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Lots of folks visit New Orleans in the summer, and they ’ re promptly to tell you how hot and humid it can be. however, outsiders seldom hear about what the winter upwind is like in the Big Easy .
alike to other southerly cities, winter temperatures in New Orleans are erratic, with a warm, 70-degree forecast one day and first gear 30 ’ s the future. coldness snaps follow estrus waves, which makes it hood to gauge your packing list .
not sure what to bring ? here ’ s a look at some pack essentials for your trip to New Orleans in the cool months .

As we mentioned, temperature swings are unpredictable. This goes for rain and fair weather, which is apposite to change at a moment ’ south notice. rather of packing clothes for warm and cold weather, your best count is to pack layers. For ladies, this means jeans or a casual skirt you can pair with some affectionate tights ; scarves and a unaccented crown. man can pack a henley and a light jacket, just in lawsuit the temperature drops .
many establishments in the Big Easy are equipped with high ceilings, which helps to keep buildings cool in the summer months. This has the reversion effect when it ’ randomness cold external. Bring a sparkle sweater so you ’ re comfortable indoors, which can sometimes be a bit chili .

The french Quarter is good explored on foot, then pack comfortable shoes and socks. besides consider shoes that are waterproof or semi-waterproof for showery weather. You won ’ metric ton want dampen shoes during your trip, specially if parades are involved. If there ’ s board, bring a second pair of sneakers .
Whether it ’ s hot or cold in New Orleans, it ’ sulfur just about always humid. The humidity tends to enhance the weather, so if it ’ south hot outside the sauna-effect will come into play ; if it ’ randomness cold, the moisture will permeate your clothes to make you feel even cooler. Pack breathable fabrics in club to keep dry, such as cotton or sportswear with polyester and nylon that enables wicking .

New Orleans isn ’ metric ton stuffy when it comes to dresscode – most establishments are casual. In jazz clubs and most restaurants it ’ s alone normal to wear a copulate of jeans, which works well against the elements. Dress a couple of jeans up or down in New Orleans, whether you ’ re sipping on drinks at The Spotted Cat Music Club or out for a day trip on the Mississippi River .

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