The Best Sorority Outfits to Wear During Rush Week

Everyone, at some point, has asked the age-old interview : “ What should I wear ? ” It seems like the answer should be simpleton, but it ‘s not. There are many factors that need to be considered, including the weather, where you ‘re going, your temper, your comfort degree and others .
In addition, the amusing thing is that this question changes from year to year. Styles and trends come and go, and you want to make indisputable you look your best and are keeping up with the latest fashions. Your clothes can besides become an extension of your personality, so you want to make sure you ‘re showing your best self to the worldly concern .
fashion is crucial on a daily footing, but it become substantive if you ‘ve decided to join a sorority. To ensure you ‘re getting a good solution when asking what you need to wear for rush week outfits, we have updated our usher for the 2021-2022 school year !
It ‘s fabulously excite to start college and to rush a sorority, but you may besides be at a loss for what to wear during the whole process. Sorority recruitment outfits normally depend on each day. From preference night dresses to sorority house tours outfits, we ‘ve got you covered. You ‘ll be set with outfit inspo once you ‘ve read this post !

Each school does it differently, but I ‘m speaking from my personal have at San Diego State. A general rule-of-thumb when deciding on outfits for rush workweek is each day gets increasingly dressy. I always tend to overdress to play it safe ( thanks Mom for teaching me that ! ). You should besides keep it classy. No skintight outfits or too-high heels. Think brunch with Grandma or a marry, not going out on a Saturday night .
Make sure to check with your school ‘s recruitment rules to see which sorority race outfits are appropriate. Some schools require that you cover your shoulders a well as your diaphragm. Some schools are more casual than others, and vice versa. double check the recruitment guidelines or see what other girls are wearing, and you ‘ll be full to go. With that, let ‘s get into the amazing sorority recruitment outfits !

Day 1: Sorority Letters Day (sometimes called Open House)

This is the day where you visit all the houses ( they split it into two days at SDSU because there are so many houses ), spill to a few unlike girls within each chapter, and make some decisions on which ones you like and do n’t like .
Letters Day is the most fooling day ! Feel release to wear flats/sandals with white jeans and a cute circus tent or a casual sundress. You can besides dress it up a snatch and wear summery wedges with your casual outfit. When I was going through race, girls reasonably much wore heels or wedges every day with their sorority outfits.

Day 2: Service Day (Philanthropy Day)

Service Day is all about the sorority ‘s philanthropy. sometimes, you will do crafts, and other times you will fair hear about the charity. This day is a fiddling dressy, but still pretty casual. I would recommend wearing flats with a sundress or a cunning romper with flats/sandals. You can wear wedges today, but it ‘s hush fine to wear flat shoes ! think : an outfit for a BBQ !

Day 3: Sorority House Tours Day (Skit Day)

House Tours was my personal favored day. You get to go into all parts of the house, and your conversations get more personal. This is the sidereal day you get more penetration into whether or not you can picture yourself in that particular sorority house. It was besides my favorite equip day. You should be wearing a nice, summery dress with wedges or casual heels .

Day 4: Sorority Pref Night Dress

This night is the dressiest. You will be going to your final two houses, and normally the girls will be wearing all black or all white dresses. You should be wearing a semiformal dress and heels to this consequence. Think : what you would wear to a marry. Pref night dresses assistant make the event special and more formal .
After Pref Night, you get your bid ! For this, you can wear white/denim shorts and a obviously tank top because you will be getting a bid day shirt from your raw home ! : )

then comes the best depart : Bid Day ! Bid Day was decidedly one of the highlights of my newcomer year. You get to meet all of your assurance class sisters for the first time, and there is therefore much ballyhoo around the new class of ladies ! You ‘ll begin the serve of meeting everyone in your house and others in the greek organization ! After you get a command, you ‘ll get to rock so much cunning Greek clothe .
good luck with recruitment, ladies ! I hope this military post helped reduce some stress and gives you insight into what outfits you ‘ll need to wear during sorority rush .
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