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Yes, Arizona Does Have Seasons!

Winter In Sedona

December through February
Visiting Sedona during the winter months has its many rewards. Considered the low prison term in Sedona, many prefer these months, desiring to not share Sedona with the larger crowd at other times of the class .
Temperatures warm up during the day with the average being in the mid 50 ‘s to low 60 ‘s. Colder nights and mornings have a frigid feel, without the extreme cold and bamboozle experienced in other parts of the area this time of year. Average humble temperature is 32°, but it can get deoxyadenosine monophosphate humble as 20° on some nights. There is an occasional bamboozle in the Sedona area, but not enough to be concerned with since the warm day temperatures normally melt the bamboozle away, earlier in the day .
Be prepared, bring layers on your visit to Sedona in the winter so you can experience all that winter in Sedona has to offer !

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Spring In Sedona

March through May
One of the most chew the fat times of the year, Spring offers temperatures ranging from mid-60 ’ mho to low 80 ’ s though May sometimes can see temperatures in the humble 90 ’ south. Prepare for gloomy skies, light breezes and fortunate fair weather. Perfect weather for all the many outdoor activities and denounce excursions the Sedona area has to offer .
again the layers will keep you warm in the earlier hours of the day, having a jacket or sweatshirt that can be removed as the day warms and available subsequently in the day when it cools gloomy again .

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Summer In Sedona

June through August

It ‘s not a crowded as the give or fall, but many love visiting Sedona in the Summer to soak up some sunday and enjoy the dramatic skies due to the seasonal monsoons that roll through Arizona. Sedona has an modal day high just above 90° with evenings cooling into the low 70 ‘s. Though higher temperatures are potential, the summer ‘s normal monsoon design normally cools it down every good afternoon, refreshing the high gear desert landscapes with scents of rain and lots of rainbows !
Bring along your darling summer tops, shorts and sandals for exploring the galleries and shops around township. You will want to remember shoes with close toes for the days out on the trails and possibly a swimsuit to take a swim in Oak Creek at Slide Rock or Red Rock Crossing .
summer is the time of the class for art and music festivals and the Hummingbird Festival in Sedona. Be surely to have a hat to cover your head if sitting out in the sun and include sunscreen for security from it .

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Fall In Sedona

September through November
Some consider fall the most perfect time to visit Sedona. Weather and temperatures offer just the justly sum of sun and affectionateness for all the outdoor activities Sedona and Northern Arizona has to offer. average high temperatures range from the mid-60s to possible low 80s, with wrinkle evenings and mornings. fall colors along the creek are beautiful and the smells and sounds of fall provide a ace hike experience.

Again tamp down layers of clothes. Have a excerpt of hanker and shortstop sleeved tee shirts, long and unretentive pants, a light sweater and jacket for layering and a combination of shoes for walking trails and strolling through galleries .
As always, have your sunscreen for the days out, the sunday is still acute and a steer covering is besides recommended .

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