What to Pack for London in Winter (December-February)

winter is a big time to visit London. Though some attractions will be operating on restrict hours, you will enjoy fewer crowd and less queuing than in the summer months. There are many bang-up indoor activities and experiences to be had besides – winter weather is arrant for cuddling up to a pint in the public house watching football ( aka soccer ) with locals or exploring the many museums and galleries. Learn what to pack for London in winter with the follow tips and checklist that is available for download in printable mannequin at the end of this post .
If you ’ re looking for a London path – check out these 3-days of highlights for first-time visitors .

General packing tips for London in winter


overall, London has a moderate oceanic climate, meaning it experiences cool winters and balmy summers. Though it has a repute for being showery, it averages less annual precipitation than cities such as Rome and NYC. It earns its notoriety by dragging out that precipitation over several misty, overcast days at a time, specially in the winter months. London broadly averages 11-15 showery days per month, with higher falls in November and March.

winter temperatures are normally between 2-10ºC ( 35-50ºF ) and snow is irregular. January is the cool month of the year and along with February is most susceptible to snow. For more London climate information, visualize hera .

clothing and comfort

London may be cool in winter, but buildings are amply heated. It is besides a very walkable finish, so expect to work up a sweat at times. Pack whippersnapper clothes that can be layered to provide heat, under out layers that are waterproof. Down can be made less effective if it becomes wet, so ensure you pack a coat that can stand getting a short wet at times – wool is a bang-up option .


The Pound Sterling ( GBP ) is the official currency of the United Kingdom. Withdrawing local currency from an ATM on the ground can be the best option for getting a golden external currentness conversion rate. Although London is a very card-friendly city, so you may identical well not need any cash at all.


When using escalators it is proper to stand on the right, and keep moving if you are on the impart. This particularly applies to Tube stations where escalators are prevailing and interfering Londoners are rushing to and from knead .
Tipping in restaurants is expected only if there is no avail charge added to the bill – make indisputable you check before leaving anything extra. A customary tip is 12-15 %, while no tips are expected in public house and bars. Taxi drivers will expect a 10-15 % tip .
If you intend to enjoy good afternoon tea at an administration such as The Ritz, you will be required to follow their dress code. It is wise to check this before you start packing to ensure you have the correct overdress. No sportswear or jeans are permitted for men or women. serviceman are expected to wear a jacket and tie to the occasion .


electricity in England is delivered at 230 volts, 50Hz. Depending on where you are travelling from and what kind of appliances you are bringing, you may need a voltage converter. by and large, modern phones, tablets and laptops are made for both 110-127V and 220-240V, but it is best to check. England uses a Type G plug/socket, so you will about surely need an international adapter. English wall sockets besides use an on/off switch which you should turn off when not in function.


Think about minimizing promotion and disposables angstrom much as potential – these guides will assist : 8 substantive Eco-Friendly Travel Products and 5 Steps to More sustainable Travel .

Passport and visa

Ensure your pass has at least 6 months validity and plenty of pages for your new passport stamps. Check whether you require a visa for submission into the UK – it will depend on the nation of your pass .


Pickpocketing and junior-grade larceny are common in the train/buses and frequently touristed areas. Keep your valuables to a minimal, secure those you must take and don ’ triiodothyronine flash them about. Ensure your bag is zipped improving and within reach at all times. Cross-body styles are preferable as they can ’ t easily be pulled off your shoulder. Don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate leave your telephone or wallet sitting visible on a tabletop, even if they are right in presence of you – they are easily snatched. Check park London tourist scams hera, plus get these general travel security tips .
London winter capsule wardrobe

London packing list for winter

Clothing and accessories

  • Underwear, bras and socks – pack just a week’s worth and wash in the shower or bathroom sink.
  • Thermal underwear – thermal base layers are essential for the coolest days, particularly those you’ll be spending a lot of time outdoors. I found a full-length bottom and singlet/short-sleeve top to be enough.
  • Sleepwear – including sleep mask and earplugs
  • Shirts – pack 1 long sleeve shirt for every 2-3 days of your trip.
  • Sweaters – 2-3 in Merino wool or cashmere are ideal.
  • Pants – pack 1-2 pair of long pants or jeans. I chose a combination of jeans for casual sightseeing and a pair tailored wool pants for dressier occasions.
  • Coat – 2 coats of different weights, one lighter trench coat that provides a shield to wind and rain without a lot of bulk and a heavier wool coat for chilly days is preferable.
  • Rain jacket or poncho – rain in London is often accompanied by wind, so choose a longer length rain coat.
  • Shoes  – depending on the activities you have planned, you need a pair of comfortable walking shoes and a nicer pair of boots or similar for evening activities, afternoon tea or the theatre. I recommend Gore-Tex (waterproof) shoes or giving your chosen pairs a waterproofing treatment before you pack them.
  • Sunglasses – UV rated to protect your eyes and polarizing to cut glare.
  • Accessories – jewellery (preferably costume jewellery) or other accessories to dress up an outfit in the evening.
  • Scarf, gloves and warm hat – pack 1-2 scarves to vary your outfit day to day and keep you warm, along with a pair of gloves and wind-friendly hat.


  • Deodorant
  • Toothpaste and toothbrush
  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Face wash
  • Body wash
  • Moisturizer
  • Hair accessories (ties and pins)
  • Menstrual cup/ tampons
  • Light makeup and perfume
  • Laundry soap – a cake of laundry soap is great for washing your smalls in the hotel basin and doesn’t add to your liquid/powder count if you’re travelling carry-on only.


  • Camera – along with accessories such as charger, spare batteries; SD cards; and tripod.
  • Phone – including accessories such as a charger.
  • International adaptor

Day bag

  • Refillable water bottle
  • Waterless hand sanitizer
  • Headphones
  • Medications and prescriptions
  • Sunscreen or makeup with SPF 15+ or higher
  • Lip balm with SPF 15+
  • Money belt – alternatively a bra pouch or other secure wallet.
  • Guidebook

Making memories and filling spare time

  • Book
  • Sketch pad and pencils/paint
  • Notebook
  • Tablet device
  • Diary

I hope this guide has simplified packing for your London tripper – let me know in the comments below. besides, see this external travel checklist for extra pre-departure considerations, along with these things travellers often forget !

peace, love & inspiring travel ,
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