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summer is ultimately second which means longer days, more exciting nights, and the lingering smell of sunscreen. Everything in summer precisely feels better, right field ?
well about everything… If you find yourself groaning at the think of digging your shorts out of the back of your wardrobe, we feel your pain. We love summer but know that shorts aren ’ thyroxine always everyone ’ sulfur front-runner thing .
At EVEREVE we firm believe there ’ s no need to sacrifice style for consolation. That ’ s why we ’ rhenium sharing our favored alternatives to shorts, so you can stay cool and confident all summer long ! here are 7 cute and easy summer outfit ideas that don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate feature shorts :

1. A Casual Dress

A cunning and casual trim is one of the best and most classical women ’ s summer outfit picks out there. Dresses come in thus many shapes and styles that you have next to endless options. You can choose a long, flowy maxi dress when you want more coverage, or a careen attire for when you do want to show off your legs.

If you ’ rhenium shortstop on time and need something quick and comfortable to throw on ( and look fabulous ) or it ’ second date night, a spontaneous dress is constantly the perfect plan A
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2. Flowy Wide Leg Pants

When you are trying to beat the heat, pants are normally off the board. But when you have a pair of breathable, wide leg pants, it can be a game changer .
Grab a pair with a fresh print for a boldface instruction and copulate with a homely tee or tank for a cute and comfortable look that ’ s certain to pop. Or opt for a great impersonal pair for a more depleted key expect. Whatever you choose, a great pair of flowy pants will have you feel confident and comfortable this summer .
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3. Bermudas or Cropped Jeans

Bermuda shorts are a comfortable happy medium for those who aren ’ t a fan of short-shorts, while a cultivate denim affords tons of coverage while maintaining a distinct summery vibration ( perfect to show off those cute sandals ) .
One of our favorite ways to wear casual-cool Bermuda shorts is by pairing them with some sneakers and a tee for an effortlessly cool expect. Need some styling tips ? Check out our lead on how to wear Bermuda shorts. They may seem intimidating, but anyone can rock them !
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4. A Comfy Skirt

A comfortable skirt is an absolute must when it comes to warm weather manner. You ’ ll never have to wonder what to wear during summer because there are then many different lengths and styles to livestock up on.

not wanting to get out of bed and get ready ? Skirt. Need to be professional but preceptor ’ thymine want pants ? Skirt. The kids are running around in their underwear again ? A fashionable annulus has your back when it comes to styling without effort .
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5. Romper

Can ’ metric ton decide what top to wear with your pants ? No indigence. Jumpsuits and rompers are the answer to your fashion prayers .
A romper is the perfect cunning summer outfit that doesn ’ thyroxine read a lot branch, and they transition fabulously from day to night. Just swap out your flats for a pair of heels and you ’ rhenium good to go ! Get more style tips for an approaching date night or day out hera .
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6. Wraps & Dusters

A fun wind is the perfective addition to your summer front. You can rock a dust storm with jeans or capri, plus if you do opt for shorts, you can get a bit more coverage while however showing off your legs. Wraps let you enjoy the summer heat in style .
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7. A Fun Pair of Joggers

Joggers are a chic option to denim and perfect for those nights out when you know the restaurant AC will be blasting…brrr ! Wear them with a great blouse or simple tank—they ’ rhenium super versatile. pair with sandals, sneakers, or a pair of sexy heels because you can rock these pants for any summer juncture.

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No Shorts, No Problem

We know how hard it can be to dress with both style and comfort when it comes to summer clothes. however, there are thus many options to play around with, from rompers to flowy pants. We hope these suggestions sparked some inspiration, so you can feel confident and aphrodisiac while beating the heat.

Do you find yourself avoiding shorts in the summer at all costs? We want to know how you stay stylish and comfortable to beat the heat! Comment down below your favorite summer pieces that keep you both looking and feeling cool!

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