What to Wear Apple Picking/Pumpkin Picking

What to Wear Apple Picking/Pumpkin Picking Posted by Roam Often on September 22, 2020 Pumpkin spice lattes are available at Starbucks again, and we all know what that means : the fall is here !
From the change of the trees to that crisp fall air, the fall is a beautiful time of year. One of our darling fall activities is going apple clean or pumpkin nibble. You get to pick out your future jack-o-lantern fungus, gather ingredients for an apple pie, and spend time with friends and love ones .
If you love a trip to the apple grove or pumpkin temporary hookup, read on. We share our lead tips for what to wear apple or pumpkin pick !

Lean into the season

Look around you. The fall is full moon of rich, gorgeous colors. Let the season be your color palette !
Opt for earthy tones and dark shades of orange, hunter green, maroon, grey, and cream. Black or jean jeans are a arrant fall go-to, and they go with any twilight semblance you choose for your top .
Women throwing leaves in fall outfit

Keep it cozy

Speaking of tops, we love a sweater during the fall. A traditional perspirer constantly looks cute, or you can ( pumpkin ) spice things up with an off the shoulder perspirer or a chic strip turtleneck .
Is the weather a bit more cool where you are ? Stay warm with a jean jacket, brown university impinge coat, or flannel vest .

Bring your boots

It ’ mho official : Boots are the shoe of fall. If you ’ re going apple picking, bring your favorite copulate of lace-up boots. Your soles will thank you !

If you ’ re just strolling through the pumpkin while, you can get aside with more of a fashion shoe. Knee length boots look divine over pants or with a dress, and there ’ s something distinctly fall about suede. Just choose a couple with a chunky heel so you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate get stuck in the field !
Expecting rain ? Get yourself a colorful pair of rain boots .

Top it off with a hat or beanie

Whether you ’ rhenium apple foot or pumpkin peck, you ’ ll be spending time outside. That means you can expect some sunlight, tied if the weather forecasts a cloudy day. Protect your face with a fabulous diskette hat and pair of sunglasses .
Feeling more cosy vibes ? Wear a beanie rather !

Accessorize for activity

Apple and pumpkin blame are reasonably active activities. You ’ ll be bending down, reaching up, and walking approximately. so, you ’ ll want to keep your accessories simple. A tasteful pair of stud, a simple necklace, and a fashion watch are all great options .
And don ’ thyroxine forget the ultimate fall accessory : a scarf ! We recommend a across-the-board scarf for its versatility. You can wear it like a traditional scarf, draped around your shoulders, or styled as a vest. And when you ’ re ready to sip your apple cider or blistering cocoa with that special person, it doubles as a blanket ! What ’ s not to love ?

With your cozy fall-inspired kit and a bright pair of boots, you ’ ll be the belle of the bandage. Have fun picking your apples or pumpkins !
For more fall style ideas, check out our Pinterest board .

Roam often, stay stylish.

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