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Most of you know that I was born in Seattle and grew up in the Pacific Northwest. I ’ ve lived everywhere from Anacortes in the San Juan Islands, Skagit County, to Seattle proper and barely South of the city .
If you couldn ’ t assure, it ’ sulfur my darling place on Earth….and I ’ ve been to some incredible places. Is it the food ? The coffee on every corner ? Or is it the Olympic and Cascade mountains that sandwich the evergreen-rich city, Puget Sound and Lake Washington ?
Could it be the breathtaking view of Mt. Rainier on a clear day, or the far-out places to see and fun people to watch ? possibly it ’ s the fresh seafood and views of the water .
I can ’ triiodothyronine pluck one. All I can say is, if you don ’ thyroxine mind gray and drippy days in the winter, and rain- swamp streets in the spring, the Northwest in truth is best !

Since I equitable took a trip the Emerald City, I wanted to share some of my front-runner things to do during the summer. This list by no means could ever be comprehensive. I mean… there ’ s so much variety in Seattle and the surrounding areas. It would take thousands of books to name all of the incredible things to do and see !
I go so many questions about what I was wearing when I was there, so this first PNW/Seattle station is all about what I wore or what I think you need to bring in the summer. And tomorrow, I ’ ll share all the things we recently did, and a list of some of my favored places .


Let me preface by saying that Seattle is normally very mild in the summer with temps from the upper 60 ’ s to low 80 ’ south and typically guaranteed cheery in July and August. BUT for some reason, the PNW had a little heat wave for a couple of days while we were there ! Above 100 degrees ! attend at the weather and plan accordingly- and be prepared for changes .

Seattle Style

Seattle is a casual city so you can expect to see most people dressed down pretty much everywhere you go. even the nicest restaurants. But obviously, feel free to wear a pretty summer apparel or top if you ’ d like ! People do still dress up so no one is gon na look at you weird. Just don ’ thymine design on going over the top.


In Seattle you normally need to have layers for the cool mornings and evenings near the water. Bring a wrapping or cardigan perspirer, a sweatshirt, and a jean jacket and take it from there .

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Base pieces

You ’ ll need some dresses, and a pair pair of shorts. I besides brought a annulus. Bring at least one copulate of jeans and decidedly some leggings for walking or working out .
other than that, easy tanks and tees will do to round it all out- and don ’ metric ton forget your bathing lawsuit for the lakes and rivers !

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For shoes, a couple of pairs of flatcar sandals ( think Birkenstock ’ s and braided flats ) and some sneakers for walk, and athletic shoes for working out or if you decide to take a raise .

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arsenic far as bags are refer, I bring a large carryall to sit atop my carry-on roller, a humble cross body for times I ’ m on the crack, and a backpack for hiking or exploring .

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What I Wore

These are some of the outfits I wore, and I ’ m very happy with what I brought !


DAY 1 Since I knew it would be 105 degrees when we arrived, I wore this dress and a denim jacket and sandals on the plane. DRESS SANDALS DENIM JACKET


DAY 2 We went for a morning walk through the woods and I wore this TANK, SHORTS and SNEAKERS.

DAY 2 In the mountains, I wore this one piece with shorts, sneakers for hiking, and my backpack. It was 108 degrees that day. SUIT BACKPACK DENIM SHORTS SNEAKERS.


DAY 3 I wore this tank, skirt and sandals to Snoqualmie and then to dinner. So comfy and cute! TANK SKIRT SANDALS



DAY 5 This outfit was also a great one for walking. I started out with a sweater and removed it as it got warmer. SWEATER TANK DENIM SHORTS BIRKENSTOCKS
DAY 5 I wore this light and crisp cotton dress to dinner. DRESS, BRAIDED SANDALS


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