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What is the most underestimate equip to wear to the office ? It ’ s a jump suit, yes a jump suit ! And today I ’ megabyte going to show you how to wear a jump suit to work .

How to Wear a Jumpsuit to Work

When I first put this jump suit on I thought it was perfective for a casual weekend or study from home days. however, this is the perfect patch for the position excessively. This particular jump suit is made of a gentle cotton terry material, but it doesn ’ metric ton look like it at all, it looks superintendent polished and master. You may have noticed that I don ’ triiodothyronine contribution much about my day job on here and that is by design. however, I can share that I work at a company that has a bourgeois dress code. I typically wear a dress/jacket combination or a bespoke pant and blouse to work. however it ’ south 2022 and the jump suit is now a staple for agency wear .
Switching things up and bringing in new kit combinations to workwear is something I enjoy because it challenges me. Remember the meter I created 5 pieces for 5 outfits for work ? If you haven ’ t read that post however you have to check it out here. so creating new outfits with a jumpsuit for influence shouldn ’ metric ton be that hard. I set out to expressive style it perfectly to blend into a corporate environment and look absolutely polished. so this post is all about how to wear a jump suit to work .

The Best Work Appropriate Jumpsuit Outfits

foremost and first you have to pick out the best jumpsuit for your solve environment. There are so many options for jumpsuits, so picking out the matchless that is appropriate is significant. You are trying to stand out a little, not shock your co-workers to death. That is a critical function of how to wear a jump suit to work .
first, consider the character of framework that is appropriate for the office. You ’ ll want to have a jumpsuit that is made of a nice material. I would stay aside from casual jumpsuits that are 100 % cotton, linen or a knit material. You can save those jumpsuits for the weekend. Pick a corporeal that has structure, slight flexibility and doesn ’ t furrow easily. You besides don ’ metric ton want anything ace tight .

next, the actual fit of the jumpsuit is super significant .

You don ’ t want anything taut or gloomy cut. Ensuring that the proportions are good for your body type is key. sometimes with jumpsuits the torso and legs have different proportions causing it to creep up in your rear end. This is bad ! I repeat, this is regretful. You don ’ t not want your kit riding up your rear end all day 🙂
Consider a free suit to avoid it riding up. Having a broad leg will actual look dainty in a professional environment v a rigorous leg. Keep the tight legs for your black tight-fitting pants. The gasp distance should besides be cropped a short and not fall to the grate. Let your shoes show for a cleaner look .
last, you will besides want to consider the neckline of your jumpsuit for work. Do not wear anything super low cut. It is the office after all. Consider a softer neck such as a crowd neck or a easy v-neck. Less skin express is the proper way to go in the office .

How To Wear A Jumpsuit To Work


Jumpsuits are playfulness and your shoes should reflect that besides. Put your classic pumps aside for the day and choose for something that shoes a bit more bark. Depending on your work environment you can wear a strappy sandal or a classic heel.


In the position I constantly pair a jump suit with a little jacket. It makes the jump suit professional and blank. Wearing your jacket overt is ideal for a jumpsuit. It will accentuate your shank and and let the jump suit shine. If you work in a corporate environment I bet you have a jacket you can pair with the jump suit in your water closet already .
Pick a contrast color for your little jacket. If your jumpsuit is black go with a tweed jacket. I absolutely love the manner my Porter Jacket looks with my jump suit. Some early jacket options out there include this one ( this blazer is fitted so it creates a womanly silhouette ) and this one ( I wear this blazer at least once a workweek in the office ) .


A general rule I have with accessories is always clothing one slice that packs a punch. If you are wearing huge hoops then you shouldn ’ thyroxine be wearing a large necklace and frailty versa. You don ’ triiodothyronine want to have besides much going on in your kit. You want it to be balanced .
Accessories are besides driven by the occasion. In cosmopolitan, at work I keep my accessories to classical pieces. My brassy items are normally on my stack ( aka my wrist ). I did a full post on styling your stack with Monica Vinader so check that out for capital options on styling. My casual stack consists of my watch and cable bracelet .
For earring options stick with a large stud. I ’ m a huge stud gallon and the bigger the better is my motto. I tend to wear bone casual and recently branched out to these silver studs. actually Mike and Lizzie got them for me for my first Mother ’ s Day. I will treasure them forever !
The buttocks line on accessorizing your jump suit at sour is to keep it minimal. Wear your signature pieces that you normally wear and save the statement jewelry for when you wear the jump suit on the weekends .

Final Thoughts

I never write about something that I don ’ thyroxine actually do or love. So yes, I wore my jumpsuit to work. angstrom far as I ’ meter concerned the jump suit is a identical close cousin to the LBD and I wear that all the clock time to work. so this shouldn ’ thymine be a stretch. And it wholly fits with my office ’ s preen code .
so what happened at work the first gear time ? Everyone loved it ! My closest co-workers noticed it right off and everyone else could care less, haha ! I ’ m not sure what I was expecting, but it was a success. I enjoyed having a unique outfit to mix into my normal work wardrobe. The jump suit was super comfortable besides. The only issue I ran into was in the bathroom. I had to take down the integral jump suit each time. Kind of a trouble, but I made it though the day !

mistreat out of your comfort zone and take a mini fashion risk ! Comment below with your latest fashion risk .

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