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If you have a travel to the Florida Keys coming soon, it is clock to start thinking about what you will be packing for paradise .
The good news is that the Key West dress code is nothing fondness. In fact, it is deoxyadenosine monophosphate cushy as the island itself !
however, there are a few things that are essential to make the most out of your trip. In this post, you will find all the essentials you should pack for Key West and the Florida Keys.
Coastline of Fort Zachary State Park in Key West, FL (1)

What to pack for Key West and the Florida Keys

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For The Beach

Tropical summer paradise in Key West Florida
There is no hidden about what to wear in Key West on the beach .
For the affair, a couple of cunning bathing suits, a hat, and a cover-up go a farseeing direction. besides, flip-flops are a must !
here are other important items to pack to the beach in Key Wes :

1- Cooler bag – To keep your drinks cold!

cooler bag In Key West, taking snacks and drinks to the beach can save you a distribute of time and money ! And the most convenient room to do that is with a cooler bag.

2- A Beach Blanket To Sit On

beach blanket If getting all covered in sand is not something you love, I promise you a soundproof and water-repellent beach blanket will make your day at the beach far more enjoyable .

3- A Good bathing suit

bathing suit As I mentioned before, the independent thing you will need for the beach is a good bathe suit ( or three ! ) .

4- Leave-in Hair conditioner

beach leave in conditioner seawater can be extremely damaging for your hair – specially if it ’ second colored !
To avoid that, using a good leave-in conditioner might fair do the antic. Choose one that is both condition and heat protectant .

5- Underwater Camera

To take amazing pictures subaqueous .

6- Aloe Vera gel

aloe vera gel Aloe vera can be a true life buoy after a sidereal day in the sun ! It does wonders for hydrating and recovering the skin .

7- A pretty cover-up

cover up After enjoying the beach, a cover-up is the best way to get dressed up promptly to walk around the city or even grab a bite somewhere .

8- Reef safe sunscreen is a must

reef safe sunscreen Remember to use a reef-safe sunscreen with a good sun protection factor to protect your bark ( and the floridian marine life ! ) .

9- Polarized Sunglasses

sunglasses A good pair of sunglasses is another must ! To have them be even more comfortable, give predilection to the ones with polarize lenses.

10- A nice hat

hat The sunlight in Key West can get crazy strong, and for that, a good hat can give you a dainty break. On Amazon, you can find many with gain sun protection .

11- Dry Bag

dry bag A dry bag is perfect for fishing, kayaking, camping, and even for just spending an good afternoon at the beach !
It is completely waterproof and will keep your belongings decent and safe .

12- Water shoes

watershoes Water shoes are helpful when it comes to walking on the rocky beaches of Key West – specially the one at Fort Zachary Taylor State Park .

13- A pair of flip-flops

flipflops It might seem a little obvious, but another thing that you absolutely have to pack is a pair of flip-flops. You can wear them pretty much anywhere on the island .

During the day

Duval street, Key West
As for what to wear during the day, less is more. Some sandals, a hat, and a light dress are the perfect combination for walking along Duval Street and visiting the island ’ mho main attractions .
here are some of the best items to use during the day :

1- Casual dresses

summer dress - what to pack for key west If you are wondering about what to wear in Key West, go with a dependable diverseness of casual dresses. They fit the island upwind perfectly, are idle, and of course, super cute .

2- Walking sandals

women sandals Since you will be walking a batch, make certain to pack your most comfortable match of sandals to Key West. Your feet will thank you belated !

3- Light blouses

summer blouses to pack to key west Blouses are besides a great call for walking about township. Pick the ones with the lightest framework to avoid overheating in the sun !

4- A nice pair of shorts

nice pair of shorts besides, bring a nice pair of shorts or two !

For A Night Out

what to wear at night in key west
For a night on the town, the day dress code besides applies. The dispute is that this time you can go with fancier dresses and maybe take a sweater or a cardigan in case it gets cold.

1- A light sweater

sweater A light sweater will keep you warm tied if there is wind.

2- Fancier dress

cute dress Take a more ball dress for fancier restaurants – though most of them are pretty casual even at night .

Other Key West packing list items not to forget

southernmost point buoy 2

Finding a Place To Stay in Key West

If you haven ’ t booked a hotel in Key West however, that ’ s okay ! here are some of our favorites :
Key West, Florida, USA packing guide

Wrap-up: Packing for Key West

That ’ s a wrap ! I very hope you enjoyed this guidebook on what to pack for Key West. For more travel tips, you can follow me on Instagram .

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