What to wear in Amsterdam in spring: packing list and style guide

Wondering what to wear in Amsterdam in jump to be comfortable and stylish ? Find out in our accomplished throng tilt for spring in Amsterdam !
Packing for form and its swing temperatures is frequently a bit of a concern. But packing for leap in Amsterdam, a city known for its erratic weather, can be a real pain .
How can you pack light and be comfortable ( and stylish ) when you need to be ready for cover girl ardent cheery days, showery mild ones and chilly ones, without guarantee for any and the prospect of experiencing them all in the space of 24 hours ?

The answer is : you bring versatile clothe and make the most of the fashionable however relaxed fashion sense of the Dutch .
In this pack tilt for Amsterdam in form, I plowshare my top picks for being fashionable and comfortable when vising Amsterdam, may you be museum-hopping of tulip chase .
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What is the weather like in Amsterdam in April, May and June? 

form comes to Amsterdam in the months of April May and June and is a meter of year with meaning weather contrasts and temperature swings .
The Dutch say that Amsterdam in April ‘ does whatever it wants to do ’ and indeed this is identical much the depression you get if you spend even fair one day in the city ( if that ’ s the design, check out our one day itinerary here ! ) .
April in Amsterdam may bring adorable quick days with potent sun, calling for shortstop sleeves and sunglasses .
April in Amsterdam may mean a grey sidereal day with rain showers and a need for a light jacket .
Amsterdam in April may besides mean a blend of the two, meaning shouldn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate in truth trust the sun shining in the morning to stay nor despair if you wake up to a wet day .
overall, if going to Amsterdam in April it is knowing to expect meek temperatures in the crop of 4 -13 C degrees and the periodic rain lavish .
May and June in Amsterdam see exchangeable weather patterns but temperatures tend to climb as the year advances towards summer and become by rights summery and ardent as you hit June .
rain is frequent but tends to come in showers rather than solid downpours .
In general, the upwind in Amsterdam in May and June is balmy and cheery, with the casual showery day, and with temperatures in the roll of 8-17 C ( May ) and 11-20 ( June ) .
Always take into account the fact this this is the North of Europe and summer can be can anything from a actually hot clock time ( like stopping point year with a heat wave ) or grey and not-that-warm miserable one. Y
ou can learn more about weather in Amsterdam and the best time to go here
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What to pack for Amsterdam in spring: must have items

1. A light jacket

An detail you always need with you Amsterdam in spring is a light crown .
Depending on the time of sidereal day and your luck with the weather, you may find wrapping yourself up in it or wishing you had left it behind in your hotel room but chances are that, at least in the even, you will want to have it with you .
I love fake leather jackets and Puffa-style jackets which occupy very fiddling space when pack .
If you feel this may not be adequate as you are normally cold, you can check what we recommend to pack for Amsterdam in winter instead .

2. A light scarf

You normally do not need a full scarf for spring in Amsterdam but a light one is handy to have .
I normally go for colorful one that I can use not precisely to keep myself warm but besides to dress up a dim-witted top and feel more ‘ together ’ when going out in the evening .

3. A cardigan

My go-to detail for mutable upwind is a good choice cardigan .
They are versatile enough to go from day to evening wear and can be well put on or taken off when temperature requires .
They are besides a common choice in Amsterdam so you will not feel out of put when wearing one
Bike in Amsterdam with tulips. springBikes are ubiquitous in Amsterdam and a great way to visit the city

4. Short sleeve + long sleeve tops for layering

short sleeve tops. In the warmest parts of the sidereal day, specially from the end of April forth, Amsterdam tends to see short sleeve upwind .
If you like shirts, they are besides a good option : choose for casual ones you can wear with sleeve rolled up .
For this meter of the class, I besides recommend to bring one long sleeve exceed .
You can wear it with a cardigan or use it for layering : in this case, choose a color that matches a short sleeve top so you know they won ’ thymine clash .

5. Trousers

give in Amsterdam is not normally ardent adequate for shorts and I my choose item at this fourth dimension are jeans .
stretchable ones can be comfortable and versatile and if you pick a clean enough material, will be perfect for the season .
I find surround hard to wear at this time as tights can make you feel besides hot at certain times of day but it is likely to be besides cold for bare legs .

6. Underwear and socks

Added to the list more for completeness and for those of us who somehow always find themselves short of a pair of socks when traveling !
The choice of what type of socks to bring goes handwriting in hand with the choice of shoes, which is our next detail .

7. Comfortable walking shoes

You will find yourself walking a draw in Amsterdam so picking couple of comfortable shoes is overriding .
The best shoes for Amsterdam in spring have rubber, rubber soles and can take the casual turn of rain.

For give in Amsterdam you normally do not have to rely on heavy boots and I find fashion and life style sneakers are versatile enough to bring you from sidereal day to night .
At the begin of the season a pair of ankle boots can come in handy and I besides truly like to have with me a pair of ballerina flats for when I want to feel more dressed up .

8. Sunglasses

Amsterdam is not the sunniest of cities but when the sun is out it is potent and gorgeous. A copulate or fashion sunglasses will protect your eyes and make a good fashion accessory

9. A cross-body bag

Cross-body bags are great for city travel and come in many shapes and colors that make some of them comfortable and stylish .
If planning on cycle, make sure you get one with not besides long a strap or consider one that changes into a backpack : a cross body bag hang over your bicycle wheels is a pain and can be by rights dangerous !
If you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate mean on motorbike, then a crossbody bag is arrant : they are my darling type of bag for city travel as they look fashionable but calm hold all you need for the day .
You can find my favorite crossbody udder for Europe travel here .

10. Phone / camera / tech charger

Amsterdam uses standard european 2 personal identification number sockets .
If you bring your technical school with you, make certain you have the correct plug/adapter .
I find the easiest way to recharge my technical school is to bring one arranger and multiple chargers so I can take concern of all my items at once.

11. Sun screen and lip balm

The combination of sun and mutable weather can be hard on the bark and lips. I always find myself packing an extra stick of sass ointment and a beneficial hydrate cream with mild sunscreen when visiting Amsterdam .
It may not seem like solid sun but if you get a good day, tied my italian dark skin suffers so it is worth being ready with excess protective covering !

12. Small umbrella

What is a minor umbrella doing on a number after sunscreen ?
well, changeable spring weather in Amsterdam means an umbrella can come in handy : at this time of the year, unlike in winter, the wreathe is normally meek adequate to keep your umbrella alone and in one piece .
I love lightweight, travel ones that can fit in a normal bag most of all .

13. Documents

In Amsterdam, it is compulsory to have an ID document on you at all times and to be quick to show it to an official in case they ask .
Amsterdam is a very safe city but if you are worry about carrying documents on you in case you may lose them, it may be worth investing in a good travel anti-theft bag or FRID blocking wallet you can be sure they do not fall off by chance .

What to wear in Amsterdam in spring if you want to go see the tulips

If you are going to Amsterdam in leap chances are you are there for tulip season and have a slip planned to the fields .
For such an dispatch, you do not need any special gear and once you have comfortable shoes and a good back to carry some water with you and your camera, you are good to go .
however, I feel like adding a small while of advice .
If you want to take a cunning word picture of you in the tulips and don ’ t want to go all the duration of a wide wardrobe transfer for the sake of Instagram, wear a acme in the color of tulips ( crimson, or pink or yellow ) or bring a manner accessory like a scarf to match the fields – it ’ s a small thing but it can truly bring your photograph to life !
If you are concerned in seeing the tulips, check out our guide to see them in and near Amsterdam here

What to wear in Amsterdam in spring: packing list

  • Underwear
  • Socks
  • Long pants/trousers
  • Tights and mid season skirt /dress
  • Long and short tops for layering
  • Cardigan
  • Mid-season Jacket
  • Scarf
  • Sunglasses
  • Toiletries
  • Tech
  • Documents

Packing for Amsterdam in spring with kids? Add these items

  • Baby carrier
  • Baby pushchair
  • Foldable travel highchair
  • Travel diaper bag

I hope you found this throng list useful and we helped to answer the question : what to wear in Amsterdam in spring ? safe travels !
Complete packing list for Amsterdam in spring including tips on what to wear in Amsterdam and nearby to see the tulip fields of HollandPacking list and style guide: what to wear in Amsterdam in spring to be comfortable and stylish at all times Loved this military post ? share it or pin it for former !

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