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Tips for visiting Six Flags Magic Mountain and its 19 roller coasters including how to buy discount tickets, maximizing line weights, what to eat and more.
If you ’ re looking for an epinephrine rush, Six Flags Magic Mountain® in Valencia precisely outside of Los Angeles is celebrated for its extreme point roller coasters and thrill rides. coaster fanatics consider it one of the populace ’ randomness best amusement parks – it holds the world record for the most roller coasters in a single park, and is home to rides that are the tallest, fastest, and first of their type .
That said, the theme park besides adds new rides and attractions fairly regularly, and there ’ sulfur hush enough to do if you ’ re not a fan of bloodcurdling coasters. here ’ s what you need to know to have an amaze time :
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Six Flags Magic Mountain is open to California residents. Most of this advice should be relevant at the reopen, but I will update it based on what the real-life experience is like with circumscribed capacity .
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Tips for Visiting Six Flags Magic Mountain

Prepare for an epic poem day of composition park fun with these tips and tricks .


These new precautions and requirements are likely companion to you, but here are a few cardinal points. You can read the wide number of health and condom measures for more data .

  • Face coverings are required for ages 3 and older. Mask break areas are sprinkled around the park should you need to eat or drink.
  • Leave the cash at home. The park will only accept credit cards and mobile payments. You can convert cash inside the park to a pre-paid debit card.
  • Expect a noninvasive temperature check upon entering the park.
  • Distance markers and guest separation on rides, during shows, and in dining areas will be enforced.
  • You can also expect increased sanitation and handwashing stations throughout the park.

Check Six Flags Magic Mountain Ride Heights

This ballpark is a must-visit if you ’ re into speed or love to scream, and most visitors are in their midteens or older. Rest assured that there are areas of Six Flags Magic Mountain for the younger herd .
Bugs Bunny World offers a handful of rides for kids under 48 ” tall. Some rides in this area besides have maximal heights and heights that allow kids to ride without adults .
Six Flags Magic Mountain Rides: Speedy Gonzales Hot Rod RacersSix Flags Magic Mountain — Speedy Gonzales Hot Rod Racers Ride
Photo by: Greg Grudt/Mathew Imaging
It ’ s a short bit easier when visiting with kids who are around the lapp senesce as they can enjoy rides together in a group preferably than having to split up. The roller coasters and bang rides have height minimums of 48, ” 52″ or 54. ”
pull off kids ’ expectations by taking a few minutes to check the ride height chart in advance .
There is no indigence to worry about crowd during the initial reopen, but this advice decidedly applies to normal times .
summer is Six Flags Magic Mountain ’ sulfur busiest season, and holidays get interfering, besides, though the crowd tend to be slenderly smaller on weekdays .
Fewer people visit in the winter season ( particularly when school is in seance ), but be surely you check opening dates and hours before planning your tripper because the park may have blockage dates and limited hours of operation .

Plan Your Visit Around Special Events

If you ’ re not concerned about crowd and want to make your visit extra special, be aware that there is an evening parade and fireworks indicate on choose days between mid-march and early on September .
There ’ randomness besides Fright Fest® in October, and concerts and other special events throughout the year. Check the park ’ s special events page to find out what ’ s on the calendar during the dates you ’ re considering .

Buy Six Flags Magic Mountain Tickets in Advance

right now, the only place to purchase admission is immediately through Six Flags. Due to state requirements, the only people eligible to purchase tickets are California residents. Proof of residency may be required to enter the park .
Six Flags Magic Mountain Rides: Riddlers Revenge
During normal times, the slate lines can get long at this park, so you ’ ll save a bunch of clock time if you buy your Six Flags Magic Mountain tickets ahead of time. You can besides save money. You ’ ll get some of the best ticket prices if you buy through either are Travel ® or the Go Los Angeles ® pass. Both are temporarily unavailable for Six Flags, but I’ll leave up their details for when the discounts are back up and running.
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The Go Los Angeles® pass lets you bundle and save on entrance fee into 35 attractions in and around Los Angeles – including Six Flags Magic Mountain, Universal Studios Hollywood®, and LEGOLAND® California. These passes are available in 1, 2, 3, 5 and 7-day options, each at different prices, and you can build your own bye including only the attractions you ’ d like to visit.

Prep for the Heat

even if you plan your visit during the winter months, know that it can be twenty degrees hotter at Six Flags Magic Mountain than it is at the nearest beach .
Inside the parking lot, there ’ s a lot of asphalt and very small shade, so wear a hat and breathable clothing ( clean colors are best ), tamp down raincoat sunscreen, and bring an insulate bottle of ice rink water .
Do not forget to reapply sunscreen. We ’ ra not kidding about the sunday here .

Dress Appropriately and Leave Your Big Bag at home

Bags aren ’ t allowed on most of the rides at Six Flags Magic Mountain, so if you ’ re carrying a purse or backpack around the parking lot, you ’ ll have to either leave it in a cubby ( risking larceny ) or pay for a footlocker whenever you go on a ride .
Six Flags Magic Mountain besides maintains a family-friendly standard atmosphere via a preen code that requires guests to avoid wearing clothes or accessories with offensive linguistic process or graphics. Bathings suits can only be worn in the Hurricane Harbor water park .
comfortable walk shoes are a must. Note that some rides will make you remove shoes sol be indisputable that they are easy to take on and off .
You will besides get moisture on the urine rides. Bring or buy a little poncho to avoid this but don ’ thymine forget extra socks so that your besotted socks aren ’ thymine sloshing around your shoes for the lie of the day .

Arrive Early

If you get to the parking lot when it opens, don ’ thymine expect to hop on your first coaster right away – good getting into the ballpark takes time. To maximize your drive clock, get there about a half-hour before the park opens to give yourself time to drive through the entrance plaza, park, and get through the front gate .

Head to the Back of the Park First

Want to ride doubly adenine many rides ? A lot of people who are first-time Six Flags Magic Mountain visitors will head to whatever ride they see first gear, which means those rides tend to have the longest delay times .
Starting at the rear of the parking lot correct away means the lines will be shorter and you ’ ll be closer to the front man gate at the end of your inflict .

Hit the Water Rides Early

The water rides – Tidal Wave, Roaring Rapids, and Jet Stream – tend to have the longest lines during the hottest part of the day ( early afternoon ) and the shortest lines before lunch .
Make a steer of visiting these rides before lunch, and you ’ ll get through the lines faster and distillery be pleasantly aplomb from your early splash when temperatures soar .

Six Flags Magic Mountain Rides: The New RevolutionSix Flags Magic Mountain — The New Revolution
Photo by Greg Grudt/Mathew Imaging
The newest and biggest coasters and rides at Six Flags Magic Mountain will about always have the longest lines. If you ’ re not a die-hard mega coaster fan, you can get more ride time and plenty of thrills on erstwhile school attractions like Viper, Ninja, and The New Revolution .

Make Time for These 4 Must-Ride Coasters

Six Flags Magic Mountain Roller Coasters: TatsuTatsu photo courtesy of Six Flags Magic Mountain
If you ’ re looking for an extreme epinephrine haste, you have to plan. Hit these pulse-pounding rides equally soon as you arrive at the park in the dawn, when lines will be short : Tatsu ( the earth ’ mho grandiloquent and fastest flying coaster ) ; Goliath ( which has one of the longest and fastest opening drops in the earth ) ; LEX LUTHOR : neglect of Doom ( one of the tallest drop tower rides anywhere ) ; and X2 ( the world ’ sulfur inaugural 4D roller coaster ) .
Six Flags Magic Mountain rides: Goliath roller coaster

Pay for the Flash Pass®

temporarily not available. The alone means to get ahead of the sometimes long lines at Six Flags Magic Mountain is to buy a Flash Pass. Like the FastPass® at Disneyland®, the basic Flash Pass lets you reserve a time to go on more than a twelve of the most popular rides .
There are besides two upper berth tier Flash Pass options – Gold, which lets you reserve earlier clock slots, and Platinum, which about eliminates wait times .

Eat During Non-meal Times

plan to eat lunch and dinner a snatch earlier or a bit late to avoid the race. The other benefit to eating at nontraditional times is that the lines for coasters and other rides tend to be reasonably shorter during mealtimes .
Six Flags Magic Mountain has its share of standard amusement park menu, and I ’ thousand felicitous to say that a lot of it is better than you might expect, but one treat that stands out is the won ton greaser at Chop Six .

Get Your Funnel Cake First Thing

The World Famous Funnel Cake Factory ( once Suzette ’ s Bakery ) is worth a stop for the fantastic flavors, but the lines aren ’ metric ton short — particularly as the day gets by and by. If you ’ re a funnel cake fan, it ’ s a good theme to eat dessert first base.

Don’t Forget Where You Parked

It ’ randomness not uncommon for guests to forget where their car is. The Six Flags Magic Mountain parking lot is quite big so find a pole or recognizable object ( row number works ) and take a digital photograph of it .
Have you visited Six Flags Magic Mountain recently ? What tips would you add to this list ?
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