The Do’s & Don’ts of Tailgating at a Dave Matthews Band Show

In my 31 years on this earth, I ’ ve been to 62 Dave Matthews Band shows and count. ( This summer will get me all the way up to 64. Don ’ triiodothyronine estimate. Okay… judge a little. ) And if there ’ s anything I ’ ve learned in seeing DMB exist, it ’ mho that the tailgate is barely a much a part of the experience as the picture, for better or worse. ( If you ’ ve been parked adjacent to a guy who insists on peeing between his car and yours, it ’ sulfur credibly for the worse. )



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That said, whether you ’ re a seasoned veteran like myself or a newcomer to the DaveHead scene ( welcome aboard, young person, my hacky sac tricks are about to blow your beware ! ) there ’ s some etiquette when it comes to the pre-game picture. Yes, etiquette, dammit .

As DMB embarks on their 25th year on the road, fans from across the area will be packing up coolers and bowls to celebrate, we will. But before you head into the park fortune or the campgrounds you ’ ll be partying at before the testify starts, these are the dress ’ mho and don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate to keep in mind .
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DO: Be Neighborly
Whether you ’ re getting to the parking batch arsenic soon as gates exposed, or just strolling through the picture on your direction to the venue, just, like, be courteous to everyone around you. If the group partying nearby is drinking far more dapper Ice than water in the blaze hotness, offer them some hydration ( and some tips on where to buy better liquor for god ’ s sake ). If the car following to you doesn ’ thymine start after they ran the engine excessively long, give ‘ em a leap preferably than rushing off to go sit in exit traffic. Dave fans can get a bad knock for being douchey fraternity bros, but the accuracy of the count is, it ’ s a reasonably cool and friendly group. When it ’ s done right, it ’ s a playfulness, caring community. show that slope .
DON’T: Get So Wasted You Miss the Show
I ’ ve seen this more times than I can count. person goes way besides hard on rum and/or weed wayyyyy excessively early in the day and they are passed out before the gates even open. This is dazed because, A. You could get seriously brainsick ; and B. YOU JUST SPENT ALL THIS MONEY FOR A DAVE SHOW DON ’ T WASTE YOUR HARD-EARNED MONEY, JOSH. even if you do make it inside and you ’ re excessively inebriated, you could get booted by security, or worse, pass out and miss the sick rendition of “ Halloween ” you ’ ve been waiting years to see live .

DO: Sell Your Ticket At Face Value

Dave parking lots can be a hotbed of scammers and scalpers, indeed if you or a buddy can ’ thymine make it inside, for god ’ s sake, just sell it to a decent fan looking for a ticket at face value. Yeah, you ’ ra gon na lose a few bucks on the lewd surcharges, but think of it as your own way of sticking it to the man .
DON’T: Blast Anything But Dave
half of the fun of the pre-Dave buzz is anticipating what you ’ re going to hear that nox. A huge separate of the tailgate/camping fit is stereo playing assorted DMB albums. They promote sing-alongs, create the perfective soundtrack for your park bunch Frisbee and/or football game, and sometimes, if your heart is pure and fandom true, Dave will hear that you ’ rhenium toy “ The Stone ” from the proboscis of your Mazda and think, “ Hmm, we should play that tonight. ”
Dave Matthews Band
Dave Matthews Band performs live for fans at the 2014 Byron Bay Bluesfest on April 21, 2014 in Byron Bay, Australia .
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DO: Follow the Rules…Or, At Least, Be Smart About It
Yeah, it sounds square, but trust me, the last thing you want is having your thrust busted. Red cup and vape pens were invited for reasons, and, no, not barely because they are comfortable and hilarious punchlines and stereotypes. It ’ s to avoid fines or having to call your boyfriend to pick you up from concert jail. cipher wants that. equitable be smart. It ’ s truly that easy, I promise .
DON’T: Hold Your Own Concert
The condescension for Guitar Guy at the Party holds barely a much true, if not more thus, for Guitar Guy at the Tailgate. We all know “ Crash Into Me. ” We know you know it, besides. Let ’ s just leave it to the pros, shall we ?
DO: Wait Until Later In the Night to Buy a Crappy Parking Lot Tie Dye Shirt

Look, you ’ re going to wear these shirts to the gymnasium or another Dave picture and literally nowhere else, so it ’ second best to buy these things at the end of the night when they ’ re desperate to get rid of them. Negotiate a fair price and ride home know you got a sweet new while of memorabilia that will stopping point roughly four lave cycles. Worth it .
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DON’T: Pay $17 For a Pretzel Inside
When those doors open up, you ’ ll rue the day you didn ’ t choose to grill up some blistering dogs or nosh on some chips beforehand. food prices are hideous in most venues, and honestly, american samoa long as you abide by all the camping/parking rules, you ’ re adhere to have a better dining experience away anyhow. The tailgaters at Dave shows know how to do it justly, specially when it comes to having a full-on overcome course BBQ in the minor spoke of their parking topographic point .
DO: Throw Away All Your Garbage, Especially Glass

Trust me, the final thing you want to do is run over your own glass bottles and shred your tires before the two hour drive home. Plus, litter is a dick move .
DON’T: Drink and Drive
This is obvious. Have a designated driver. C ’ monday, guys. I shouldn ’ thymine evening have to tell you this again .

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