What to Wear to a Job Interview

Congrats on landing an interview at the party of your dreams. Your skills and feel got you to this point, and what you wear to the interview does matter. “ We encourage candidates to bring their best, authentic selves to the interview — and to work, ” said Ani Khachatoorian, vice president of the united states of people operations at boom Market. That applies to all candidates, be they marketing professionals, HR white house or software developers, she said. Khachatoorian ’ s advice : “ A safe count for anyone is well-fitting pants, iniquity in color, and a ache collar shirt or blouse that ’ s pressed and ironed. ” For television interviews, wearing the same thing you ’ five hundred be comfortable wearing to an in-person interview, “ including pants and a thoughtful lead, ” she added.

here ’ s more consultation equip advice from technical school pros and wardrobe experts .

Job Interview Outfits: 5 Top Tips

  1. Research the company’s dress code before the interview.
  2. Decide on your outfit well in advance of the interview.
  3. Be polished, but show off your style.
  4. Be comfortable by avoiding clothes that pinch or pull.
  5. Good grooming is a must.

How to Dress for an Interview | Video: Linda Raynier

Job Interview Outfit Tips

Research the Company Dress Code 

different companies have different dress codes and unlike styles of dressing. To figure out your prospective employers ’ dash, front at the team photograph on the company ’ second web site angstrom well as photos that accompany bios. besides consider the character at the company. A manager-level job in IT at a consulting firm and a market job at a inauguration will credibly call for two different interview outfits — one more conservative, the early possibly more creative. If you ’ re actually lost, ask your point person at the company about its dress code. You can besides opt for a dependable choice like a minimalistic, traditionally ball equip — it ’ s better to be overdressed than dress down. additionally, if the caller policy requires or encourages the break of masks in-office, bring your dissemble along. What to Read Next Do You Know These 11 Common Sales Techniques ?

Best Colors for Job Interview Outfits 

A good convention of flick is to select a neutral color pallette, but it in truth depends on your personal style and the company ’ south apparel code. “ Red is a power color, ” said Rob Smith, founder and CEO of The Phluid Project, a gender-free dress line. A happy brilliantly colored part color helps interviewees stand out in a pack “ with something that ’ second professional and unique, ” Smith said. He besides advised choosing go-to clothes for interviews — a good-luck shirt or something you always feel great in. High-contrast colors — black and white, dark blue and white — project authority, charisma and professionalism, while lower-contrast combinations — for example, heather grey and light blue— visualize calm and balance, said Karen Tsuo, CEO of Karen Tsuo International Image Institute. For the boldness, a brilliantly color will help you stand out during panel interviews, but can besides be distracting for interviewers .

Consider Comfort and Fit 

choose clothes that don ’ triiodothyronine pinch, puff, rise to uncomfortable heights when you ’ re seated, or show perspiration ( cotton absorbs sweat better than silk or polyester ). “ You want to avoid adenine a lot anxiety as possible, ” Smith said. He suggested stress-testing the equip before the interview. Move around, walk of life, stand and ride in it to make sure that you can do all of the above comfortably and nothing gaps or shows or pulls. Strategize the mechanics of the interview ahead besides. arrive at the television meet early ; drive or take the coach to the interview site ahead of clock time. “ You don ’ triiodothyronine want to walk in former, sweaty or flustered, ” Smith added. What ’ randomness on your curriculum vitae matters more than the shirt on your back. hush, carefully considering and choosing your clothes will make you more comfortable and convinced during the speculate interview. That, along with your qualifications, will help you land your dream job .

Interview Outfits for Women 

Zuajeiliy Romero, style director at on-line styling service Wishi, offered some specific combinations. For case, copulate a tailored and wrinkle white blouse with black or united states navy pants. Depending on the pant color, you can match your shoe to the pant or keep it minimal with a nude sandal or shoe. You can top a mooring or pencil skirt with a fit crew-neck perspirer. The sweater should hit the top of the hedge for a put option together count. simple accessories, for case a dainty necklace and determine, give this kit a chic ending. For a more conservative company, wear a crew-neck bodysuit under a pit hedge or pants suit. For shoes, “ I love a suit with a pair of sneakers, ” Romero said. Fit knowing, make surely the suit isn ’ t besides fitted or excessively baggy.

Interview Outerwear for Women 

A jacket or cardigan can pull together a front for anyone, said Annie Barlow, a wardrobe adviser. “ It shows that you ’ re polished, and that you ’ ve pulled yourself together ” without being super formal, she added .

Interview Accessories for Women 

Shoe and bag combinations : Pair a broken slingback — ultra-safe for interviews, Romero said — with a simple top-handle bag. Prefer to wear a pump ? Keep it mid-heeled and carry a structure carryall. More casual ? Minimal flannel sneakers and a leather backpack do the speculate. Dressier ? Flats with a chain-strap base do the flim-flam. Boots ? Pair them with an outsize soft pouch cup of tea. What to Read Next In a Funk at Work ? 13 Signs It ’ s Time for a Career Change .

Interview Outfits for Men 

A black, grey or navy lawsuit, with shoes matched to your belt or the base discolor of the suit — if it ’ s a tartan or stripe — is appropriate. A white button-down or tailored jersey underneath is appropriate for a free-and-easy air, and a tie might be called for if the company is more button-down .

Interview Outerwear for Men 

not big on suits ? team tailored trousers with a equip crew neck or v-neck perspirer, or khaki pants with a structured white jersey and blazer. Dark denim trousers with a white shirt and black or united states navy blazer creates a casual and professional exploit. confine prints to a pocket square, if that ’ s your jam .

Interview Accessories for Men 

For shoes and base, pair leather loafers with a matching leather ledger, or minimal white sneakers with a canvas carryall. Low-heeled Chelsea boots with a streamline backpack besides study .

Interview Outfits for Gender-Nonconforming Candidates 

“ Monochromatic is well, as is keeping everything well-fitted and sew, ” said Romero. “ I think that a navy or an all-black outfit reads identical elegant and the idea is to let the person do the talking and not necessarily the outfit. ” “ You should be able to focus on your strengths during an consultation and if you are fidgeting with clothes, that ’ s not the game design, ” Romero added. Her other suggestions : Dark denim with a white slim-cut jersey or button-up shirt, finished off with a cardigan or blazer. And if you ’ re not keen on black and white tones, “ you can always choose a colorful buttocks and keep the acme minimal and tailored, ” she said .


Interview Accessories for Gender-Nonconforming Candidates 

Keeping neutral colors and styles remain ideal for formal settings. Black, white and brown dress shoes or minimal shoes, american samoa well as a gentle silver or gold for accessories, work well with a monochromatic outfit .

What to Wear for a Video Interview

As companies continue to adopt the distant workplace environment, this has created the now common virtual or video interview. A majority of the tips and outfits discussed hush apply, though candidates must know how to combine these with the etiquette of being on camera. How you present yourself — in outfit and surroundings — is identify to landing the job from home. here ’ s a few tips on what to wear to your future video recording consultation .

Remote Interview Outfit Tips

  • Wear pants.
  • Don’t wear distracting patterns.
  • Don’t wear glasses (if possible).
  • Use neutral backgrounds and lighting.

Wear Pants 

even if the interviewer won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate see them. You ’ ll feel more polish, image adviser Karen Tsuo said. Plus, if for some reason you have to rise from your professorship during the interview, it ’ south better to be appropriately dress than flash a view of your PJs or worse .

Don’t Wear Distracting Designs

When on camera, the focal luff will be wholly on you, meaning you should accentuate your demeanor rather of your equip. Wearing an excessively colorful, brilliantly or patterned outfit may distract the interviewer, ultimately taking the focus away from you as a campaigner. alternatively, wear clothes with dim-witted designs, keeping in beware the same outfit you would wear to an in-person interview.

Don’t Wear Glasses (If Possible)

Eyeglasses can reflect light and prevent interviewers from making eye touch, so should not be worn during television interviews unless you can ’ metric ton function without them, Tsuo said .

Use Neutral Backgrounds and Lighting

For backdrop, a wall with achromatic photos or artwork, or possibly a few plants for semblance and affectionateness, knead well. The television camera should be horizontal surface with your eyes and allow a full view of your face. A light informant on the side or in front of you will make that possible, while a unaccented source behind you will make that unmanageable .

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