How to Wear Maxi Dress to a Wedding

Hello gorgeous prima donna , Maxi dresses look very chic, vibrant and give you a elusive and aphrodisiac feminine vibration. If you have a marriage to attend where you would love to sport a maxi dress and rock the drift, stay tuned !
How to Wear Maxi Dress to a Wedding

Choose fabrics and silhouettes wisely

Pretty young girl with in a park with flowers in hand, a bridesmaid in a pink maxi dress Choose a long flowy maxi dress made of chiffon, georgette or silk. Avoid fabrics like cotton and linen as they ’ rhenium quite casual and make your whole count appear way besides understate. Most chiffon and georgette fabrics are formal enough for weddings and can be your best bet .

Opt for soft pastel colors

Choosing balmy and pastel hues will make sure that you do not attract any excessive attention and still look pretty and cute. besides, pastel hues leave a lot of room in the accessories department and you can comfortably pair up such maxi dresses with your detailed earrings or a statement necklace .

Keep accessories minimum

The bride in a white dress putting on a necklace around his neck
Do not go overboard with jewelry and accessorize sanely. Avoid wearing anything excessively blingy if it ’ s a day event and stay off from clutches and handbags that have hideous prints like animal photographic print or neon hues. rather, opt for minimalistic jewelry pieces that will make you look classy and dateless .

Experiment with lively prints and embroideries

experiment with prints such as floral and lacy patterns. however, stay aside from animal patterns and loud bohemian prints. While girly and springy patterns can turn you into an ultimate prima donna, loudly and bold prints – like leopard and cheetah – may make you look rubbishy and a bite inappropriate for a marry .

Pair with stilettoes

Classic stiletto high heels shoes in golden snake-print design
Stilettos give your body a courteous structure and make you look more tone up. Pair sky high heels with your maxi dress to give an delusion of a slender body and a slender physique to make all the heads turn your way.

Go light on embellishments and sequins

Do not choose a trim that is loaded with embellishments and sequins as they tend to go improper easily and restrict your motion. so, in case you are selected to be the maid of honor by the bride, choose something light and easy to carry. This way you won ’ triiodothyronine get tired well and will be able to enjoy the event to its fullest .

Stackable bangles and midi rings

Golden Nail art manicure
Stackable bangles and musical instrument digital interface rings are very ‘ in ’ these days and can perk up your hands in a matter of seconds. Choose some bangles, bracelets and rings that go well with your equip and wear them meagerly ; going overboard is not advised at all .

Wear statement earrings

If you have got a pair of huge solitaire earrings or vintage danglers, go ahead and sport them in the wedding if you think that the rest of your kit is reasonably understate. Earrings can perk up an differently childlike outfit effortlessly and make you look ravishing .

Choose your hairstyle wisely

Perfect Fashion Model Woman with Beautiful Hairstyle
Choose a hairdo according to your expression condition, the neckline of your dress and the weather. You can besides accessorize your hairdo with cute barrettes, clips and haircloth beads or even with a visualize fascinator. The choices are endless !

Go light on makeup

Party time of stylish women group in elegant dress celebrating birthday, having fun, wedding, prom
Play up your best sport and keep the rest of your makeup lightly if it ’ s a day consequence and besides stay away from big chunks of glitter and shimmer in your makeup. If it ’ s a summer marriage, choose for flatness makeup that will keep your skin fresh and oil-free for long.

That ’ s all for today, girlies. Hope this serve. 🙂
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