16 Summer Date Outfit Ideas What To Wear: On A Date

16 Date Night Outfit Ideas For The Summer
A couple of weeks ago I asked my Instagram followers what they needed avail style. I was floored by the count of people who responded “ summer date nights ”. I couldn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate believe how many people were getting taken out ! indeed, I went a step further and asked my followers what kind of dates they were going on to get a better theme of how to expressive style the outfits .
I besides went ahead and asked every one of my guy friends what their ideal first date was since most times a guy ends up choosing the first go steady. I then compiled a master list of the most popular dates requested and came up with sixteen different outfits for sixteen different occasions .
Remember that feeling comfortable and confident in what you ’ rhenium wear is key. These outfits may seem a sting dressier than your typical choice but keep in mind that clothes are my “ identity ” and a huge part of me so obviously I want that to show through. I hope this mail gives you some outfit inspiration for your following date or if nothing else, a few date ideas for the summer .


I was shocked at how many people said they were going on field day dates ! Because you ’ re likely going to be outside in the hot sunday, I ’ five hundred recommend a simple tank and shorts. I ’ megabyte achieve for a yellow smock lead for a bright happy hue, and my favorite white denim shorts.

For shoes, I ’ thousand slipping on some casual espadrilles in the same coloring material and throwing on a match of earrings to match. You credibly don ’ t need a purse but if you ’ rhenium extra like me a fruit print seize would be so match for the occasion .

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Outfit Details—  lead : SheIn, shorts : express, shoes : target, bag : SheIn, earrings : Walmart, bracelets : Alex and Ani, necklace : The Silver Heron

Sporting Event 

about every guy I asked regarding their perfect first date said they would want to go to a sporting event of some sort. As person who has spent her fair share of prison term around the baseball field, I can ’ t say I ’ vitamin d be disappointed by that one !
Ball games are normally ace hot ; if you don ’ t have a jersey to show your back go with a solid tank and some denim shorts. I ’ d keep the footwear choice pretty comfortable and recommend wearing your hair up. I ’ meter throwing on a clear bag to make bag check evening easier !

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Outfit Details—  top : Zaful, shorts : express, shoes : target, bag : Romwe, earrings : SheIn, belt : Romwe, watch : Fossil, necklace : The Silver Heron

Beach Day

so many people said they spend their date days on the beach. I feel like this one is pretty self-explanatory, a cute bikini and you ’ re good to go. I love this white beach skirt for a fun coverup when walking on the boardwalk !
I always bring a hat with me to the beach and this straw bag is the perfect size for your towel, sunscreen, and sunglasses !

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Outfit Details—  bikini : Black Bough, skirt : SheIn, hat : TJ Maxx, purse : SheIn, necklace : The Silver Heron

Boat/Lake Day

Headed on a boat or to the lake for the day ? I tend to rock a one-piece when I ’ megabyte doing more “ sporty ” water activities. I besides love one-pieces because they give off bodysuit vibes when paired with jean shorts ! Slipping on some comfortable shoes and a big ole diskette hat to keep the sun off of my scalp and nose. This is the perfective “ outfit ” for when you aren ’ triiodothyronine actually in the water .

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Outfit Details—  swimsuit : SheIn, shorts : express, shoes : target, hat : express

Fancy Dinner

My front-runner thing to do is get dressed up and go to dinner. I love a good excuse to get dolled up. This is one of my favorite dresses right now ! It ’ sulfur new from SheIn and has the cutest bishop sleeves and asymmetrical hem .
To dress things up I ’ megabyte pop on some tall nude heels and a copulate of butterfly earrings. This would be the perfective marriage guest look besides if you ’ ve got one coming up .

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Outfit Details—  attire : SheIn, heels : SheIn, earrings : Walmart, necklace : The Silver Heron

Chill/Patio Dinner

Of course, visualize dinners aren ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate always the event, sometimes you ’ re fair headed into town to eat at the local favorite ! For a casual dinner, I tend to reach for barely a cunning top and jeans. I love a well smocked top and the self-tying straps of this one are such a fun touch .
I ’ m pop on some lace-up sandals for a flat choice that look a moment dressy and, of course, some statement earrings .

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Outfit Details—  top : SheIn, jeans : express, shoes : Express, earrings : Walmart, manacle : Mantra Band, necklace : The Silver Heron


Grabbing lunch somewhere immediate ? similar to a chill dinner, I ’ vitamin d personally reach for a cute top and jeans. Shorts would work besides depending on where you ’ re headed/if you ’ re eating outside or not. This dairymaid clear is the most gorgeous coloring material .
I love reaching for white jean in the summer and am keeping things relaxed with my front-runner gold Palm Beach Sandals .

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Outfit Details—  clear : SheIn, jeans : express, shoes : Palm Beach Sandals, earrings : Walmart, necklace : The Silver Heron, bracelets : Alex and Ani

Casual Coffee

Lots of people asked for a immediate coffee date ! I don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate drink chocolate but I ’ d personally go for something reasonably casual + easy. You can ’ triiodothyronine go amiss with a white tank and some shortcut shorts. slip-on some sandals and a few simpleton jewelry pieces and you ’ rhenium good to go. Bonus points for cunning tassels to spice up your lead .

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Outfit Details— top : SheIn, shorts : SheIn, shoes : Palm Beach Sandals, bag : SheIn, manacle : Mantra Band, earrings : Icing, necklace : The Silver Heron


I find that brunch is either superintendent casual or a bit fancier. For my equip inspo I decided to dress up a snatch. This is wholly something I ’ vitamin d wear out with my girls excessively “ merely because ”. This lavender strapless romper is the cut !
I ’ ve got it on with some clear strap ashen heels and a pair of gorgeous hoop earrings. I love the way these whites play off of each other and a nude crossbody perfectly accessorized this expect .

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Outfit Details—  romper : SheIn, shoes : SheIn, purse : SheIn, earrings : Walmart, manacle : Mantra Band, necklace : The Silver Heron


so many of you asked for an outfit to wear to the bar/grab drinks in. I ’ molarity obviously not of age so I ’ m not sure how “ accurate ” this kit is but when I go out I love reaching for black on black. I went with a full-on black and white search here starting off with a black lace tank .
I tucked this circus tent into a pair of leather shorts and gave myself some stature ( my mysterious confidence weapon ) by adding a copulate of total darkness heels. Throw on a chain belt and some gold hoops to give your expression a slick polish .

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Outfit Details—  top : SheIn, pants : SheIn, shoes : SheIn, belt : SheIn, earrings : SheIn, determine : Fossil, watchband : Mantra Band, necklace : The Silver Heron

Night In 

In all honesty, if I were staying in to watch a movie and eat take out, I ’ vitamin d probably just wear sweats but if I were wanting to look a bit more arrange together, I ’ d compass for a very comfortable pair of pants like these light green flowy pants ! These are superintendent wide and bang-up “ eating ” pants lol .
Pair these with a white top but switch things up and go for something a bit unexpected—a one-shoulder tank is perfective ! If you happen to go out former on you ’ ll look adorable .

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Outfit Details—  peak : SheIn, pants : SheIn, shoes : Palm Beach Sandals, earrings : Icing, necklace : The Silver Heron, bracelets : Alex and Ani

Mini Golf/Golfing

I know my girls aren ’ thymine constantly huge fans of golf but it ’ second something the guys seem to love ! You don ’ t have to be ace good to have fun—I take Chase all the prison term and we have a good time. Wear something you ’ re comfortable in/can easily move around in .
I love longer sports bras that can serve as tank tops. They are the best when it ’ randomness super blistering out ! Pair one with a little tennis annulus and some match sneakers and boom, kit complete. deplorably, both this top and buttocks are old .

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Outfit Details—  acme : 90 Degree By Reflex, skirt : TJ Maxx, sneakers : New Balance, watch : apple


I about always wear a matching exercise set when going walking/on a rise. You can ’ t go wrong with one and I always prefer this route over a basic tee shirt and shorts. I am obsessed with the fit of this determine and have it in a few different colors now. Pop on that Apple watch to close those rings !

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Outfit Details— set : SheIn, shoes : SheIn, watch : apple


Every fourth dimension I go to the movie theater I freeze my loot off since they blast the breeze discipline. A cute colored tank with a pair of jeans is the best jazz band for this date. I always bring a cardigan excessively to throw on if I get chilly. For shoes, I ’ megabyte sporting tan slip-ons and popping on a couple of earrings to match !

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Outfit Details—  crown : SheIn, cardigan : TJ Maxx, jeans : express, shoes : SheIn, earrings : Walmart, necklace : The Silver Heron


The lone concert you ’ d catch me at is something country so that ’ s what I ’ m dressed for in this outfit ; however, you could well swap my boots out for sneakers and ditch the cowboy hat for a “ convention ” concert .
A bantam black crop top and cut off shorts are the best jazz band for a hot day of singing in the sun ! I ’ m wearing a heave knock and cow print earrings to accessorize my count .

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Outfit Details—  crown : SheIn, shorts : Romwe, shoes : Dingo, hat : SheIn, earrings : necessity Creations, belt : SheIn


Lots of people said they head to the park, an even walk, or even take their chase out with their significant other. I ’ vitamin d suggest wearing a cute pair of exercise shorts— this pair is by far my favorite !
I hardly ever wear a shirt when wearing exercise clothes and prefer longer sports bras that give off the “ cropped tank ” look. Old school New Balance sneakers are extremely comfortable and so far are a bite trendier than my typical ply shoes. sadly, this unharmed spirit is old/no longer in stock .
Outfit Details— sports brassiere : TJ Maxx, shorts : 90 Degree By Reflex, sneakers : New Balance
16 Date Night Outfit Ideas For The Summer
bowling pin this post to refer back to before your bad out !
Because this stake was thus highly requested I will decidedly do another one when the seasons change ! I can not lie, I had a fortune of fun putting in concert this post. now if only person would take me on one of these dates, lol !
I know there were a set of “ eating ” outfits but that seemed to be the area you guys struggled in the most so I wanted to provide a handful of options. I hope you found this position helpful and that it gave you some outfit inhalation. Let me know what else you need help styling this season !
With love, McKenz
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