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This stake may contain affiliate links, which means I ‘ll receive a commission if you purchase through my links, at no extra price to you. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Please learn full disclosure for more data. If you ’ re prepare to pack your hospital bag, here ’ s what you actually need for postnatal clothes in the hospital. I brought and used everything on this list for both hospital stays with my two babies ! In this post, we go over everything from what to wear when in tug, during your stay, and on the room home from the hospital .
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Postpartum Clothes for the Hospital

Bringing your own clothes to the hospital has its benefits ! You ’ ll be more comfortable and you might feel more put together if you choose to have any visitors .
You may besides get in truth hot from your hormones and the hard work that it is to give parentage ! Or you might be in truth cold, since the hospital keeps their temperatures sol first gear. Every woman is indeed different, so it ’ randomness important to have options !


Hospital gown

When you get to the hospital, they will provide you with a labor gown that buttons on the shoulders and is open in the back. This makes it easily to take off a good as have slowly access to your back in case you need an epidural. however, they aren ’ t the most comfortable and can feel identical bulky with all of the excess fabric .
There are many rescue gown options out there nowadays that hush provide the same easy access for breastfeed, a well as easy access to your back for an epidural anesthesia. But they ’ re cunning ! And much more comfortable .

Nursing Gown

A nursing gown is merely a nightgown or lounge dress that provides easy nursing access. These can be great for ma that had a cesarean delivery to prevent any friction on the cesarean delivery incision. They keep you covered and comfortable, without having to worry about a shirt or pants .


I am not a gown wearer typically .. but my gown was one of my front-runner pieces I brought with me to the hospital. If you ’ ll be breastfeeding, you ’ re going to have your boobs out a batch. And even if you ’ re not breastfeeding, a vest is hush extremely comfortable to precisely throw on without worrying about any dress at all .
They ’ re besides perfect for skin-to-skin contact that you ’ ll want to be doing with your newfangled baby frequently after manner of speaking .
Choose a lightweight and breathable robe. Although you may be thinking cozy and comfortable, you might experience postnatal sweats from fluctuations in your hormones. sol best to stick with something more lightweight !

Postpartum Pajamas

There are specific postnatal pajama out there on the market, which are great ! But truthfully anything lightweight, with easy nursing access, that you find comfortable is arrant for postnatal pajama .
You can use a nursing cooler, stretchable tank top, V-neck shirt, or sleep in equitable a nurse brassiere .
But if you ’ d like to purchase comfortable pajama that are functional for harbor, I ’ ve included a few of my favorites here !

Specific Clothing for Breastfeeding

Nursing Bras

nurse bras are a MUST ! For the hospital and the first few weeks, stand by to harbor bras that are stretchable, with NO underwire. Your breasts will become engorged as they fill with milk. You ’ re going to want the supernumerary stretch for consolation .
I recommend bringing at least two nurse bras with you to the hospital. Between the night sweats and your milk possibly coming in while you ’ re there, things can get messy. If you have any motherhood brassiere, you can bring those as well .

Nursing Tanks

When I wasn ’ t in equitable a nursing brassiere and a clothe, I was wearing nurse tanks. They are lightweight with little fabric, which was big for how hot I was constantly. They are comfortable to nurse your new baby in. And you can just wear some comfortable bottoms with them .
I used these harbor tanks throughout my entire breastfeed travel. They are very high-quality !
You can besides use stretchable tank tops with a nursing brassiere underneath if you prefer .

Nursing Tops

If you prefer to be a short more cover, or find yourself freezing everywhere you go, you might like to wear a nursing lead while in the hospital. You can wear something with functional buttons, a V-neck, or shirts with openings designed specifically for nursing .

Stretchy Bottoms

Loose stretchy pants or joggers

Your hospital room might get very coldness, therefore institute pants with you as an option just in font ! Make sure to choose something loosen and stretchable, like effort pants or joggers. Something with a mid to high-rise would be most comfortable .

Maternity Leggings

Another good option would be your pregnancy leggings. motherliness clothes are another great choice to bring with you, since you will hush have a big belly after rescue. It takes meter for your placenta to shrink back down, so your pregnancy clothes may be what ’ s most comfortable for a while .

Loose Stretchy Shorts

I recommend bringing informal stretchable shorts as another choice deoxyadenosine monophosphate good. You may find that you feel more comfortable in shorts after giving birth than you do pants .
My favorites to bring are pajama-style shorts because they ’ ra soft and comfortable ! But any sofa shorts will do !

Underwear Options

Mesh underwear

engagement underwear are capital because they ’ re disposable. postnatal can get messy, particularly those first few days. It ’ south best to wear something that you won ’ metric ton be disappointed if it gets ruined and will besides keep you comfortable .
I used the engage underwear and giant star maxi pad with my beginning baby in the hospital. however, I found that the slog did slide around a distribute and with everything being more uncomfortable and swell down there it fair didn ’ t feel as supportive .
If you prefer to try them out, you can use the ones provided by the hospital. Or Frida Mom makes a great match besides which you can continue to use at home plate .

High waist postpartum underwear

I typically recommend postnatal underwear for after the hospital, when your bleeding slows down. however, some women prefer to wear more regular underwear and that ’ s wholly finely besides !
choose underwear with a high waist or postnatal underwear, just in case you end up with a cesarean delivery. This prevents the isthmus from your underwear from rubbing on that incision ! comfortable underwear are a must during the postnatal menstruation .


I chose to use postnatal diapers with my second baby and I will say, it was life-changing ! I know it ’ s not for everyone. But merely putting on a diaper was so much more convenient than having to mess with the enmesh underwear and getting the pad to stay in the right blemish .
The hospital staff saw me in fair my postnatal diaper and clothe many, many times ! As a nurse, I can tell you they see this every day, and it doesn ’ thyroxine phase them any ! It ’ s sincerely whatever makes you most comfortable !

Comfortable Shoes

Cozy socks

It ’ sulfur best to wear some kind of footwear when in the hospital room and walking throughout the halls of the hospital. You can bring cozy socks for comfort or socks with the grippers on the bottom to prevent from slipping .


Slippers are another thoroughly option of footwear to bring. You can bring the ones you use from home or buy another cheap pair to use barely for the hospital .

Flip flops

Flip flops are another great option because you can bring them in the bathroom with you to the shower. That means if they get wet, there ’ s no issues !

Postpartum Belly Wrap

Some hospitals provide a postnatal belly wrap after delivery in the postnatal units. Postpartum girdles help support your abdominal muscles and organs, relieve pain, and increase blood flow .
They are beneficial for women who have c-sections because they help with heal. But there are benefits for women who have vaginal deliveries as well .
If you want to be indisputable you have a wrap after your delivery, you can purchase one and pack it in your hospital bag .

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you wear at the hospital after giving birth?

Whatever you feel most comfortable in ! You can choose to wear the hospital gowns they provide you. Or your own clothes you brought from home plate. Any of the items on this list are perfect for proper after giving birth .
I personally like to avoid pants for the first sidereal day because the nurses will be checking your postnatal bleeding frequently .

What should I wear in the hospital after a c-section?

Everything on this list is cesarean delivery friendly ! You can wear any gowns, a vest, or loose and stretchable pants or shorts .

What’s the best coming home from hospital outfit for mom?

Whatever ma feels most comfortable in ! Some women like to wear something free-and-easy and others like to leave in their comfortable pajama. There are no rules ! You will be going from your hospital room to the car. You don ’ t need to dress up, unless you want to !
I hope this post helps you to be more prepared for what postpartum clothes to bring to the hospital. It’s important you’re comfortable during your hospital stay, so pack the options you think would be best for you!

Are you planning to bring anything off of this list? I’d love to hear in the comments below!
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