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It is no secret that girls routinely sacrifice basic necessities in the name of manner and beauty. For decades, women have given up the touch in their toes to flaunt their legs in sky high stiletto. Women have given up cute hours of sleep in preference of having time to complete all of things which encompass “ getting ready. ” Women have even given up the most essential necessitate of homo beings, breathing, to fit into the perfective dress or kit. College women face similar sacrifices every day ; however, when the winter season rolls around, the offspring of looking hot on Friday night without hyperventilating from the cold proves particularly difficult. Fear not, college ladies, here is your guide to surviving ( and enjoying ! ) parities this winter :

  1. Wear a jacket
    : At college, your mom isn’t there to yell out after you leave your dorm, “Put a coat on!”, and your roommate probably won’t serve this role either. Regardless, you need to do it. It may seem like just a short distance between the dorm and AXP or whatever frat you’re headed to, but it is mandatory that you wear a coat. If you don’t, you will be labeled “that girl”, (“that girl” referring to one who is so set on looking good that she does so while simultaneously torturing herself).
  2. Wear a jacket that you have no personal attachment to: The majority of college girls has experienced (or knows someone who knows someone) the terror of realizing that the jacket that you hung up on the coat rack at the beginning of the party is no longer there. And these girls have experienced the increasing terror when they realize that jacket that is no longer there cost them $200, or was given to them by their late-great auntie. These details aren’t significant as once the jacket is gone, it’s never coming back. Bring an old, cheap, throw-away jacket.
  3.  Once at the party, do not rely on coat racks: Hide that old, disgusting jacket! Even the ugliest jackets will be stolen, whether is on purpose or not. Drunk individuals have tendency not to recognize what they came with and what they did not. To combat this natural state of the drunken soul, stuff your jacket under a couch, in a cabinet, or even appliances such as a microwave or a dryer.
  4. If you hide your jacket, remember WHERE you put it: Do not play magician and hide your jacket so well that even you cannot figure where you left it. If the cops are there and you are doing everything possible to disperse in the timeliest manner, you better be able to quickly identify your clever hiding place.

  5. After successfully covering your top half, it is then necessary to cover your bottom half as well: Try pants over a dress or a skirt. Skinny jeans or leggings always look both comfy and chic. Skinny jeans in particular evoke a “girl next door” look. In particularly bitter weather, wear tights underneath your jeans for added warmth and a bonus: they make your butt look bigger!


  6. When wearing a skirt or a dress, always wear tights: Do not brave subzero weather with nothing covering your legs. It will dry out your skin, leaving your legs looking ashy and red upon reaching the party. With tights, you have two options: wear nude stockings (warmth and an instant tan!) or colored stockings. Dark opaque stockings, when paired with shoes of the same color, add miles to your legs. Sparkly stockings are on trend and add flash to a simple outfit.
  7. Skip the high heels: Especially open-toed shoes. Instead, try boots, either flat or with a heel. If you cannot bear the idea of going to a party without heels, wear cheap boots for the walk and carry your heels in a bag. But beware: if you chose to leave the boots somewhere at the party, they may not be there for the walk home!
  8.  Play with scarves and hats: Hats are not just for snow days and scarves are not just for covering up hickies! In the winter, these knit accessories are your new best friends. Play with prints and textures for different looks.
  9. Make Chapstick and lotion your favorite travel companions:Your I
    D, keys, and cell phone money have always been the obvious must-haves for going out for a late night. However, when winter rolls around Chapstick and a travel sized lotion are the next most important items to have. With winter weather comes winter skin, which means dried out hands and dried out lips! You definitely do not want to be chapped for any late night kisses.
  10. Take advantage of frat boys: This does not imply anything inappropriate. Rather, it suggests using the boy who has been hitting you all night to his whole potential. Ask him to bump that warm hoodie he has been rocking off his back to give you some extra heat for the long trek home. It’s the least he can do after the cheesy lines he’s been feeding you.
    With these simple tips you will be sure to have a totally wild and warm “spring” semester, be prepared for nonstop party hopping even in artic conditions and will be able to ensure that minor details like snow or piercing winds won’t get in the way of your social life.
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