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[ This position may contain affiliate links where we earn a minor commission. Please see our disclosure for more information and thank you for supporting our site so we can continue to bring you amazing content for your travel inspiration ! ] EEEKS ! I ’ m so excited for you ! ! ! Germany in the winter is honestly one of the best times of year to travel to Germany.
Ok. Ok. I say that about most seasons because each season sincerely does have something incredible to offer that the early seasons don ’ thymine .
BUT, winter in Germany ( specially those charming german Christmas Markets ) rightfully is an extraordinary time to visit the country .
Whether you are going to visit some of the best christmas Markets in Germany, are just here to do some general sightsee in some of the most picturesque german towns, or are hera to do some Alpine ski, one thing is for certain. You are going to need to know what to to pack for winter travel in Germany. ( Skip down to the bottom of this article if you are still looking for ideas on where to go in Germany in the Winter )

(Coming to Germany in December? Don’t forget to read all about the many amazing German Christmas Traditions that you should try to partake in to make some magical memories!
From the right layers to the best shoes, here is my own personal throng list for Germany in December and the winter months. Read all the way to the bed for an easy to use Packing Checklist .

How Cold Does Germany Get in Winter?

how to dress for winter in germany
winter in Germany is actually not deoxyadenosine monophosphate badly as one might think….well, relatively at least .
I come from the Midwest in the US where winters can be frostily cold with windchills so low that even Jack Frost himself would be bundling up and running inside to warm himself by a fire .
That ’ mho why I frequently describe winter in Germany as quite temperate very .
In General, you can expect the temperature to hover somewhere around freezing ( feed or take ) at 32° F/0°C. This will vary slenderly if you are in the Alps v on the Baltic Sea, but on average, you don ’ thyroxine encounter dangerous windchills ( so the temperature you see on the thermometer is close to what it actually feels like outside ) or huge blizzards in the way that I am used to, which means that winters can actually be quite nice in Germany ( with the appropriate dress ! )
obviously, if you are coming from somewhere warm, well…then you may be in for a cold electric shock !

What Are the Coldest Months in Germany?

The upwind in Germany in December and January typically are the cold months. The accurate temperatures will vary depending on where precisely in the nation you will be going to. For exemplar, in January, it may be about 28° F to 30° F ( -2° to -1° C ) in the South, even colder in the Alps where it could get down to arsenic first gear as 20° F/ 11°C but slenderly warmer up north where it could be around 34° F/1.5°C

How Long Does Winter Last in Germany?

December, January, February is typically the winter season in Germany.
obviously, there are the exceptions, like when the weather in Germany in November decides to give an early snow, or when it is distillery identical cold in March .

Does it Snow in Germany?

weather in berlin december can be snowy
You betcha !
You will find a lot more snow the further confederacy you go. For case, it can snow angstrom early as October ( or this year in September ! ) in some of the Alpine regions. alternatively, while you can absolutely find snow all over Germany in winter, you are more likely to encounter more rain than snow up North, so an umbrella is an absolute must when packing for Germany ( during any season ! )

How to Dress in Germany

Whether it is December or July, you are going to find that Germans dress identical realistically and logically. What do I mean by that ?
It ’ s not that Germans aren ’ thymine fashionable ( oklahoma, even I question their sock with sandal look ), it ’ s that they are virtual !
alternatively of wearing jeans that might get wet and take 2 days to dry out, you are more likely to find them in hiking vogue pants if out sightseeing or at the Christmas Markets that are comfortable, breathable, and quick dry .
alternatively of wearing tennis shoes or sneakers, it ’ randomness more coarse to see Germans wearing heavy duty hiking style shoes that will weather the rain and long days of walking about on cobblestones .
now, that is NOT to say that you won ’ thymine find jeans, cute outfits, and top fashion ( in fact, I think Germans are highly “ dapper ” looking, yes I said “ spiffy ” ), but as a tourist, take a page out of their own playbook, and dress as they do : Practicality over Looks!

It’s All About the Layering

You ’ ve been told this before but boy is it ever indeed true when deciding what to pack for Germany in the winter.
It is actually actually shocking how the proper measure of layering can make a 32° F day feel amazingly lovely ! ! ! ( Albeit with no rain ! )

How To Layer Appropriately When Packing For Winter

You are going to want to pack approximately 3 layers. I know this may seem like a draw, specially when packing for a stumble, but believe me, if you plan on spend time outdoors in Germany in the winter, you ’ ll thank me late !

Start with a Base Layer

winter packing list for Germany
Have a match of moisture-wicking long underwear. I like a polyester blend. however, thermals are besides good for heat.

Create a Warm Middle Layer

what to wear in germany in november and december
This layer is all about warmth. I personally love my fleece jackets because they are easy to zip improving and devour to adjust for body temps, but if I am skiing in the Alps, I besides typically throw on an extra sweatshirt or thick sweater in addition to my overcharge just because I ’ m a wimp and get cold easily. Besides, I figure the more layers ( that I can take off if I get hot ) the better than being fretful and cold !

Protection From the Elements as an Outer Layer

winter travel in Germany packing
finally, you want a weather-resistant outer layer. Choose coats that are rain and hoist proof ( I even like to spray my coats with Scotch Guard to help with the rain ! ). Down Coats that have a estimable “ vent bubble ” in them are peculiarly great for cold, cold weather.
Personally, I ’ ve had a Columbia Winter Coat for EONS ( Guys, I ’ thousand talking liiiiike 15 years ! ! ) and it somehow still is serving me well !


winter travel in Germany

This is SUCH an neglect view of packing for Germany in the winter .
I ’ ve heard it said before that if your feet get cold, your unharmed consistency will be cold.
And I don ’ thymine know about you, but walking around for hours with WET, cold feet would make even Jolly Old St. Nick a crabbed traveler .
The reality is that a dependable set of boots is actually going to be a great choice, but that gets very bulky when trying to pack for a trip.
A good alternative is to find a hike style of shoe that is weather immune. Buy a half size up and get some very good wool ( or Smartwool ) socks to add in warmheartedness without adding a long ton of bulk and weight for the shoes .

What to Pack for Germany in December and the Winter

what to wear in germany in the winter
Alright, so what EXACTLY should you pack ? I ’ ve broken it down so you can quickly see what you need and of course, you can download my spare, printable, checklist for you to use at home as you pack to ensure you haven ’ metric ton missed a thing .

This Winter Germany Packing List

It ’ second hard enough packing for any trip, but packing for Germany in December or any of the winter months can cursorily get out of hand with the bulk of the clothing american samoa well as the total needed for cold days .
This packing number will accommodate 4 days of dress. I personally constantly wear my clothes doubly when traveling ( unless they get very dirty or particularly sweaty ) so that means that this packing list will get you about 1 weeks worth of clothing to wear in Germany. The only acceptations are socks and long underwear layers. I ALWAYS bring extra socks because, as mentioned, if socks get moisture, you are in for a hapless day and if the hanker underwear didn ’ t perplex sweaty, I will reuse them .
I besides pack pretty basic colors when traveling. so, if you are the future Instagram Star, you ’ ll want to find a different compact list. If you are a distinctive traveler who actually wants to enjoy your days at the Christmas Markets preferably than freezing at them, READ ON !
It is easy if you have shirts that will match with just about any bottom and vice-versa. This allows you to mix up your outfits for more diverseness a well. That means that with precisely 3-4 tops/ bottoms, I can actually get quite a few different variations of actual outfits, particularly if I have layers like a vest that can truly mix and match looks .

Germany Winter Packing List

The Basics:

  • 4 Sets of Undergarments (Underwear + Bras for Women)
  • 6 Pairs of Smart Wool Socks


  • 2 Sets of Long Underwear (Can add 1 set of Thermals if going to particularly colder areas)
  • 2 Pairs of Thick (warm) Leggings (Preferably ones that can be worn both on their own as well as a base layer under other pants)
  • 2 Pairs of Weather Resistant Pants (or sub 1 pair of Jeans) that a base layer will fit under


  • 2 Sets of Polyester Long “Underwear” Tops as a base layer (Quick dry/ breathable long shirts)
  • 2-3 Sweaters or Long Sleeve Shirts
  • 1 Short Sleeve Shirt with Cardigan or Jacket for Indoor Days


  • For Women: 1 Long, Maxi Dress. (If I know I will be going to a fancy dinner or attending an event that I need to look like more than just a sightseeing tourist, then I love Maxi Dresses. You can wear a long underwear layer of pants underneath, put a cardigan on top, and wrap a scarf around and voila. Instant, warm, “nice” look!


  • 1 Fleece Jacket for “middle” layering
  • 1 Heavy Duty Winter Coat that is Weather Resistant
  • Optional: Flannel Button Up Shirts are great for winter packing. They are cute, warm, and incredibly easy to layer!
  • Optional: A Down Vest is another fantastic layering option and versatile for different looks (Unfortunately, anything down is going to be bulkier to pack, but at least they are light!)


While it takes up a set of room, I like to always bring 2 sets of shoes if my baggage can manage. A pair of weather-appropriate walk shoes are a must and, depending on where I am traveling to in the winter, I besides often take a couple of boots. This way, if it does rain/snow not merely am I prepared with the proper footwear, but besides if one gets moisture, it will give it time to dry out thus I ’ megabyte not stuck in coldness, damp shoes !

  • 1 Pair of Weatherproof Hiking Style Shoes
  • 1 Pair of Boots (Note: I love bringing my knee high rider boots if I am wanting to look a bit more fashionable (I know, “LeAnna and fashion” aren’t really synonymous), but I always Scotch Guard them before going out on a potentially rainy/snowy trip).  Alternatively, if I am going to be where I know there will be snow for sure, I’ll wear my snow boots, which are shockingly comfortable for walking in as well and keep me nice and toasty warm!
    Tip: As annoying as it may seem, wear your bulkier pair of shoes (so probably your boots in this scenario) in the airport. This drastically will cut down on luggage weight as well as give you a lot more room in your bag to pack other things.

Other Essential Winter Gear

winter packing guide for germany

  • 1 Pair of Very Warm Gloves/ Mittens
  • 1 Scarf
  • 1 Hat

Other Essential Packing List Items


  • Shampoo/ Conditioner/ Lotions
  • Razer
  • Deodorant
  • Toothbrush/ Paste

Misc/ Optional

  • Pocket Umbrella
  • Jewelry
  • Travel Pillow/ Blanket
  • Eye Mask/ Ear Plugs
  • Guidebooks
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Travel Clothesline (in case anything does get wet and you need it to dry quickly)
  • Travel Journal
  • Feminine Hygiene Products
  • Optional: Money Belt


Whhhhat ? A swimsuit for a December in Germany ?
One of my front-runner activities to do in Germany is to go to a “ german Bath ” or “ german Spa. ” These Saunas are amazing, and some hotels actually have a sauna in their own facility .


  • 1 Suitcase or Pack
  • 1 Day bag
  • Packing Cubes

Important Documents

  • Passport
  • International Driver’s Permit
  • Hotel/ Car/ Activity Reservation Print Outs (or downloaded to an easy to get to file in your phone)


  • Wallet or Purse
  • 2 No Foreign Transaction Fee Credit Cards (Call ahead to notify them you will be traveling to Germany)
  • 2 Debit Cards


Places to Visit in Germany in Winter

If you are distillery wondering where to go in Germany in the winter, I hate to say it buuuut….ANYWHERE ! No, in truth ! There are very few places that are REALLY worth waiting until affectionate months. Just bundle up and get forbidden and explore !
If you are coming in November or December, I HIGHLY recommend planning it around some perplex Christmas Markets ! Why not see the markets and do some city sight seeing at the same time ? hera are some of the most celebrated cities with Christmas Markets in Germany :
If you are coming in January or February, then actually any city or town will do. Cities like Berlin can be big in these months when there aren ’ thymine as many tourists as the busy summer months. alternatively, forefront to the Alps in Bavaria ! ! ! even if you don ’ t ski, it can be wonderfully beautiful ! I absolutely love the Garmisch area in the Alps with a day trip over to the Neuschwanstein in the winter can be charming. Or the Harz Mountains in cardinal Germany or the bavarian Forest are all enchanting adenine well !

Skiing In Germany 

obviously, if you are heading to some of the best ski resorts in Germany on your trip, you ’ ll credibly need to adjust your packing tilt a bit to include things like snowpants ( and possibly even your own ski gear, if you so choose ). On the other hand, a lot of places will rent out snow gear, including dress for the day depending on where you go .

No matter where you end up going or exactly when in the winter months you choose to visit Germany, with the right planning and the right packing, you just might find that winter is one of the best seasons to visit Germany! 

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