly re-adjusting yourself in the charge can cause chafe. And chafing is entirely worsened by moisture, the type caused by perspiration on a blistering day .
Although jeans generally offer excellent protection from the elements, they much have tough seams that cause chafing worsened by sweating. And although cotton may seem like the perfect material, it holds moisture which, again, besides worsens chafing .

synthetic fabrics wick moisture aside to keep you cool and comfortable. Some people additionally opt for products to lubricate their bark and prevent rub .

Here’s a funny little video about the struggles of summer riding:

Best Hot Weather Clothing for Horseback Riding

Best clothing for Hot Weather Riding

Kerrits Ice Fil Full Seat Tech Tight

Kerrits uses a rotatory wicking technology in these tights to cool your skin up to 5 degrees .

They are stretchable, soft, and an excellent choice for hot weather drive !


  • Machine washable
  • 2 functional side pockets
  • Fit is true to size
  • UPF+50 sun protection


  • Relatively thin fabric may not hold up during trail rides through thick brush
  • Several reviewers commented on the fabric’s tendency to pill after a few washes

See them at Amazon

Ariat Tri Factor EQ Grip Knee Patch Breech

These breeches are made with moisture-wicking technology to keep you cool in even the hottest weather. They feature silicone bag to decrease chafe .

An add bonus ? These breeches come in a diverseness of sizes and lengths to help you find the perfect fit .


  • Design is suitable for showing in hot weather
  • Thicker fabric offers more durability
  • Material and breech design support your core while riding


  • Only comes in 2 colors: black and tan
  • No functional pockets

See it at Amazon

Kerrits Aire Icefil Print

This short-sleeve shirt offers cooling power plus UPF+30 sun auspices in a comfortable, flatter fit. Ice Fil engineering brings you ultralight fabric, breathable and moisture-wicking properties, and immediate dry .

It is actually supposed to help cool your skin up to 5 degrees !


  • Comes with handy side pockets
  • Customers LOVE this shirt—it has 4.9 out of 5 stars
  • Ten inch zipper for extra ventilation


  • Lightweight material may be more prone to snagging
  • Only comes in one color option

See it at Amazon

HR Farm Women ’ s Ice Feel Quick Dry Performance Rider Long Sleeve Shirt

HR Farm wins our pick as the best shirt in the long-sleeve class. It offers mesh inserts under the arms for ventilation. Customers in hot climates ( think defect ) particularly love this shirt .

The fabric besides provides UV protection, making it an excellent alternative to slathering on sunscreen .


  • The shirt has ¼ length zip, which gives it a very professional look
  • Very competitively priced
  • Over 450 Amazon reviewers have given a score of 4.7/5


  • Comes in limited color options
  • Thin fabric may be more susceptible to rips and snags

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Ariat Unisex Air Grip Gloves

Gloves of simple design can be used at home or in the picture call. Plus, these gloves won ’ metric ton break the trust !

Stretch Tek Twill provides both tractability and added breathing to keep your hands cool during summer rides .


  • Five different sizes to accommodate the perfect fit
  • Mesh back to promote ventilation on hot days
  • Made of thin material so you can feel the reins


  • Only comes in color black
  • Several reviewers commented that the gloves run on the small side

See them at Amazon

IRH Equi-Pro SV Helmet

The IRH Equi-Pro SV Helmet comes in an array of colors and has a satiny design making it an excellent option for base or the show hoop .

It offers extra ventilation beyond that of your typical English-style helmet, making it a great choice for warm climates .


  • Comes in 5 different colors, including purple and navy
  • This helmet has ventilation to promote air circulation
  • The fabric inside the helmet makes use of moisture-wicking technology


  • Helmet sizes run on the small side
  • Has more of an English/dressage design, so it may not appeal to Western riders

See it at Amazon

Ariat Anthem VentTEK Boots

Ariat is a caption in the equestrian footwear industry. They continue their bequest with these boots, which offer lastingness and ventilation .
We can speak from experience when we say—we love these boots. They had about no housebreaking period .

The crown to the toebox is already raincoat ( no need to further waterproof them ), while the upper offers more public discussion than your average kick .


  • Attractively designed boots that combine the classic look of leather with teal accents
  • Mesh panels provide ventilation
  • Well-designed boot to offer your feet the ultimate protection from the elements


  • Only comes in 1 color
  • Several reviewers noted that the boot color changed when they waterproofed the boots

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frequently Asked Questions

q : What do you wear horseback ride in the heat ?

Always keep base hit and comfort in mind while riding in the estrus. Stick with a helmet, retentive pants, and boots with a 1″ cad .
many riders besides prefer hanker sleeves to protect from the sun ; however, you could choose short sleeves with sunscreen .

q : displace I wear legging horseback rid ?

Breeches and other pants designed for horseback riding by and large offer some “ joint ” elements to keep you in the saddle. They often come with silicone patches on the knees, entire inner branch, or buttock to help you stay in position .
Leggings are generally made of slick materials that won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate harbor you in the charge well. This increases your risk of chafing and may decrease effective communication with your horse if you can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate hold a proper placement .

q : What should you not wear when riding a sawhorse ?

clothe that could easily get catch, leading to dangerous injury. You may besides consider avoiding jewelry such as long, dangly earrings or necklaces .
apart from the safety hazards jewelry poses, you risk losing or breaking your darling pieces .

q : How do you stay cool when riding a horse ?

Choose one of our recommend hot weather gear items ! And stay hydrated. If the heating system exponent is besides high, skip the ride and pop in your favorite horse movie alternatively .

q : What do horse riders wear in the summer ?

Summer calls for moisture-wicking materials and light colors. You can besides opt for vent helmets and boots with engagement panels to pull the moisture away from your body and advertise cool .
Stick with pants, breeches, or riding tights to protect your legs from chafing. You besides may consider a skin protectant to reduce the risk of chafing .

q : can you wear sneakers horseback riding ?

Sneakers are never a safe option for horseback tease. Without a heel of at least 1″, your foot can easily get caught, and you risk being dragged by your horse .
Sunny horseback riding

Parting Thoughts

summer offers fantastic opportunities to enjoy your sawhorse ! By choosing invest that promotes your safety and quilt, you will be able to enjoy your knight even more ! Always keep the weather in judgment when planning your rides .
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