What to Wear Horse Back Riding in Summer

You ’ ve made it through winter breaking ice from water buckets. You ’ ve made it through spring slog through mud and treating thrush. Rejoice because you ’ ve made it to sweet, odoriferous summer ! Finding the right summer riding clothes to give you enough protection from the sun and keep you comfortable in the bicycle seat all while keeping you cool can seem like a daunting task. Don ’ t fear ! We ’ re here to help and give you some tips on what to wear horseback riding when the heat is on .
Let ’ s beginning with summer riding shirts. In our opinion, one of the most significant things you need to keep in mind when selecting summer riding gearing is UPF protection. Whether you ’ re wearing long sleeves, short sleeves, or tank tops, many dress manufacturers have options for riding clothes with UPF protection .I know, I know, wearing long sleeves in the summer seems like a crazy plan, but the technical fabrics and materials available nowadays are ace whippersnapper and cool making the long sleeve style with UPF protection a perfect option for riding in hot summer weather. If you barely can ’ t do the long sleeve thing, then put on your short sleeve shirt or tank car peak with UPF protection and fret on the sunscreen where the shirt doesn ’ t cover your skin. Our Kerrits Ice Fil® shirts come in long sleeve, short sleeve, and tanks in a variety of colors, both solids and prints, to suit every dash. If bugs are an return where you live and/or if you find yourself hitting the trails at that perfect clock of day when the mosquitoes and gnats love to feast, then attend for a shirt that has a tall collar to provide more protection from the critters. Our Kerrits Shady Breeze Convertible Shirt is perfect for this undertaking and can easily convert from long sleeves to short sleeves depending on your preference. For those of you who just love a good jersey style top, we ’ ve got you besides. Check out the Running Wild Horse Tee for the perfect perspiration wicking option for those with an affinity to the traditional tee. Our technical equestrian performance fabrics prevent the awful cling-on that we all have experienced at some point in our barn lives. See our current choice of equestrian sun shirts.

And let ’ s not forget about summer riding pants because that would fair be a calamity. 😊 Whether you prefer riding tights, breeches, full seat, knee patch, silicone grip or more traditional leather/faux-leather grip, there is something for you ! Check out our comparison charts to help you decide which fascinate and which styles are right for you.

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