Visiting Boston & A Red Sox Game

Boston is my new favored city. I know I said that when I visited Philly – but seriously Boston is my front-runner, without a doubt. I want to pack up and move there immediately !
My conserve and I were only there for a match days and good-for-nothing, I wasn ’ triiodothyronine a identical good blogger while I was there. This position will not do Boston closely the justice it deserves. I didn ’ t take closely arsenic many photos as I should ’ ve, or keep track of precisely every position we visited, and we had no tours planned .
See, Boston is a great city to precisely walk and admire.

I think the most touristed matter we did was cheat on past the localization of the Boston Tea Party. We debated doing the tour at the Boston Tea Party Museum, but in the end, decided to continue our travel of wandering aimlessly through the city. ( We did watch some little kids through “ boxes of tea ” over the boundary of the ship, though. Haha. )
therefore, what did we do in Boston ? We managed to walk character of The Freedom Trail and explored Quincy Market and walked along Massachusetts Ave. and The Harvard Bridge .
We visited a crowd of restaurants and bars – all amazing. My favorites were Meadhall in Cambridge ( loved the huge excerpt of craft beer there ), The Hawthorne ( superintendent amazing stripe with a very singular atmosphere – thanks to Jen of Dressing With Class for the recommendation ! ), Scollay Square ( big food, serve and a fantastic atmosphere ) .
We besides did quite a bit of shop, and fortunately didn ’ metric ton buy besides much ! My favorite memory was Newbury Comics ( thanks again to Jen for the recommendation ! ) I did the most price there, with a few new comic books and the most amaze star Wars shirt ever…don ’ triiodothyronine worry it ’ ll be appearing in an outfit position soon !

We besides went to Fenway Park for a Boston Red Sox game, which was an absolute blast ! Being from Wisconsin, I know my team of option is supposed to be the Brewers .. and they are, kind of ( they make it a sting hard, unlike the Packers ! ). But for the night I figured it would be finely to switch teams. The Red Sox played the Royals and won 7-2. We had hot dogs and beer, and sang Sweet Caroline before the bottom of the 8th inning, and got excited every time Big Papi came up to bat ( a.k.a. David Ortiz ) – it was a fantastic way to spend a Friday night .
If you ’ re in Boston, though, and don ’ t have tickets to the bet on, you can besides watch it right from The Bleacher Bar ! It ’ mho super cool. This bar is located right beneath the bleachers of Fenway and has a great view of center field.
We did take quite a few photograph at Fenway. I even managed to put together a mini outfit post at Fenway. ( Priorities, haha ) .
Fenway Park

Red Sox Mini Outfit Post

Red Sox Outfit
Where to find it :

shirt : store in Boston ( Sorry, can ’ thymine remember the name. )
Shorts : ModCloth
Purse : c/o AMI Clubwear
Headband : ModCloth
Sandals : ModCloth
Amazing Winter Soldier Pin : Made by Jen ( More on that soon )

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While we were in Boston we besides met up with this month ’ sulfur Featured Fashionista, Jen ! I ’ molarity going to save that amazing experience for a separate post on Monday. Jen has a long ton of amazing recommendations for things to do in Boston and places to eat, if you would like to check out her post by clicking here. You can besides enter to win a gorgeous watercolour paint by Jen in that post – and there ’ s merely a little over a day left to enter !

Who else has been to Boston ? And what were some of your darling spots in the city ? Let me know in the comments !


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