15 Glamorous DIY Skirt and Dress Alterations to Remake Your Wardrobe

Whenever the seasons change, we feel the compulsive want to buy new clothes. We love new trends, we love shopping for modern garments, and we love preparing for a fresh class ! Sometimes, however, we feel a small guilty about spend sol much money on new things when we have therefore many things at home. Besides that, DIY enthusiasts have the skills to make their old clothes into something new, indeed why not give it a try ?
Check out these 15 fun ways to alter skirts and dresses or make them out of wholly different pieces of dress in regulate to give your wardrobe a total upgrade !

1. No-sew sleeve bows

No sew sleeve bows
Do you have a jersey dress that you love wearing but that you feel might be a little besides plain after a few seasons ? Spruce it up a little bit in a extremely easy way by making the sleeves into small cutout bows ! Creating Laura shows you how to do it without even having to sew anything ! Scissors and glue are all you need.

2. Skirt to slip dress

Skirt to slip dress
Do you have an old long hedge that you distillery love the framework of but that you ’ ra not truly into the expressive style of anymore ? That doesn ’ triiodothyronine mean it ’ randomness no function to you anymore ! Kier Couture guides you through the process of turning a long skirt into a cunning, capricious slip preen with a belt around the middle made from the waist band .

3. Flowing no-sew skirt

Flowing no sew skirt
Do you have an old sheet or strips of decent fabric lying around that you ’ ve been meaning to use and good haven ’ thyroxine found the right project for so far ? then why not make yourself a wholly simple dame from it ? We know this one international relations and security network ’ t technically a dress change, per southeast, but you ’ re still upcycling something that ’ sulfur already in your closet and giving it a modern lease on biography ! Check the design out on sincerely, Kinsey .

4. Skirt to cinched waist dress

Skirt to cinched waist dress
Did you recently find a dame in your water closet that you like the framework, trim, and embellishments of but you ’ re not a big winnow of the distance ? possibly it cuts the ocular of your legs in a eldritch place or bothers you as you move. rather of getting rid of it, try turning it into a tube dress that cinches in the center but preserves that stylish hem detail that you loved so much ! E-How shows you how it ’ sulfur done .

5. T-shirt into cutout beach dress

T shirt into cutout beach dress
not all dress alterations actually start out as dresses. In fact, some of our darling dresses in our closets were actually shirts foremost ! Gina Michele suggests starting out with a farseeing outsize jersey in a color or design you like. Rather than just cinching it in the middle, create a cute cutout traffic pattern around your shank that pulls the framework in for a little extra style .

6. Laced collar and sleeves

Laced collar and sleeves
Did you like the estimate we talked about before of altering a jersey attire to give it a new rent on life, but keeping things rather easy ? possibly bows aren ’ t your matter therefore you ’ ra looking for an alternate. Try lacing all across the shoulders and down the sleeves alternatively ! Trash to Couture guides you through the process of cutting and weaving the exceed of the dress to make certain it inactive fits you perfectly .

7. T-shirt to casual strapless dress

T shirt to casual strapless dress
possibly you ’ ve got a jersey that ’ s an absolutely fabulous colour but it ’ sulfur constantly been way excessively big ? Turn it into something casual and comfy but a little more fashionable alternatively ! This cute strapless tube dress from Can-Can Dancer is perfect for an easy summer ’ south day around the bungalow at the beach when you want to be comfy but however want to look stylish .

8. DIY hi-low skirt

Diy hi low skirt

Do you have a closet full of long maxi skirts that you loved wearing once upon a time but that you ’ ve had adequate of because they ’ re out of season and you find them a little besides affectionate to wear in the summer ? then transform them into a more update dash alternatively ! We ’ rhenium presently crazy about this “ hi-low ” stylus from Mr. Kate that gives you the long skirt illusion in the back but keeps things short and funky in the front .

9. Short shorts to cute skirt

Short shorts to cute skirt
Do you love the count of an adorable mini skirt in the summer but you ’ re actually a identical active person who finds wearing skirts annoying because you always have to watch how you sit to stop the universe from unintentionally seeing what colour underwear you ’ re wearing ? then check out how daisy Pickers transformed this pair of simpleton denim shorts into an delusion skirt !

10. Reviving an outdated style

Reviving an outdated style
Were you at a vintage store recently and you came across a dress made of gorgeous fabric and in your darling color, but you ’ re merely not a fan of the outdated style ? Well, grab it anyhow, because it ’ s not a lost induce however ! Wearing it On My Sleeves guides you through the process of altering skirt heights and sleeve lengths in order to update a part that ’ second fair besides full to pass up in early ways .

11. Make a simple dress larger

Make a simple dress larger
Have you ever found a dress that you absolutely love the model and style of but it ’ randomness just ever so slenderly besides fast around the broke or hips even though it fits overall ? There ’ s a way to alter that excessively thus that you don ’ triiodothyronine miss out on getting to wear something you like ! Chic Steals shows you how to add a insidious panel into the side seam of the attire to give your body a fiddling more room for comfort and make a cunning tunic expressive style at the same prison term .

12. Prom dress to fancy skirt

Prom dress to fancy skirt
Are you however absolutely in love with the semblance and silk finish of your old promenade snip but you equitable don ’ t have any fancy occasions to go to that call for a whole fancy dress in that expressive style ? beautiful Objects suggests turning it into a hedge alternatively ! certain, it ’ ll still be quite fancy, but it ’ ll be a much more versatile dress with the top trimmed and hemmed off so you can wear it with a cunning blouse rather .

13. 80s prom dress into short party dress

80s prom dress into short party dress
If you ’ ve ever seen 80s promenade dresses in your local parsimony memory, then you already know that they ’ re made from some of the best fabrics and patters, even if the styles and constructions are a small excessively outdated and funky for your stream tastes. That ’ randomness why Buttons and Bird Cages decided to hack the promenade dress style and teach you how to transform them into even little cocktail dresses rather ! Check the tutorial out for more detail .

14. Formal dress into tulle skirt

Formal dress into tulle skirt
Did you like the theme of turning a promenade dress into a hedge but you ’ rhenium not sure that the other proficiency will work for you because your dress is actually made of tulle ? then here ’ s a more specific tutorial that will guide you in just the right direction every measure of the way ! See how to make tulle into charming on Brassy Apple.

15. Two old dresses into one party dress

Two old dresses into one party dress
Have you always looked at two honest-to-god dresses in your cupboard and realized that you love the exceed of one and the buttocks of the other, but you ’ re not truly into either entire dress the means it is ? then try learning how to combine the two ! The Help Mates shows you how to do it neatly and precisely so that no one will tied be able to tell that you pieced the spirit together yourself .
Have you made refashioned dresses and skirts before that you were identical gallant of ? Tell us all about how you did it in the comments section or link us to pictures of your work !

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