What NOT to Wear on a Cruise: Dos and Don’ts

What not to wear on a cruise? You can’t just wear anything on a cruise, whenever you want. Certain things are inappropriate to wear, and there are times when you should dress up a bit. Here are some dos and don’ts for what to wear on a cruise.
We ’ ve all probably witnessed person wearing something on a cruise that made us turn our heads and wonder, “ what are they thinking ? ” or “ wow, that ’ s so inappropriate ! ”
then some think they ’ re above the cruise wrinkle dress codes to enter the main dine room and early certain establishments on a cruise ship. Whatever the casing, there are certain things you should and shouldn ’ triiodothyronine break on a cruise .
For exercise, many cruises have “ ball nights, ” “ evening chic, ” “ Captain ’ south night, ” or “ elegant night ” with a formal attire code where you ’ re supposed to dress up more. This normally means no jeans, shorts, or t-shirts. many people will get all dressed up in their finest for dinner on these nights.

If you don ’ t want to participate, that ’ s fine, but don ’ thyroxine be surprised if you feel out of place or if they deny you to eat in the dine board .
There are besides places on a cruise ship with dress codes, like certain restaurants. Check the cruise line ’ mho dress code before embarkation day to know what to pack .
And ultimately, equitable because you ’ re on vacation doesn ’ t hateful you can ’ triiodothyronine dress respectfully. Please don ’ thyroxine walk around in your bathe lawsuit all sidereal day or wear following to nothing. It ’ randomness brassy and disrespectful to the other passengers and crew .
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So, what should you wear on a cruise? here are some general guidelines. On most cruises, casual day attire is perfectly acceptable. For cruise clothes for women, this could mean a sundress, shorts, and a cunning top. This could be khaki shorts, long pants, courteous jeans, and a polo shirt for men .
It all depends on the cruise cable because if you ’ re sailing a cruise line like norwegian, their freestyle concept – one of the many reasons to love NCL – means you can dress down and enjoy your cruise without worrying besides much about what to wear .
If you ’ re uncertain what to wear, I think it ’ s better to be slenderly overdressed than under. But for most other lines, there are some basic rules of ovolo .
Cruises can be casual or courtly, and the dress code varies depending on the ship and the character of cruise. Some people think they can barely wear anything they want on a cruise – but that ’ s not constantly the character. There is always a ticket line between what ’ s appropriate and what ’ s not .
This article will cover what not to wear on a cruise, and the practice and don ’ t, so you can pack appropriately and avoid any fashion fake pennsylvania .

What NOT to Wear on a Cruise

Skimpy Bathing Suits

little girl in bright red swimsuit playing in a splashpad on cruise ship Don ’ metric ton

  • Not here to judge anyone, but when you’re on a cruise, you may be surrounded by families with children running around. This is not the time to wear a G-string bikini or something with your teats out.
  • And tiny speedos for men are not a good idea.
  • Don’t walk around the ship in your bathing suit.


  • Save the skimpy bathing suits for the private beaches or if there is an adult-only section of the cruise ship. On a cruise, you can still wear a bikini or swimsuit.
  • It’s perfectly fine to wear a bathing suit while you’re by the pool or at the beach, but when you’re walking around the ship, wear a cover-up.

Revealing Clothing

Don ’ metric ton

  • Speaking of skimpy bathing suits, this also goes for any other clothing that might be considered too revealing and inappropriate. That see-through body con dress might be perfect for a night out clubbing, but it’s not appropriate for walking around the ship or to dinner.
  • This includes short-shorts, crop tops that barely cover your bosoms, and extreme mini skirts.
  • Lingerie is not cruise wear, at least not outside your stateroom.
  • Men, walking around without a shirt outside the pool area is not okay.


  • Again, it’s all about balance. You don’t have to wear a turtleneck and long pants, but make sure what you’re wearing is not offending or not leaving much to the imagination.

Pack These Cruise Essentials
Before you set voyage, pack these essentials that will help make your cruise even more enjoyable. These items include everything from sunday protection essentials to must-have medications. indeed don ’ metric ton forget to add them to your cruise packing list .

Au Natural is Not Okay

woman nude body blurred Don ’ thyroxine

  • What not to wear on a cruise ship: wearing nothing on a cruise ship is not an option. Nudity is not okay.
  • If revealing clothing is frowned on, this also means that you can’t walk around with everything hanging out.
  • Don’t wear light-colored, see-through clothing, like a white t-shirt without bras or anything underneath.


  • Check to see if your cruise ship has a designated area that includes topless sunbathing on the ship. Virgin Voyages has topless sunbathing on the Scarlet Lady in a hidden area of the cruise ship; they are also an adult-only ship.
  • Some European lines may also have areas that allow topless sunbathing.

Wear Your Pajamas or Robe Outside of Your Cabin

wearing wearing a robe and towel on her head enjoying coffee in her cruise ship balcony Don ’ metric ton

  • This is a major no-no. Just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean walking around in your pajamas and robe is okay. It’s not only tacky but also very disrespectful to the other passengers and crew.
  • This also means you can’t go to the breakfast buffet in your pajamas or robe.


  • Save your pajamas and robe for when you’re in your cabin. Many more appropriate options exist if you want to walk around the ship in comfortable clothing.
  • Order room service if you want to have breakfast and stay in your pajamas. Enjoy breakfast on your balcony.
  • If you visit the spa, a robe will be provided to wear in the common areas.

Clothing with Offensive Language or Graphics

Don ’ triiodothyronine

  • This should be a no-brainer for what not to wear on a cruise, but don’t wear clothing with offensive language or graphics. This includes profanity, graphic images, and things that could be considered racist, sexist, or homophobic.


  • Be respectful and considerate of the other passengers on board.

Wear Clothing That is Inappropriate for the Weather

Don ’ t

  • You might be cruising to a tropical destination, but that doesn’t mean you should pack all your shorts and tank tops.
  • If you’re going on a cruise during the winter and going somewhere that is cold, summer clothes may not be ideal.


  • Check the weather forecast before you pack and pack accordingly.
  • For a tropical destination, sometimes rain showers are common; you may want to consider bringing an umbrella or rain jacket.
  • Do pack a sweater or jacket. The evenings can get chilly, even in tropical weather.
  • If you’re going on a winter cruise or Alaska cruise, pack appropriate clothing such as sweaters, jackets, and long pants.


woman in a chic colorful dress on formal night on cruise vacationDresses up for evening chic (Celebrity’s formal night) on Celebrity Equinox. Don ’ thyroxine

  • Not every night is a formal night on a cruise, but when it is, you should make sure you’ve dressed appropriately. This means no shorts, t-shirts, or jeans.

doctor of osteopathy

  • For women, wear a cocktail dress, long dress, or gown if you’re going to the main dining room on a formal night.
  • This typically means a suit or blazer with dress pants and a dress shirt for men.

Don’t Dress Uncomfortably

Don ’ ts

  • You’ll be doing a lot of walking on a cruise and at the port, so make sure you’re not wearing shoes that will kill your feet.
  • Leave the fuzzy house slippers at home.
  • This also goes for clothing that might be too tight, scratchy, hot, unbreathable, and uncomfortable.


  • Pack comfortable but nice footwear and clothing! Comfort is key.
  • Make sure you’ve broken in your shoes before the cruise.
  • Bring clothing that you know fabrics won’t irritate your skin.
  • Loose, breathable clothing is always a good choice.
  • Pack layers so you can adjust to the temperature changes.

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Cruise Fashion FAQs

Can you wear flip flops on a cruise?

Yes ! They are one of the essential items to pack for a cruise, particularly if you ’ re on a Caribbean or warmly weather path. You may not be able to wear them to dinner, though, depending on the cruise telephone line ’ randomness guidelines. Some onboard cruise activities will require closed-toe shoes, therefore bring a pair of sneakers or tennis shoes if you plan to participate .

Is there a dress code on cruise ships?

Yes, cruise lines do have apparel codes. The guidelines vary between cruise lines, thus checking before sail is important. For case, the chief din room typically has a “ bright casual ” apparel code. During the day, it ’ s a cruise free-and-easy dress code .

Can you wear jeans to formal night on a cruise?

No, jeans are not allow for a formal night. You will be denied entrance to the chief dine room and other specialization restaurants. You have the option to eat at the snack bar in jeans .

What is smart casual on a cruise?

For women, a bright casual kit might be a sundress, dame, blouse, or slacks and a decent crown. For men, it might be slacks and a collar shirt or decent jeans with a button-down shirt .

Cruise Line Dress Codes

Wondering what the dress code guidelines are per cruise agate line ? Click and check out what the cruise lineage has to say :
norwegian Cruise Line
royal Caribbean
celebrity Cruises
Carnival Cruise Line
MSC Cruise Line
Holland America
Princess Crui s vitamin e
Disney Cruise Line
These are some major dos and don ’ thymine for what not to wear on a cruise. Remember to pack comfortable invest, dress respectfully, and consider the dress code and weather conditions when packing for your cruise .
What is on your list of what not to wear on a cruise? Comment below!
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