What To Wear To A Dutch Bros. Interview – How I Got The Job

many people frequently tend to be confused over the estimate of dressing up appropriately for an interview at Dutch Bros. While the key is to stick to the expected preen code, it is equally important to carry yourself well and keep it simple to complement your overall personality and mentality. After all, it ’ mho Dutch Bros. and not just another coffee bean shop ! When appearing for an consultation at Dutch Bros., you are expected to dress professionally and casually. Do not go for bland casuals like whole jeans or denim attend. Again, extremely revealing clothes and decollete tops are not recommended at all. Dutch Bros. does not harp on a ‘ rigid ’ dress code, so you can go easy on choosing a desirable overdress for yourself. In this article, we have explored the kernel of it in-depth to make it easier for you to choose the correct outfit for an interview at one of the most happening chocolate chains in the United States .

What’s Included?

  • Attire Types for Both Men and Women
  • Attire Tips
  • Attire Dos and Don’ts
  • FAQS

Here Are A Few Attire Ideas For The Dutch Bros. Interview

While the key is to wear anything apparently free-and-easy, make certain it ’ s not something excessively bright, eye-piercing, and snazzy ! At the like time, if you ’ re planning to appear in clientele casuals, ensure to drop your “ tie ” at home because you ’ ll not be needing it for this interview. That being said, here are a few ideas for both the men and women aspiring to make it boastfully in this interview :

For Men

  • A light-colored business suit with no tie: This is to show that you take this job seriously and are professional in your demeanor. The reason you need to strike the “tie” off the list is that a job at Dutch Bros. resonates strongly with freedom and personal expression. Hence a light-colored (preferably grey) business suit would be a perfect attire to meet the interview demands.
  • T-shirt and jeans: If you want to keep things really casual and unpretentious, t-shirts can save the day! However, avoid wearing graphic tees as these won’t align with the very purpose you’re aiming for this interview to serve and will surely appear out of sync. In other words, a graphic tee would be a bit unprofessional for the interview ambiance.
  • Button-down shirt and slacks: This is a potentially good choice and can be carried very well as the interview date finally arrives at your doorstep.

For Women

  • Blouse and pants: A light-colored blouse with pants is one of the most sought-after looks for a coffee shop interview. However, tone down the blouse in color and choose not to wear an upper that has frills, net, and something that appears extra snazzy for the event. Remember, to keep it casual and gorgeous.
  • Top/cardigan/blouse/sweater with a skirt: Skirts can serve the purpose very well and help achieve the look you’re aiming to spot. So, pair it up with a nice upper that complements your skirt and enthrall everyone with a positive attitude by carrying the look impeccably during the interview phase.

Materials That You Must Consider Wearing For the Dutch Bros. Interview

  • Silk
  • Cotton
  • Rayon
  • Woolen

Materials That You Must Not Choose For the Dutch Bros. Interview

Denim is a big nobelium, particularly the faded or torn one. Always remind yourself that this international relations and security network ’ t a summer camp. It is something serious- a coffee bean shop interview ! Jeff Bezos Career Advice

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Jeff Bezos Career Advice

Shoes That You Should Wear For The Dutch Bros. Interview

When it comes to dressing, everything from top to toe, correct from the top to the brake shoe, matters ! frankincense, the kind of footwear that you ’ ll be wearing for the interview should be treated a seriously as the other components of your overdress. here are a few brake shoe ideas for both men and women looking to get the said job through this interview :

For Men

  • Leather shoes: Leather shoes are always classy and men can never deny their significance on any occasion. In fact, these are the real saviors and can help save the day with their versatility trait. So, carry them on unhesitatingly with your overall outfit.
  • Loafers: Loafers are another comfortable type of footwear and will always ooze that much need level of ease during the tensed-up interview moments and pre-interview jitters.

 Shoes That You Must Avoid

  • Running Shoes
  • Flip-Flops
  • Canvas Shoes

For Women

  • Wedges: Pencil heels aren’t required for this interview. So, remember to leave them behind at home no matter how badly you itch to wear them. The key is to look professional and casual. 
  • Closed Toe-Flats: These are always a great idea and help boost your confidence for the job that you’re applying for. There is nothing better than flats!

Shoes That You Must Avoid

  • Stilettos
  • Pencil Heels
  • Flip-Flops
  • Strapped Sandals
  • Sneakers

Other Attire Related Tips To Keep In Mind While Appearing For The Interview

  1. Remember to keep it neat and simple. Barista interviews are aimed at gauging a person’s outlook and personality through the way they dress up and this goes for almost every job interview. Hence dressing as per the occasion is the biggest prerequisite.
  2. For ladies wearing pants, black or something dark with a light-colored top is the ideal outfit.
  3. For ladies with long hair, difficult to be managed, it’s advisable to tie your hair back to avoid discomfort and distraction during the interview. 
  4. Men can also wear shorts to the knees.
  5. Long skirts for the ladies is a ‘yes!’

Dos Related To Your Attire And The Overall Interview Process

  • For ladies, it is advisable to carry a small handbag for your documents.
  • Make sure to wear a big fat smile with the outfit that you’re appearing in on the day of the interview.
  • You can always wear a collared shirt but keep it on the lighter side.
  • For the interview, you need to smell good. From the hygienic viewpoint and for creating a good vibe, smelling good makes a lot of difference.
  • Look professional and well-kept even if you are not applying for an office job position.

Don’ts Related to Your Attire And The Overall Interview Process

  • Don’t wear something provocative, revealing, or teasing
  • Do not try overdressing
  • Don’t even think about appearing in ripped jeans. 
  • Don’t wear tees or shirts with logos, graphics, etc. imprinted on them
  • Avoid wearing polo shirts. You need to go slightly above these for a coffee shop interview
  • Avoid wearing t-shirts or shirts with brand names or logos imprinted on them
  • Don’t clad yourself in tight-fitting clothing. You need to look attractive, not seductive
  • Don’t wear running shoes, VANS or converse
  • Drop the whole idea of wearing Neon clothing even if it occurred to you for a nanosecond
  • Don’t wear high heels or stilettos
  • Don’t wear clothes that have creases or stains on them

Is It Just Casual Or Professional?

well, let ’ s say it ’ s a mix- the best of both worlds ! You don ’ metric ton want to appear as a homely Jane for the interview who doesn ’ t have any theme about what they are doing hera in the consultation room, and at the lapp time, you don ’ t have to do it over the lead. “ Business casuals ” is how you can define your research on what to wear for a Dutch Bros. interview .

Can An Appropriate Dressing Style Guarantee My Job At Dutch Bros.?

Style is one of the many factors that an interviewer at Dutch Bros. will consider before selecting you for the delegate function. While the key is to dress up appropriately and as per the affair, many things like the way you speak, how you carry yourself, your personality traits, your skills and know-how, your enthusiasm, and so forth, will be analyzed thoroughly during the interview round. Hence precisely an allow trim expressive style does not provide a job guarantee in any way .


Applying for a position at a coffee bean patronize means you need to indicate a draw of courage and enthusiasm, equitable like any other speculate. While the coffee shops of 2021 requirement a hep vibration, spotting a business casual front for the interview is ideal. More than the dress you ’ ra exhausting, which is one of the strongest factors in determining your strength as a electric potential occupation campaigner, the smile and assurance you wear define it all. It ’ s advisable to go for a professionally relax look that can help you keep things elementary, thereby filtering out the dressing components that do not align well with the status you ’ rhenium apply for. The cardinal is to maintain that temperance in how you dress up, which should be an denotative and overt reflection of your personality .

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I am a girl and have a coffee shop interview lined up for tomorrow. Can I wear jeans for the interview?

While it is constantly advisable to go for slacks in iniquity colors like black, khaki, etc., which is an ideal choice, jeans should be avoided american samoa much as you can. however, if there aren ’ t many options around, make sure to pair your jeans with a decent, light top. Avoid nets, frills, and any early explicitly glamorous top that will not sync with the affair .

  • What should a barista wear to an interview?

You should wear an outfit that has a relax, free-and-easy, so far business vibration. A invest like Dutch Bros. is known for its relax vibration. Hence while you dress up for an interview for Dutch Bros., remember to reflect that atmosphere in your identical style and personality. Going a small above “ precisely free-and-easy ” and toning down the flush of “ formal ” is the perfective way to deck up for a barista interview.

What To Wear To A Dutch Bros. Interview

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