Jeff Bezos’s New Style, Explained: He’s From Miami

World ’ south rich world Jeff Bezos had quite the class in 2021 : he stepped down as CEO of Amazon, went to quad, and was increasingly public with his girlfriend of three years, Lauren Sánchez ( even if that led to an awkward quarrel with Leonardo DiCaprio ). On cue, Bezos ’ s New Year ’ s Eve stylus punctuated the fact that he ’ second entered a new phase in his charm life. The tight-fitting print silk shirt, crisp blank jeans, and ( uh ? ) heart-shaped gradient-lens sunglasses have easily become the most-discussed fit of the first week of 2022 after he shared a photograph of his expression on Instagram. It was quite the dash development for a man whose closet broad of khaki and ill-fitting blazers was once indistinguishable from that of the director of a Chevrolet franchise. As one viral tweet put it, “ Jeff Bezos inches closer to becoming Pitbull. ” But it ’ s likely no error that Bezos is now gravitating toward the same fashionable urges as everyone ’ s favored party rapper. Jeff, you see, is something of a Mr. 305 himself. He was partially raised in Miami, and graduated from Miami Palmetto Senior High School ( which besides counts Camila Cabello and the late street brawler Kimbo Slice as alumni ) in 1982, right in the middle of a phase in Miami history that would soon inspire both Scarface and Miami Vice. In early words, the man made the biggest luck in modern history, and now he ’ s going to spend it while looking like the coolest guy from his high school. Isn ’ t it a bit apprehensible ? a much as many of us like to pretend we transcend our upbringing and hometowns, our personal style can much betray how hard it is to let go of the influences from our young person.

Northeastern WASPs will always have a special station in their hearts for a nicely cut Brooks Brothers blazer or an L.L. Bean Boat and Tote. Many a Texan will never quite shake the unconditioned cheer for a nice pair of jeans, cowboy boots, and a Stetson. What is a southern California girl without beachy waves and the perfect pairing of instruction sunglasses and a slouchy bag sling on their sleeve ? conversely, adenine much as there is a bungalow industry on the internet explaining how to get “ french girlfriend style, ” it is somehow incredibly hard to master if you yourself are not a french girl. Style may not literally be in our lineage, but it ’ s hard to shake the idea that it finds its roots in our origins.

In Miami, there exists a house expressive style that is maximal in its color, print, and embellishment—and much minimal in its proportions and overall coverage.

Bezos ’ s NYE shirt is from the french trade name Casablanca. Their invest always tends to have a piece of “ life of seaside luxury ” flair—although this detail shirt was in the first place designed to hang loose ( it ’ second for sale, by the way, on Farfetch for $ 1,274 ). In true South Florida style, Bezos either decided to opt for the smallest size he could fit in, or had it tailored to accentuate his hard-won biceps. The white jeans ? well, they ’ re from everyone ’ s front-runner code luxury brand Brunello Cucinelli ( a wardrobe anchor of both Mark Zuckerberg and Succession ’ s Roy family ). however, they ’ re still rigorous white jeans—and therefore, perfect for a night out at Blue Martini in Mary Brickell Village. ( To borrow a darling throwaway 30 Rock line delivered by Jenna Maroney ’ s Floridian mother Verna : “ Wear something decent, like white jeans and a Dan Marino jersey ” ). While the shades seem like a snatch of freshness fun, would they not seem out of put in 1980s Miami ? And as a boyfriend floridian, I get it. seventy-five percentage of my wardrobe may be black, yet there ’ second constantly a share of me that sits down to view the most extraordinary Versace men ’ s solicitation and think, even for just a second, “ … For me ? ? ” Lets not even talk about the few highly questionable momentum buy I make each class, consisting of items I would never wear in New York, but figure I ’ ll spare for some theoretical vacation. I can ’ t help it, and neither can Bezos, apparently. Will Bezos continue to dress like he ’ sulfur just left his courtside seats at a Miami Heat bet on and is on his way to the VIP section at LIV ? Many of his public appearances tend to be more business-oriented or courtly, though paparazzi have caught him out and about on his yacht in the past few years wearing a collection of brilliantly colored swimsuits and half unbutton linen shirts. We have to imagine there ’ s an stallion side of his closet the public never gets to see. If he continues to appear dress less like a valet who made his money on a combination of books and technical school and more like a guy who owns a shady Coral Gables-based import company, we wouldn ’ triiodothyronine be surprised .

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