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How To Dress Your Pear-Shaped Body

Learning how to dress your pear-shaped body is easier if you take the time to understand it. We should learn to love our body as it is and understand that what we consider faults are merely nature ’ s way of letting us know we are singular .

How does a pear-shaped body look?

A pear body form is characterized by a slender waist and bosomy hips and thighs. If you have a pear-shaped body, you ’ re in fantastic party. Among the celebrities who have a orotund body type, you ’ ll find resound names like Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, and Kristin Davis. If you ’ re familiar with these stars, you know that none of them try to hide or downplay their curves but rather find ways to create balance.

If you are inclined to believe you have a pear body type but even have some doubts, here are the main characteristics of pear body shapes :

  • Larger hips, fuller rear, and a well-defined narrow waist
  • Slim arms and narrow shoulders with a tendency to be sloped
  • Small upper body and a small bust
  • Hips and thighs wider than shoulders and bust
  • Full or muscular legs

If you are one of the numerous pear shapes in the populace, your hips are the widest distributor point of your body, and you can boast about your farseeing shank and elegant neck.

What we frequently notice when dressing pear shapes is that they tend to complain about their wax thighs and bottom ! If you feel the lapp about your pear-shaped body, please don ’ metric ton ! All-female body shapes are beautiful and with bright style tips and fashion strategies, you can achieve the perfect balance for your physical traits.

Key tips to balance your pear silhouette

Beauty hides in symmetry and poise. When it comes to orotund bodies, I constantly focus on finding flattering clothes that balance out the bosomy lower body and highlight the upper berth soundbox. In other words, We recommend our clients focus on pieces of invest that shift attention from the hips and buttocks and draw it up toward their slender natural shank, delicate shoulders, and reduce arms .
With the right invest, you can easily create the desire illusion of “ perfect ” libra. If you struggle with your triangulum figure, an detail that adds volume to the upper berth soundbox and highlights your waist will always create a poise silhouette and offer a boost of assurance .

How to highlight your upper body

  • Visually widen the shoulder line by adding structure to your shoulders
  • Draw the focus to your defined waist by investing in fitted, high-waisted clothing
  • Don’t shy away from bright colors, eccentric prints, or captivating textures
  • Buy yourself a collection of push-up bras to lift your chest
  • Say no to oversized tops that hide your beautiful waist
  • A-line, fit & flare, wrap, or off-the-shoulder dress styles tend to showcase your shape

How to balance your lower body

  • Try high-waisted, flat-front, straight, or bootcut/flare styles rather of skinny jeans and fast pants .
  • Choose dark colors for your lower body
  • pass on invest with hip embellishments
  • Stay away from bottoms with

    pockets, patterns, or early details

  • Be aware of your hemline. Specifically, mini skirts or any other hemline (including single or double vents in jackets) that finishes on your hips, thighs, or any other full point of your leg

What to wear if you have a pear-shaped body

now that you know how to balance the shape of your consistency, you are ready to invest in a wardrobe that complements your silhouette and helps you feel more convinced and comfortable. Check out our suggestions and see what resonates with your fashion vogue and preference. Remember your goal is to balance your silhouette, but more importantly, to feel comfortable, confident, and dramatic !


The best tops for a orotund body showcase your top half and narrow shank. They can emphasize the delicate line of your upper body, so don ’ metric ton be afraid to wear crop tops or tops in bright colors, with bold patterns, or adorned with excessive details. Necklines should be across-the-board to round up the shoulders, so you will never go amiss with square, bateau, and boat necklines. Structured sleeves are your best choice, which means you can jump on the swerve of puff sleeves and experiment with wide sleeves, Juliet sleeve tops, and embellished styles. All of these will add volume to your upper torso !


There are as many types of jeans as there are body types and beyond, character of the playfulness is hunting a bit and trying on a few different styles to find the best denim pants for you. however, given our goal of creating balance between your upper and lower body, opt for high-waisted, flat-front, straight, or bootcut/flare styles, these will be the most flatter. Try selecting elusive or black colors for pants .


Dresses have this perplex timbre of flattering any silhouette ampere long as they are the correctly style and match. We normally recommend dresses that highlight your best features and, in this sheath, you ca n’t go wrong with A-line and fit-and-flare dresses. Both preen styles draw attention to the small shank and fall away from the generous hips balancing the figure and streamlining your lower body. Wrap dresses and off-the-shoulder dresses besides do the trick !

Jackets and coats

The trick with jackets for pear shapes is to keep them away from the hip area. You can invest in jackets that either avoid the hips or plane over them. Crop jackets or hanker blazers are your best option if you want to add structure and volume to the shoulder and tear while balancing the hips. Coats follow the same guidelines, the best coat distance for a orotund silhouette being right under the hips and mid-thigh. Dark colors will constantly do department of justice to your silhouette, as will embellishments in the shoulder and bust areas. Never refuse princess or high waist coats in an a-line because they highlight your shank size .


Skirts are a orotund womanhood ’ s best ally, but lone if the dash and equip are chosen properly. They elongate the body and, when associated with a mid- or high-waisted vogue, add proportion to the figure. Always choose skirts that have a wide shape at the bottom, such as A-line skirts or bias skirts, and avoid skirts with details that add volume to the lower body .
With your new cognition on how to recognize and dress your pear-shaped body type, you ‘re ready to build a style flush J-Lo would steal. If you hush have questions or would like a little avail on your style travel, we ‘re always hera to help. Do n’t hesitate to reach out to us, we love meeting new people and talking about fashion .


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