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If you live in New York City, you know the bore : winter is not easy, my friends. I have to be dependable : I don ’ thyroxine hate winter itself, I merely think it is besides long, lol. But I guess there is no perfective place in the world, so we have to deal with that. And learning how to dress properly for winter is the key to bearing the cold weather. besides, at least for me, winter is an opportunity to get creative with my outfits. Since I can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate fight the cold, I decided to have fun with it. I feel more revolutionize to create stylish outfits during the winter – possibly because of the layers ? – and I love to save inspirations, create fresh combinations, and so on .
And because I believe that feeling good with yourself is good – particularly when the weather outside is freezing – I decided to put together some winter outfit ideas and hacks that can help you to look fashionable. besides, if you are traveling to New York City during this fourth dimension, you can besides take advantage of these tips, specially if you are from a put that doesn ’ triiodothyronine draw deoxyadenosine monophosphate cold as New York City .

  1. Wear a beanie – Accessories are the key when you are wearing a lot of layers and, besides protecting your head and your ears, a beanie gives such a cool vibe! And you can also play with colors if your closet is black or neutral. I have 4 beanies – but you can also try winter hats and winter headbands.
  2. White Sneakers – I love how sneakers bring a cool vibe – besides that, they are very comfortable. Of course, you can’t always wear them, but they can be a great option when it is not so freezing or if you are not spending a lot of time outside. A white sneaker is good for winter and summer – I definitely recommend having a pair if you live in the city. Shop now!
  3. Try light shades and bold colors – black is New York City’s uniform – and I get it, I love black! It is easy and neutral. But if you are willing to wear something different, maybe you can try light shades, like ivory, off-white and beige – it can be a coat or pants. You can also take advantage of bold colors like burgundy or dark green – I particularly think these are great winter colors.
  4. Wear a scarf – it’s a fact: a scarf is a must-have for winter in New York City, cause it makes all the difference when it comes to keeping you warm in the freezing temperatures – protecting your neck is key! And since it is necessary, make smart choices. Check your closet, see what you already have, and choose scarves with shades that will match them. If you have a lot of neutral sweaters and coats, maybe you can try a plaid scarf. You can also add some color by wearing a burgundy one with an all-black outfit.
  5. Play with textures – ok, let’s say that you are neutral and you want to stick to the black outfits. No problem! You should choose different textures like velvet and fake leather. Mix and match different textures and the result will be so much different from an outfit where all the pieces have the same texture. Shop now!
  6. Wear skirts and dressesthermal tights in the market these days, so don’t forget to think about outfits that include dresses and skirts. You can even play with the colors of the tights if you are feeling in the mood.   – there are therefore many greatin the grocery store these days, so don ’ triiodothyronine forget to think about outfits that include dresses and skirts. You can even play with the colors of the tights if you are feeling in the temper.

  7. Play with other kinds of layers – combos like shirt + sweater are so easy and the final result is so different than when you are using a sweater only.

Bonus ! Living in New York City for about 8 years and knowing that the cold season is long, I actually think that having a assortment of coats is capital. At the end of the day, a winter coat is a statement patch and it makes a distribute of remainder when you are dressing for winter. I ’ meter not saying you need to buy dozens of coats, very well ? besides, there are some great ways to shop for coats without breaking the depository financial institution, like thrift stores and websites like Poshmark ( where I found the jacket in the first movie ! ).

I hope you liked these tips!

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