Styling tips: How to dress for a networking event

When it comes to attending a network consequence, what you wear could help or hinder your success. personal hairdresser Vicki Doufas, of StyleColab, said it is crucial to give your outfit some thought as first impressions count, specially when meeting prospective clients and professional contacts. first and foremost, grooming is crucial. Ms Doufas said you should arrive at a network consequence in clean, tidy clothes, not wearing excessively much makeup, and with hair nicely styled. “ You want to appear that you ’ ve made an attempt with your prepare and presentation. You want people to respect what you have to say, ” she said.

“ At networking events, people are judging you so make the right first impression from the consequence you enter the room. Think about the color, style, and fit of your clothes, while reflecting your personal brand and effigy. ” here are some tips on how to dress for a network event :


What you wear says a fortune about who you are and what you represent, Ms. Doufas said. Therefore, it is crucial to dress in a way that reflects your personal post and image. Ms. Doufas said you could dress “ on brand ” by choosing to wear a garment in the coloring material of your personal or business brand. If your stigmatize has a strong subject of red in it, you could wear a red shirt or red accessories to make the connection between yourself and your stigmatize. besides, consider whether the expression you project at a network event reflects the means you present yourself on-line, said Ms. Doufas. “ It ’ s crucial to keep your count reproducible. When people see your persona on your social media accounts and on your web site, make certain that the way you dress at a network event reflects what you ’ ra portraying on your early platforms, ” she said .


What you wear to a business breakfast should differ from what you ’ vitamin d wear to creative network drinks, said Ms. Doufas. Your outfit should align with the type of event you ’ rhenium serve and the herd you ’ ll be mingling with. “ I ’ vitamin d adapt my outfit count on the consultation, but besides keep consistent to my own stylus, ” Ms. Doufas said. “ It ’ s significant to distillery look like yourself and reflect your personal brand through your outfit… but if you turn up to a creative entrepreneur ’ s event dressed in a corporate suit and heels, it ’ s going to be obvious that you don ’ metric ton match in. ” similarly, if you ’ re attending an event for women in business but the key objective is to make friendships, you may want to dress in a manner that represents you as approachable and friendly, preferably than excessively dinner dress or corporate .


If there is one rule to follow when dressing for networking events it ’ s this : keep your neckline respectable. Necklines that plunge besides low screams more weekend party than a professional businesswoman, then joint to humble styles, like a V-neck, crew neck or boat neck.

With a higher neckline, you may be perceived to be more close and with a lower neckline more open and approachable, Ms. Doufas said. “ A warm and genuine smile can overcome a high neckline, specially when meeting people for the first time, ” she said. additionally, if you ’ re a bigger-busted woman, wearing a high-neck top that is fitted will accentuate your tear, which is not something you necessarily want while trying to make professional connections. “ It ’ s authoritative to dress to compliment your silhouette preferably than accentuate soundbox parts, ” Ms. Doufas said .


While it can be tempting to wear all-black or neutral colors to a network event, Ms. Doufas recommends embracing color to stand out and be remembered. She recommends choosing a color that compliments your complexion. “ People are frequently looking at your expression and eyes so wearing a flatter discolor on the circus tent half of your body is a great way to stand out in the room, ” she said. Colored accessories, such as a necklace or earrings, could be another way to incorporate color into your outfit. Ms. Doufas said semblance is a great direction to be memorable at a network consequence, where you are likely converge people for the first time. “ Wearing color means there ’ s an opportunity for person to compliment you on your crimson jacket, or a statement ring. small things like that can bring person ’ s attention to you, ” she said. “ Wearing both a flattering neckline and color adjacent to your face can be the deviation between connecting or disconnecting with other people. ”


Accessories and jewelry can be mighty when attending networking events because they offer an effective way to express your personality and stylus. “ They create focal points that draw the eye, ” Ms. Doufas said.

“ If you ’ re attending a network event, choose accessories that keep the focus on your face, such as statement earrings or a necklace. “ If you use your hands to talk, like many of us do, wearing a instruction gang or watchband can provide another focal point. ” This article first appeared on She Defined .

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