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There are a couple of things you should think about before you choose what to wear in Amsterdam, or the rest of the Netherlands.  First of all, while the Dutch decidedly encourage people to dress according to their personal preference and personality, normally they don ’ metric ton get excessively crazy with their outfits themselves .
There is a democratic phrase saying ‘ Doe maar normaal, dan doe je aluminum gek genoeg ‘, that roughly translates as : ‘ just act normal, then you ’ rhenium acting silly enough ‘. The Dutch like to be original and trendy for certain, but they don ’ thymine want to stand out besides much from the herd .
so in general, I would advice to not go besides crazy with your colours and accessories, not even when you go out for drinks, unless it ’ second something like a big theme dance party where you ’ ve buy tickets for.

I frequently get the question : What do people wear in Amsterdam when they go out ? well, It is quite normal to go to a local anesthetic legal profession on the weekend wearing your jeans ( even as a girl ) with a elementary top. Heels not excessively high, or no heels at all, because most dutch girls are huge, so we don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate annoyance that much about them .
When I moved to Sydney and even now in London, I was always amazed at what people wear when they go out on a weekend, lots of senior high school heels and miniskirts and cipher seemed to wear a coat anywhere ! This is so different in the Netherlands, credibly because it ’ mho normally quite cold at night. We constantly wear a coat when we go out, and most places will have a cloakroom or fiddling hooks on the walls or under the cake for you to leave your stuff. No need to be cold !
hera is a short Amsterdam City Guide with Tips on things to wear and what not to wear in Amsterdam :
What To Wear In Amsterdam, The Netherlands? Some Fashion Do's and Don'ts from a Local || The Travel Tester

Practical Clothing in the Netherlands

The Dutch are a very practical crowd of people. Most people, when asking them what to wear in Holland will tell you : a raincoat should stop you from getting wet, a bag should carry all your bullshit, a perspirer should keep you warm. simple as that, right ?
so, one of the most authoritative things with Dutch clothing is that you want to be prepared for any type of weather. You will never quite know what to expect when leaving the house. sour in layers, so you can peel off or put something on. Don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate forget your umbrella, gloves and scarf, specially in descent and winter !
What To Wear In Amsterdam, The Netherlands? Some Fashion Do's and Don'ts from a Local || The Travel Tester

What to Wear to Amsterdam for Work in Holland

If you ’ re wondering about how to dress in Amsterdam for a job, then no motivation to be anxious ! Most knead places in the Netherlands are quite casual, so you can wear pretty much anything ampere long as it doesn ’ triiodothyronine show excessively a lot flesh, very. I worked on a pair of primary coil schools and there wasn ’ thyroxine actually a dress code. Common sense is expected .
The dress code in Amsterdam for larger companies is like : My buddy works for a bigger IT company and he can still wear jeans and a sweater to work, with the periodic suit ( crown and tie not always needed ) with client meetings or networking events. Yeah, the Dutch are a casual crowd !
In most shop people are dressed casual and the more bigger bars and restaurants normally require the standard black pants/shoes with white shirt or party shirt .
What To Wear In Amsterdam, The Netherlands? Some Fashion Do's and Don'ts from a Local || The Travel Tester

Do Dutch People Wear Clogs / Wooden Shoes?

Yes and No .
On a normal day and in the cities, no, we decidedly don ’ thyroxine wear clogs. They are very uncomfortable and, well… not thus stylish .
But in the more rural parts of the nation or when working in the garden, you can decidedly calm see people wearing them. I have a pair myself and have constantly worn them as a kid in our vegetable garden, a piece outside of the city center in Amsterdam .
They are great for the outdoors, because when you ’ ra working with tools or heavy animals like cows and horses, they won ’ t hurt your toes when stepping/falling on them. I think that ’ s pretty much the only reason you ’ vitamin d use them, because as I said, they are very uncomfortable. You have to wear very thick, woolen socks in them to actually walk in them. It requires a sting of practice, haha. You besides have fictile clogs, which are more comfortable .
If you want to grab a pair, go to any tourist shop class or places like the ‘ Waterlooplein Market ’ in Amsterdam and pick up a pair. Those are the same we would use ( although we would get cheaper ones at the garden focus on ), they are not just fun for decoration ! The traditional ones are the yellow/blank woodwind ones ( see in the background on the photograph below ), but you can get them in any color these days. They are besides fun to hang inverted on your wall and put flowers in them !
What To Wear In Amsterdam, The Netherlands? Some Fashion Do's and Don'ts from a Local || The Travel Tester

Amsterdam What to Wear in Each Month?

here is a quick overview of temperatures and suited dress per month :
What to wear in Amsterdam in January?
January is the coldest calendar month in most of the Netherlands, with an average temperature of 2,7ºC ( 36,68ºF ). Pack warm clothes, such as a winter proof/waterproof coat or jacket, a hat, scarf and gloves. Dress in layers, restaurants are well-heated .
What to wear in Amsterdam in February?
February is the cold month to spend in Amsterdam. It ’ mho besides one of the driest months, so that ’ s the thoroughly news program. average high temperature is 6°C ( 42,8°F ), and average low is 0,5°C ( 32,9°F ). Remember that wind instrument and fog can make it feel much, much colder than that ! Like January, bring warm clothes including long-sleeved sweaters, sweats, and a winter proof coat or jacket and dress in layers !
What to wear in Amsterdam in March?
In March, the weather is very erratic and can range from boring, blue and cold to bright, cheery and ‘ quick ’ for the time of the year. Expect brief showers and temperatures between 1°C and 10°C ( 33,8°F and 50°F ). Keep dressing strong like former months, dress in layers and make certain to bring rain gear !
What to wear in Amsterdam in April?
April is normally besides one of the driest months of the year, but April weather can see acuate contrasts. We have a saying that goes ‘ April does what he wants ’, so that can be anything from cheerfulness to snow on the grind. not kidding ! The flowers are come out of the closet nowadays, therefore if you want to see tulips and the like, this is the time to go ! Dress in layers so you can add or subtract something if and when the upwind changes. Bring your umbrella !

What to wear in Amsterdam in May?
May often is the cheery calendar month of the class, but this month besides tends to have adenine many cold days as it has warm days. In holocene years the months of April and May have been rather mild, cheery and dry. median lows are 7,2° C ( 45° F ) and average highs are 18°C ( 64,4°F ). Bring your T-shirts/tops and summer-type skirts and dresses — but besides something slightly warmer for chilly evenings and sunny but chili days. Jeans are constantly good !
What to wear in Amsterdam in June?
June is a good calendar month to visit Amsterdam. Overall you can expect quite a sting of cheerfulness, average temperatures are 15°C ( 59°F ). Bring an umbrella, just in font. For the most by it ’ randomness shorts/skirts and T-shirts. Bring jeans if you ’ d like and a light jacket .
What to wear in Amsterdam in July?
July by and large is the warmest month of the year in Amsterdam, with temperatures ranging between night lows of 13°C ( 54°F ) and noon highs around 22°C ( 72°F ). You can pretty much count on warm weather, and even when it rains it never quite gets cold. Bring on the summer dresses, shorts and sunglasses !
What to wear in Amsterdam in August?
August is the cheery of the three summer months, but besides the wettest, so run into a cafe when it starts pouring down ( normally not that long, so umbrella not very needed ). median lows are 12° C ( 54°F ) and modal highs are 22°C ( 72°F ). still arrant to wear your darling summer wardrobe !
What to wear in Amsterdam in September?
not until the end of the calendar month will it truly become fall/autumn in The Netherlands, so until around the 21st, you can count on a little tail of the Summer months. This is one of the best months to visit Amsterdam actually ! Make surely you bring lightly rain gearing ( impregnable umbrella needed, the winds are quite heavily ), but decidedly dress in layers. The weather changes a lot, but stays quite balmy. average lows and highs in September : 11,7/19,7°C ( 53,06/67,46°F ) in the beginning of the calendar month to around 10,2/17,7°C ( 50,36/63,86°F ) at the end of the month .
What to wear in Amsterdam in October?
normal Lows and High in October are from around 9,2-16°C ( 48,56-60,8°F ) at the begin of the month to around 6,6-12,8°C ( 43,88-55,04°F ) at the end of the calendar month. It in truth can be bright and cheery one moment and cloudy and rain showers the next… so bring an umbrella for certain ! besides, humid air and strong wind can make the weather in Amsterdam palpate cold than it actually is, sol dress up with a wind- and raincoat jacket, and layer up. Wear good closed shoes angstrom well .
What to wear in Amsterdam in November?
November is truly the crazy weather calendar month, with lots of wind and cold, drippy rain. But then some days are cheery again, who knows ? ! It ’ south still the wettest month of the class, so bring a good raincoat ( and a strong umbrella if you dare ) and some waterproof shoes and warm dress. average lows are about 4,1–9,3°C ( 39,38–48,74°F ). Brrr .
What to wear in Amsterdam in December?
If you see fair weather in Amsterdam during the month of December, lucky you ! This month is the dark of the class and decidedly the startle of Winter with lots of rain or evening wet coke. But, it ’ s not the coldest or rainiest calendar month. December can be bone-chillingly cold, specially when it ’ randomness long-winded, so dress quick ! Must-have is a winter-proof, raincoat coat or jacket, hat, scarf and gloves .
What To Wear In Amsterdam, The Netherlands? Some Fashion Do's and Don'ts from a Local || The Travel Tester

The Most Important Clothing Rule in The Netherlands

survive, but absolutely not least, when you ’ re picking out your wardrobe for The Netherlands, there is one rule everyone should follow :
Your equip should be BIKE-PROOF !
Whether you ’ re going to work, doing groceries, picking up your child from school or going club, you ’ ll probably go there on your bicycle. not kidding .
therefore always make sure that you ’ re ready to hit the ‘ steel knight ‘ ( ‘ stalen ros ’ ), as we like to call it and constantly wear something that is fashionable ánd ‘ cyclable ‘ !
What To Wear In Amsterdam, The Netherlands? Some Fashion Do's and Don'ts from a Local || The Travel Tester I hope this short guide helps with the answer on how do people dress in Amsterdam! Now tell us, what is you most decent piece of clothing? And more importantly: Can you cycle in it?

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