How is the Weather in New York in August | What to Wear

This post is an overview of the weather in New York in August arsenic well as providing tips on how to dress and what to do during this relatively warm calendar month .

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early August normally sees day high temperatures in the low to mid 80 ‘s F ( 27-29 C ) with about 3-5 days this calendar month reaching or exceeding 90 F ( 32 C ) .
Overnight lows tend to be largely in the mid to upper 60 ‘s F ( 19 – 21 C ) during the inaugural half of this month .
Average Temperatures NYC August As the calendar month draws to a airless, however, the good afternoon temperatures will cool slenderly averaging largely in the upper 70 ‘s F to near 80 F ( 25-27 C ) while nightlong lows now dip into the low to mid 60 ‘s F ( 16-19 C ) .
A match of the cool mornings could even dip into the mid to upper 50 ‘s F ( 13-15 C ) .
by Augusts have seen temperature extremes a high as 104 degree fahrenheit ( 40 hundred ) to arsenic low as 50 fluorine ( 10 degree centigrade ) .
More important than the temperatures though is the humidity. The average humidity for NYC averages between 50 % and 75 %, depending on the time of day .


Sunny or at least partially cheery skies are likely on about 21 days this calendar month which makes this a dear time for those outdoor events .
August Rain NYC Some rain, however, can be expected on about 9 days this calendar month but significant rainfalls of 1/2 column inch ( 13 millimeter ) or more occur only on about 3 days and by and large in the form of showers or thunderstorms .
Some of the thunderstorms can be accompanied by potent gusty winds .
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Like July, the upwind in New York in August means that it is best to dress for summer quilt this calendar month with light summer-weight clothes .
We ‘ve made a list below of what to pack for New York in August :
1. Shorts!

August in New York is hot and humid, so you ‘re going to want to wear light clothes. Shorts and skirts are great to pack, and a dress or two if you are going out somewhere nice for dinner .
2. Cotton Tops
Cotton tops are big for keeping you cool as you walk around New York in the summer estrus. These tops by Pure Cotton are bang-up for a walk tour and can besides be worn for a nice dinner out .
3. Sun Protection
The sunday ‘s out thus you want to be prepared and protect yourself. Be certain to pack sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat, and an umbrella ( great for sun and rain protective covering ! ) .
Check out these sunglasses by Joopin !


Below is the lead 10 list from our position on things to do in NYC in August .
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several of the items below are already included for rid with the purchase of a tourist drawing card discount pas .
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June to August 2022 New York City

There is a 76 % find for convention to above normal temperatures and a 72 % prospect for convention to above normal rain .
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Written by Fred Pickhardt
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