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travel summary: new york city

i ’ m an empty-nester. all three kiddos have been out of the house for a long time immediately. and while two out of the three are hera in Athens with me, one ’ ve got one that lives in New York City. one hear to get out to see him once or twice a year. as some of you may have seen on Instagram, i went to visit him this past weekend. and what a fantastic stumble. so many places to go, and therefore many places to be. ( we went to see Chicago on Broadway ! ) but while one was there, it struck me that so many of you are taking like trips this fall. i know traveling can be nerve-racking : pack, getting to and from the airport, and taxiing in an unfamiliar city can be time consuming and overwhelming. whether you ’ re going with spouses for a weekend getaway, visiting ( deluxe ) kiddos across the state, or traveling for business, one wanted to give you some travel tips & manner ideas for your fall journey. indeed today ’ randomness mail is all about NYC travel tips and fashion .

travel outfit of the day

deciding what to wear on a flight can be crafty. overdressing can be uncomfortable, specially on long flights. but i like to be stylish—even at the airport—so underdressing international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine an option. i take the Goldilocks overture and aim for the fresh spot right in the middle. for my flight to NYC, iodine sported a jean overall you can grab from Nordstroms and a match of Tretorn ny light sneakers. extremely easy, extremely comfortable, and superintendent stylish. not a set of moving parts in this outfit, which is precisely what we ’ re going for, particularly when we consider going through airport security .

jean overall | sneakers | exchangeable bag | similar Delsey underseat bag
when going for a weekend trip, i gang easy. ( you can read about how i pack my carry-ons here. ) two bags this weekend : an under-seat bag created for Macy ’ s and a suede satchel you can pick up from Talbots. bags, including suitcases, are accessories that can take your equip to the future flush and in truth make it shine. the loss color pop from the satchel contrasts absolutely with the cool denim and truly makes the entire outfit pop. stay tuned to how iodine styled this ootd for night. it ’ second another NYC travel tips and manner

night outfit of the day

if you want to keep your weekend bag little and are committed to packing light, think about reusing your travel outfit. swap out your sneakers for heels and spruce up the original outfit with accessories and/or layers .

jean kettle courtship | blazer | shoes | similar bag
hera, iodine ’ ve kept the original denim overall, swapped out the sneakers for some Tory Burch pumps and layered the equip with a perfect-for-fall tartan hanker double-breasted blazer .

whether you ’ re heading out for cocktails, dinner, or a movie match this outfit with this a merely satiny leather clutch, and you ’ re good for a nox on the town .

denim boiler suit | blazer | shoes | similar bag

travel tips

traveling alone

with mister dash gone, one have to travel alone. without person to help contribution the lode, one ’ ve got to be prepared. below, one ’ ve compiled a list below of the things i think about earlier, during, and after a slip. all are obvious, but all are worth reminding ourselves every meter.

  • packing.  packing is planning, and planning is packing. have the right suitcases and bags for the right trips.  are you going for a weekend getaway or a two week stay in Europe?  different locale and durations have different requirements.  and remember always that suitcases are investments—they’re worth the upfront cost.  if you’re in need of inspiration on how or what to pack, check out some of my older posts here, here and here.
  • your wallet.  seems obvious, but how many times have you walked out of the house without your ID, keys, credit card(s), and/or cash?  it happens to all of us.  you don’t want it to happen to you, especially if you’re leaving the country.  always double and triple check whether you have at least your ID—drivers license and/or passport—and a credit card.  that way if you get stranded, God forbid, you can head to a branch of your bank, hotel, and/or embassy and resolve the situation as painlessly as possible. 
  • phone & apps.  you’ve got your phone, but did you forget your charger?  you’ve got you charger, but do you have a backup battery supply?  our phones have become such integral parts of our lives, it’s not only frustrating when they’re out of juice, it can be scary, especially when we’re in an unfamiliar city.  also, it’s worth checking whether you not only have all of the necessary apps for your trip, but that they’re properly configured too.  uber, airb&b, delta, google and/or apple maps, expedia, etc.  apps are there to make our lives easier.  however, don’t get caught in a situation where you’re trying to grab an uber in L.A. only to discover that you’re credit card information is wrong and you don’t have service. 
  • know where you’re going and what’s available to you when you’re there.  are you going to Brazil or some other country that requires a travel visa?  does your cell carrier offer international travel plans, or will you have to buy a burner phone when you land?  does your airb&b have wifi, or will you have to find a local coffee shop to check email?  these are all questions that you should ask your self well before you land in your destination city.  do some research about where you’re going and what they have to offer.   knowing is in fact half of the battle.
  • have a plan.  from the initial stages of packing to a list of bars and restaurants you want to try when you arrive—plan your trip.  some of you are over-planners.  some of you fly by the seat of your pants.  i’m somewhere in the middle but am always on the lookout for new travel tips, tricks and hacks.  do you have any that i forgot?  add them in the comments below. 

more NYC travel tips and fashion outfit ideas 

one would be derelict if i didn ’ thyroxine give you a dislocation of the outfits i wore in NYC. below, you ’ ll find iodine ’ ve laid them all out—literally on my table—in the hopes that it will provide you with inhalation for your fall travels. remember, one of the keys to traveling is layering. temperatures fluctuate wildly, particularly in conversion seasons like fall and form. airplanes are cold, and stepping out of the airport in Atlanta can be highly blistering. one manner to be prepared is to design outfits with multiple layers : t-shirts, sweaters, jackets, and the like .

outfit 1: marigold tunic & skinny jeans

denim | exchangeable tunic here, here & hera | like shoes | similar bag | similar necklace | like bracelets

outfit 2: denim jacket & black joggers

alike joggers | tee | denim crown | shoes | alike bag | like necklace | alike bracelets

outfit 3: tweed blazer & distressed jeans 

jean | similar graphic tee here, here, & here | blazer | similar shoes | similar bag | exchangeable necklace | similar bracelets

all veracious, gang, it ’ second wednesday ! prison term to put a smile on person ’ s boldness including your own .

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