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This lead is here to help you remain low-key and blend in like a local. truthfully, I ’ m not sure we truly care what you wear…except for possibly those giant fuzzy boots .
The truth: Wear what you want. We ’ ra good felicitous you ’ re experiencing this jewel we call dwelling .
here ’ s the breakdown of what to wear on your vacation to Breckenridge. Hopefully this can serve as a pack list ( check out our winter carry lead hera ), but don ’ t chafe if you don ’ metric ton own these things. We have PLENTY of shops and gear outfitters ready to hook you up .
Homegrown style: Wearing anything native to Colorado is key. Brands like Melanzana, Loki, SmartWool and FlyLow Gear are all Colorado-made products certain to win style points. Take a short stumble to Leadville and visit the Melanzana store. This homegrown little caller designs, cuts, sews and sells everything themselves. How aplomb is that ? !

Footwear: You ’ ll understand everything here from Birkenstocks and Chacos to the fanciest Sorel. Anything in between is fine, so hanker as you can comfortably walk. Our terrain is by and large soil trails or frigid walkways. We suggest leaving the Moon Boots and stiletto at home plate .
Layers: Wearing a beanie and down jacket to work in the dawn and not knowing how to carry it home in the afternoon is a common clamber in fall and jump. Our weather changes frequently and FAST. so, if you layer properly you shouldn ’ t have to worry. Brands don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate matter indeed much in this situation, but your down coat should probably say Patagonia or Arctery ’ x if you ’ re into that classify of thing. If you ’ re hipper than that, you ’ re credibly wearing FlyLow, Kuhl or Trew .
Western wear: Although we aren ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate as down with western wear as, say, Steamboat Springs, we ’ ll dig your Frye boot and that cute Brixton hat ( for the ladies ). work force, us girls can constantly dig a cowboy amiright ? then, feel free to slide into some Levi ’ second and throw on your western boots. We won ’ triiodothyronine hate it ; we may even prefer it compared to the snowboard vogue we ’ re then used to.

Eye protection: We can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate stress this enough. We don ’ metric ton concern what you wear for center security, just WEAR IT. Same goes for sunscreen and brim ointment with SPF and/or anything with zinc oxide. Our favorite brand is Dermatone ; get the tin, it ’ sulfur cooler ( not literally ) and much easier to apply on the confront. Walking approximately at 9,600 feet and skiing over 10,000 feet in the winter brings you that much closer to the sun, and those sunburns can ruin a vacation hera besides, not good at the beach .
Reusable water bottle: not only are we saving the satellite one reclaimable bottle at a clock time, but the tap water in Breckenridge is perplex. hydration is one of the most significant things you can do for your torso at elevation. You ’ ll see all the primo bottles ( Klean Kanteen, Hydro Flask and Yeti ), but it ’ south aplomb if you have your front-runner Nalgene from high school covered in stickers.

Don’t forget…

  • A daypack (for days on the hill or the hiking trail)
  • Smart phone for pictures
  • Ski/snowboard equipment

other than your personal daily essentials, we think we ’ ve got you covered. Looking forward to seeing you during any season in Breck, and hopefully we won ’ t even know you ’ re equitable visiting !
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