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Chris Stapleton All American Road Show 2021 VIP Package FAQs
Please note information on FAQs is subject to change.

Q: Can I purchase a package over the phone?
A : unfortunately, we are unable to process any orders over the telephone and consequently all packages must be purchased on-line. however, we ’ rhenium glad to help walk you through the buy summons if you ’ d like to give us a ring at 888-805-8930 !

Q: Does this package have a minimum age?
A : Most shows are candid to guests of all ages. however, the old age policy varies with each venue. You can typically find the age policy via the “ more information ” button on the ticket page, but if it is not there, you may besides refer to the venue ’ s web site for details regarding your specific event .

Q: Can I acquire Accessible Seating as part of a VIP program?
A : Most venues offer accessible seating areas to accommodate their guests. Availability and type of accessible seating tickets will vary based on each venue ’ sulfur policies and/or the type of consequence taking place. If you would like to inquire about accessible seat as part of a VIP program, please reach out to us at guestservices @ or 888-805-8930 immediately after purchase. We will go over any available options .

Q: What does “General Admission pit ticket” mean?
A : general Admission Pit Tickets provide access to the stand room area. If your box includes a standing General Admission Area Ticket, you will NOT receive access to reserved seating areas. If your package includes a Premium Reserved Seat, you will NOT receive access the standing General Admission Area. Please notice that unless one of these options is sold out/unavailable for your show, you will have the option to choose one of these options during the leverage process .

Q: How will I know where my seat is located if I select a Premium Reserved ticket?
A : Your seat localization will be displayed while going through the purchase summons before you complete your purchase. The ticketing system will mechanically give you the best seat available with the box at your time of search. If you forget your seat location, you can constantly refer to your orderliness acknowledge that you received via electronic mail after buy !

Q: Can I purchase a VIP Package at the Box Office?
A : nobelium, VIP Packages will not be available for purchase at the Box Office. You must purchase on-line ahead of time .

Q: Where will I receive my tickets?
A : During the leverage march, you will have the option of having your tickets mailed, printed at home ( E-Ticket ), or picking them up at Will Call. If you choose to have your tickets shipped to you or printed at home, you will hush need to check in with us at the consequence to ensure you get to take advantage of all the perks that come with your package ! If you select Will Call as your ticket rescue method, you will need to pick your tickets up from the corner function before heading to Check-in .

Q: When can I check in as a VIP guest?
A : While the accurate prison term varies with each show, VIP check-in will generally occur about 1-2 hours before the doors open to the populace. We will provide the specific times and check-in location for your display in our informational e-mail about one week before the concert .

Q: How will I receive the merchandise?
A : All merchandise items will be available for tone arm at the venue. More details will be provided in the informational electronic mail.

Q: If I’m unable to make it to VIP Check-in, how can I receive my merchandise?
A : All merchandise must be redeemed on locate at our VIP Check-in. We are unable to ship out any trade post-event .

Q: What does early access mean?
A : ‘ Single Barrel ’ Experience guests with GA Pit tickets will have access to the pit before the General Public are let inside the venue. Guests with bounty reserved tickets will be able to access their seats once doors have opened .

Q: Is VIP parking included?
A : park is not included with this box, but park may be available at the concert venue. Please refer to the venue ’ s web site for more information regarding park .

Q: Can I upgrade to a VIP package if I already purchased a regular ticket?
A : Our ability to upgrade depends on a few different factors – handiness, the venue, and date of contact – but please reach out to our node services team at 888-805-8930 to inquire about any upgrade handiness, and we ’ five hundred be happy to discuss your options with you !

Q: What is an on-site concert host?
A : The on-site concert host is basically an extension of our Guest Services team at the event itself. He/she will be available for any questions or concerns that may arise during the VIP program .

Q: The people attending the concert with me may be arriving late. How would they get their tickets, merchandise, etc.?
A : The original buyer will check in for all package materials, and he/she will then be able to distribute accordingly. therefore, we advise for your whole party to come to VIP check-in at the same time to make it flying and comfortable .

Q: I purchased a package as a gift, but I will not be in attendance. How can my friend and family member pick up their ticket on my behalf?
A : You can do what is called an interchange pick-up ! Simply provide the new guest with a photocopy of your photograph ID and a note authorizing the newly node to check in for your order. These items can be digital copies or photos on a cellular telephone. adenine long as the newly node has these items, in addition to the display ticket ( randomness ), he/she will be able to check-in for the order without you being present. Please eminence that the informational electronic mail regarding check-in ( and any other emails symmetry from us ) is sent to purchasers only, so you will need to forward any emails to the new guest .

Q: What if I change my mind and don’t want my package?
A : All packages are non-refundable. Please refer to the purchase Policy for accomplished details .

Q: Am I going to have an amazing time?
A : absolutely !

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