What to Wear in New Orleans: Summer in the South

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The South exists in a bubble all it ’ s own. The people, food, and customs are like nothing you will find anywhere else in the USA and New Orleans is at its center. Summertime brings many travelers to this great city. Keep recitation to learn what you should pack to survive your time in the Big Easy and find out precisely what to wear in New Orleans !

What to Wear in New Orleans

Written by : Niki Landry

As I travel, one thing has truly stuck out to me. The people I meet are in truth interested in Louisiana. Most have been to New Orleans and loved it or it ’ south at the top of their list of places to visit. Either way, they constantly want to talk about it .

If you are lucky enough to visit this thrilling city, then you need to know the basics. Starting with the most important… the weather .
One of the major downsides to visiting in the summer is the hotness and it can be extreme. even if you are train for high temps, it ’ s the humidity that will get you. It doesn ’ t let up and even when the sun goes down the vent is still intemperate with the heating system. The dear thing is that restaurants, bars, and hotels have good air conditioning so a suspension is never far away .

When planning what to wear in New Orleans try your best to pack dress in your change of location capsule wardrobe that will wear well in the summer sunday. Polyesters will leave you sticky and annoyed. Light colored linen and cotton clothes in cuts that don ’ metric ton embrace airless to your soundbox will be your best count. If you know that you will be outside for long periods of time, a hat is necessary. Besides sun protective covering, it will help to keep your crisp hair under control .

Take a look at the linen clothe we ’ re presently loving !

A few other little additions to help with the weather, it is a great estimate to bring along wet wipes to keep your confront clean and cool. They can besides double as gutter tissue if the late night barroom you ’ rhenium delight has run out. Don ’ thymine forget a good deodorant. You will be glad you have it, when the streets start to get crowded. It ’ sulfur besides a showery climate, with patronize showers during the summer. Pack a little umbrella in your purse .
Locals facetiously say that the mosquito is Louisiana ’ second state boo, and these annoying bugs can not be ignored. If you are venturing out from the city into smaller rural areas or onto the water, you will want to be prepared. Bring along rebarbative and apply before sunset when mosquitos are most active .

The key to packing light is to use packing cubes to compress your clothing as shown in this video!

One of the things I love about New Orleans is that anything goes. In many cities black is the unofficial uniform. Wear anything else and you will gain attention, which may not always be desirable when you are traveling. In New Orleans, you can wear your most exorbitant equip and you will never be alone. So pack your bright and boldest clothes with confidence to a trip to the city .
Before you leave be surely to check if there are any festivals or events happening when you visit. The city loves any excuse for a party so chances are good that you will find one. When planning what to wear in New Orleans keep in mind that many of these events are themed so you will want to have the proper overdress to attend the Red Dress Run or White Linen Night .
If you aren ’ t coming for the music then it ’ s decidedly for the food. Maybe it ’ south both, but either way you will want to have a little extra space in your pants and baggage. One for all of the good consume, and the second for cookbooks, mixes, and spices you will want to bring base .

OUR RECOMMENDED HOTEL: Rathbone Mansions, a little, boutique hotel just a few blocks outside of the french Quarter .

Travel Outfit Ideas

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It’s a fabulous and fun city that will be easy to enjoy if you come ready for it. Even if you forget all of these tips and end up a sweaty sticky mosquito bitten hot mess, you are still bound to have a great trip!
What are your tips on what to wear in New Orleans? Please share it below!

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