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Your first day of high school is going to be both excite and a bite chilling. It can be confusing and you may be wondering what to do and what not to do on your first day of high educate. I remember feeling that way when I beginning started high school, which wasn ’ metric ton that long ago. As a holocene college graduate, I ’ ve learned a distribute about how to be organize and make a first day of school go well .

What Not to Do on Your First day of High School

On the first day of high school, don’t arrive late or disrupt the class. Be prepared to work and show up with school supplies. Don’t skip the first day of school, as it’s a good way to make friends and get acclimated to high school. Don’t forget your backpack!

In this post, I share 15 things that you should not do on your first day of high school .

15 Things to Avoid on Your First Day of High School

Be Sure Not to Arrive Late

On you inaugural day of course, the last matter you want to do is arrive belated. Arriving former will make a bad beginning impression on the teacher. Get in the substance abuse of showing up to class a few minutes early on so you can get a good seat and avoid being recently.

Don’t Disrupt the Class

On the first day of high school specially, make certain you do not disturb the class. If you ’ re excited because you ’ rhenium sitting following to your ally, do your best to talk after class rather of during class. If you disrupt the class, the teacher may call you out in front of the solid class and it can be embarrassing. It ’ randomness better to be respectful particularly on your first sidereal day of class .

Don’t Come Without Materials

Most teachers in gamey school won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be teaching on the first day, but there is always that one teacher that does. Be fix to learn and prepare yourself for class. Some thing you should bring to classify are :

  • Agenda
  • Binders
  • Folders
  • Textbook (if needed)
  • Laptop/iPad

  • Pencil case

If you ’ re not certain what to put in your pencil case, I recommend :

  • Pencils

  • Eraser
  • Pencil Sharpener
  • Pens

  • Highlighters

If you’re not sure what to pack in your backpack check out this article: Backpack Essentials for High School

Don’t Sit in the back of the class 

As person who used to sit in the rear of the class in high school and regrets it, I have some advice. Just don ’ thyroxine do it. You ’ re more probably to be distracted sitting in the back.

If you sit towards the front, it will be easier to pay attention. Your teacher will notice you and if you have bad eyesight you will be able to see a draw better .

Avoid Falling Asleep During Class

If you didn ’ triiodothyronine get a thoroughly night ’ sulfur sleep because you were aflutter for your first day of high school, make sure not fall asleep in class. It may be intemperate to stay up, but do your best to stay wake up throughout the whole day. It ’ s a well estimate to get into the habit of going to bed at a fair time to avoid this from happening. It will be much easier to learn if you are well rested. A very commodity tip is to go to sleep sooner the week before school, then when school starts it won ’ t be hard to go to bed at a reasonable fourth dimension .

Don’t Forget to Bring Lunch

On the first sidereal day of school the cafeteria will be packed. It will take you a super farseeing clock to get your lunch, so it ’ sulfur better to bring one from dwelling. I would pack a lunch, a few snacks that you can munch on throughout the day and a refillable water bottle. The urine bottle will come in handy when you get thirsty in classify .

Don’t Forget to Prepare Your Clothes the Day Before

The foremost day of high gear school will be feverish. Do your best to prepare vitamin a much as you can before hand to make your first sidereal day angstrom easy as possible. A big way to start your first gear day is to prepare your clothes the day before. If you have a educate uniform, make certain it is blank and read to put on. If your eminent school doesn ’ metric ton have a dress code, have your kit picked out and cook for the dawn. Make certain your clothes aren ’ t offense or harmful to other students and teachers.

Don’t Overdress

For the foremost day of high school avoid overdressing. For high school as long, as there ’ s not dress code, you can dress ace causally. If you are not sure how to dress for high school check out this article: What to Wear on Your First Day of High School

Avoid Being Unorganized

The foremost workweek of high school is the best time to create good habits. If you begin by procrastinating, you will constantly be behind on work and stressed out. Get in the habit of staying on exceed of your assignments and use your agenda to stay organized. Staying organized will result in better grades. Write down crucial test, assignment and examination dates in your agenda right field away. If you pass in assignments on time and study for tests you will do great .

Don’t Forget your Class Schedule

When you get to high school, you will receive a agenda of classes. A good magic trick is to take a picture of your schedule and either save it to favorites or make it your lock screen on your phone. By doing this magic trick, you will always know where you have to be and when.

Don’t Judge too Quickly

In high school, there are going to be batch of raw students that come from different schools. On the inaugural day, don ’ thymine estimate anyone excessively quickly because they may end up becoming your best acquaintance. On my inaugural sidereal day of high school, there was a guy in my art class who I never thought would be my friend. 9 years later we made it through high school and college together, and were inactive best friends today .

Don’t Skip Class

I know it ’ s the first day and you may be under the depression that you aren ’ thyroxine going to learn anything, so why not skip class ? it ’ second very a bad theme and not a good start to your high school biography.

The first gear day is a great day to meet new people and get used to high school. Skipping class can turn into a very bad habit, so do you best to go to every unmarried class !

Don’t Forget to Set Your Alarm

If you ’ re good starting high school, you ’ re credibly used to sleeping in every day during the summer holidays. however, you need to be prepared for those early days again, so don ’ metric ton forget to set your alarm for your first day of senior high school school. Set your alarm at least 15 to 30 minutes earlier then you normally would since it ’ s your first day and there ’ second going to be a batch going on.

Don’t Be Shy

On the beginning day of high gear school, teachers will frequently times do some methamphetamine breakers. You will be asked about yourself, your interests and what school you went to before. Don ’ thyroxine be shy and participate ! Ice breakers are a great way to make raw friends and make a good first stamp on your teachers. Remember that for every student in your course it ’ s their first gear day excessively. This means that they ’ re besides in school looking to make modern friends, so don ’ thymine be afraid to talk to anyone.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions

If you have a question, don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be afraid to put your hired hand improving and ask your teacher. If you are diffident, you can constantly ask your teacher after class or quietly ask the scholar next to you. On your first day of high school specially, its normal to have a draw of questions so don ’ thyroxine feel bad ask !

Don’t Forget Your Backpack

The death thing to remember is not to forget your backpack. Forgetting your backpack will be a serious trouble specially on your first gear day.

Before leaving your house, make certain that your backpack is on your back and you ’ re ready for your inaugural day ! Related Posts to Read Next: What to Pack in Your Backpack for High School

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Final Thoughts on 15 Things Not to Do on Your First Day of High School

If you ’ re about to start high school you ’ re going to be american samoa prepare as possible. In this post, we went over 15 things that you should not do on your first day of high gear school. With a little bite of training, your beginning day will go smoothly and lead to a successful year.

Are there any things you think shouldn ’ thymine be done on the first base day of senior high school school ? Please let me know in the comments below .

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