60 of the Best Group Costume Ideas for Every Occasion

60 of the Best Group Costume Ideas for Every Occasion

60 of the Best Group Costume Ideas for Every Occasion | Fancydress.com
60 of the Best Group Costume Ideas for Every Occasion | Fancydress.com
Nothing beats picking out a fancy-dress theme with your friends and rocking up to the party in the like style. Group costumes are bang-up for theme birthday parties, scholar nights, stag-dos, Halloween and any other excuse to dress up. The only unmanageable part is deciding who gets to be the best characters !
We ’ ve assembled our lead 60 group costume ideas for men, women and a mix of both ! grow inspired to pick out your favored costumes and prepare for the party in style !

possibly the most popular group visualize trim mind of all is Super Mario and friends. Everyone ’ south played the original Super Mario Nintendo game and Mario Kart is essential at every party ! Choose male or female versions of Mario, Luigi, Wario and Waluigi, then get bet on cook .

Get colorful with your friends and become every child ’ s favorite colouring utensil ! available in a rainbow of colours, from primary, to vibrant and exotic, crayons costumes are great for groups of girls on a hen party or a mix of girls and guys for Halloween .

There ’ s no doubt that The Beatles are one of the most long-familiar and influential bands of all time, and now you can relive their aura days dressed as the dance band in their ‘ Sgt Pepper ’ s Lonely Hearts ’ album cover overdress .

completely random but fun and easy, dressing as fast food items is a far-out choice for food festivals, music festivals or Halloween. Become your must-have condiment, a frank, or delightful bacon double cheese burger. Mmm…

You may have dressed as a Wizard of Oz character in your childhood however, it ’ s never excessively former to celebrate this iconic movie. Walk the scandalmongering brick road with friends, dressed as Dorothy, the Tin Man, Cowardly Lion, Scarecrow and Wicked Witch of the West for one of the more iconic group fancy dress looks .

Circus is one of the swerve fancy dress themes, inspired by The Greatest Showman and the latest Disney Dumbo movie. Become an original circus performer such as a Ringmaster or Jester, or get cockamamie and eldritch dressed as a clown .

wholly random but hilarious, traffic cone costumes will decidedly cause a few cautions at the party. Have fun standing in objectionable places and directing dealings on the dance floor. This mind is great for stag-do ’ s !

Viva lanthanum Mexico, it ’ s time to party ! mexican illusion dress couldn ’ triiodothyronine be a better theme for a group fancy full-dress costume. Crack open a bottle of tequila, gather your friends and create a mexican posse to head to the bars. Mexican group costumes are capital for holidays abroad, scholar nights, sports team tours and practically any other consequence that calls for sombrero and beneficial times .

Celebrating on a global scale is easy as there are so many countries to choose from. Portray the traditional ( and stereotyped ) dress of many external countries and have fun guessing what country your friends are supposed to be. It ’ s a capital choice for festivals and street parties !

Gross but brilliant, our ‘ bathroom companion ’ randomness ’ estimate is hilarious for a stag-do or giving your guests a barrel of laughs at a birthday party. Grab your two best mates and decide who gets the poopy conclusion of the cope. Chances are, it ’ ll be all three of you with these costumes !

Perfect for families and a firm option for Halloween, the Addams Family characters of Morticia, Gomez, Wednesday, Uncle Fester and Cousin Itt are immediately recognizable and the costumes look capital ! Get gothic and skittish when conjuring up this sinister group costume .

What better way to party than dress as your darling tipple ? Are you a beer lover or do you have a soft blot for tequila ? Beer bottle hats and full outfits are calling your appoint ! You ’ ll fit right in at the public house with your ensemble of alcohol friends .

Get riggity, riggity wrecked, son ! These Rick & Morty fondness trim costumes are freaking hilarious ! locomotion on inter-dimensional adventures dresses as Rick Sanchez, Morty Smith and PICKLE RICK ! Perfect for any visualize dress party composition or even Halloween .

Save the galaxy with your buddies dressed as everyone ’ s darling Star Wars heroes ! Chewbacca, Princess Leia, Yoda and Jedi ’ s all make the arrant team, quick to bring down the empire. It besides makes a cool theme for a cosplay event such as Comic-con .

If the villains of the galaxy are more your style and you want to unleash the dark side of the force, Darth Vader and his loyal Stormtroopers is the way to go ! Go all-out movie authentic with replica costumes or do ‘ dark side on a budget ’ with lower monetary value options – you ’ ll have fair ampere much playfulness careless .

Another balmy mind for any occasion is to dress as a delectable so far healthy piece of fruit. Choose an outfit for each of your mates to perfect the fruit bowl appearance. And yes, you ’ ll decidedly catch the eye of person special…

Trekkies at Comic-con and groups of friends that want to relive the iconic days of the Starship Enterprise on television, will revel at the sight of these authentic Star Trek costumes. Pick your front-runner characters and represent the crew !

Go-go ability rangers ! The mighty morphin ’ Power Rangers were democratic in the 90 ’ sulfur and they ’ ve been re-imagined in mod movies. It ’ s a super group costume mind for a desegregate of guys and girls. Choose your favorite color texas ranger and attire to impress .

Who played cops and robbers as a kyd ? Bring back those age-old memories and sprinkle them into your pornographic life by conjuring up a collar ’ south and robber ’ s group fancy dress for the party. Great for big groups with no limits, split the group into good and regretful and get cook for a dance-off .

If you like jumping about and having a wild time, this one ’ mho for you, and it ’ s great for big groups ! Dress half of your sports team or friend group as south african campaign parking lot rangers, and the early one-half of your squad as wild animals .

Are you a group of 300 ? OK, possibly not, but Spartan ’ s as featured in the ‘ 300 ’ movie is an epic fancy attire theme where you can show off those guns to the party ! Don your greek Spartan toga and march into battle with a sword and harbor, instilling fear into guests and catching a few winks from the early side of the measure .

An easy but glamorous concept for group dress-up is becoming a imperial Roman artist, emperor butterfly or scholar, living the high life sentence in Rome and having your partner feed you with grapes. Recruit your Roman friends and apparel in a toga for a promptly and comfortable costume .

Do you want to emit a divine air at your birthday party, gazing out at a crowd of greek warriors, noble goddesses and fabulous creatures ? Pick out a toga and a headpiece, then border into the assembly hall with your head held high. Athena, Zeus, Hercules – who will you be ?

Is aureate your favorite semblance ? Or possibly you ’ ve been invited to an Ancient Egypt themed party ? egyptian fancy dress see ’ s you become a gallant Pharaoh, Cleopatra the goddess or a marvelous ma. The subject is a no-brainer for Halloween .

Swing by the sedan in Wild West visualize dress and ask for a bourbon on the rocks. Cowboys and cowgirl is a popular theme for groups of guys and girls and it can be used for about any juncture !

Inspired by emergency room television serial ’ such as Scrubs and ER, Doctors and Nurses visualize dress is both easy and effective. Slide into the party dressed as blue doctors and nurses, or go for the more professional ‘ scrubs ’ appearance .

Increase the temperature of the room tenfold and prompt the guests to scream ‘ it ’ s getting hot in here ’. Fire Fighter fancy dress is a smouldering adult dress-up option that ’ s oozing with sensuality, and the profession has retentive been associated with looking attention-getting .

If you ’ re browse for a party theme in addition to fancy preen and you want something quick and simpleton for guests, hawaiian Luau is excellent. Flowers lei ’ mho, tropical shirts and grass skirts will set the view .

Every woman wants to think of themselves as a princess, and what ’ s more epic than a knight in shining armor ? Go chivalric with your hale kingdom of friends and choose a costume to suit. You ’ ll fit in at chivalric style banquets, Halloween, or a ‘ royal ’ themed party .

Oooargh ! If ‘ pirates ’ international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate a group theme you ’ ve already tried, you ’ re missing out ! It ’ second fun, easy to do and you can invite as many friends along as possible. Lead the crew dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow and plunder the party with cutlasses, eye patches and parrots .

Is Game of Thrones the best television receiver series of all time ? It ’ s decidedly up there ! Represent the baronial casting of equal families and houses with your friends, including Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen and valiant warriors of the north .

The Avengers started in Marvel comics and have been unleashed on film screens worldwide in the latest movies. Fancy yourself as a superhero ? Recruit your friends into a police squad of Iron Man, Spiderman, Thor, Hulk, Captain America and the other heroes .

Gotham City is under attack and it needs your help ! Assemble your best mates and create an cortege of Batman, Robin and Catwoman, versus your less liked friends of The Joker, Poison Ivy and Bane. The only interview is…who will be Batman ?

not good popular for short girls but for ladies of all ages, the Disney Princesses are characters that everyone loves, and you ’ ll all be the bell of the ball. Dress as favored characters such as Belle, Cinderella, Snow White and Princess Aurora, whilst paving a charming path into the dance hall .

For Disney on an option and devious scale, become one of the most love so far despised Disney villains. Captain Hook, Cruella Deville and Maleficent are notoriously evil but have impressively far-out personalities .

“ Cabin Crew take your seats and prepare for lift off ”. Take off for a party dressed in vogue as a group of commercial airline pilots, their co-pilots and glamorous cabin gang attendants .

relive senior high school school highlights from many american movies by dressing adenine stereotyped athletic supporter football players and cheerleaders. It ’ s a cute high school reunion root and the ‘ go-to ’ option for hosting scholar house parties. Bring out the beer niff cups and wave your pom-poms !

Army gals and guys is a common but easily and effective group mind that won ’ thyroxine break the savings bank. Suit up in green overalls, show off those guns in a invest and pop on your aviator shades. Oh, and don ’ triiodothyronine forget the disguise face paint !

From mermaids and tropical fish to the victim of a shark attack, an Under the Sea composition gives you enough of options to choose from and it ’ s capital for both men and women. Blow bubbles and swim into the barricade or go godforsaken with a group of friends on a scholar nox out .

Board the Mystery Machine van with your buddies and drive to an event dressed as Scooby-doo and the gang ! Costumes for Scooby-doo, Shaggy, Fred, Velma and Daphne make this a bang-up mind for a group of five .

What do you get when you eat excessively many sweets ? A cockamamie populace of candy, cocoa and sweetness treats. Oompa Loompa costumes are available for both guys and girls and it ’ s credibly one of the most popular and group illusion dress ideas. Recruit your wackiest supporter as Willy Wonka to lead the ring !

This group costumes is for the ladies out there ! Perfect for a hen suffice, dress up in our elf uniforms and reminisce about the old days of after-school clubs and badges. Recite the brownie promise before your night out and rock these atrocious uniforms !

Celebrate one of the most sleep together animated movie series of all time by dressing as characters such as Buzz Lightyear, Woody and Jessie. It international relations and security network ’ thymine good kids that ’ ll greet you – Toy Story is known by all generations !

Brought to life in the 1960 ’ second, The Flintstones family of the stone-age is a friendly theme that ’ s recognised by all. Whether you ’ re a family group, or mates looking for a wholesome idea, get suited up as Fred, Wilma and friends .

For a large group who love to wave their hands up in the air, recreating your very own rollercoaster is a hilarious mind ! This illusion costume has trended on-line and is one of the most advanced costumes out there. It ’ mho got no limits ! sol no topic what senesce, arouse or size you are, put on this costume yell away on the dance floor .

Combine this idea with Cowboys of the Wild West or as a standalone kin of amerind braves. Dressing as native Americans of the 1600 ’ south is a attend that will impress ! Proudly show off a head-dress and beat your thorax or go for the pretty Pocahontas appearance .

Fairy-tale fancy dress international relations and security network ’ t equitable for children ’ sulfur tea parties – the adults can get involved excessively and Alice in Wonderland couldn ’ thymine be a better choice. Alice, the Mad Hatter, Queen of Hearts and Cheshire Cat are amazing character costumes in their own right. Put them all in concert and you have a group theme that can ’ triiodothyronine be beaten !

If you want to show of those muscles on the beach, or you ’ rhenium brave enough to re-create Baywatch in a bar, lifeguard costumes are the means to go. Wear bluff crimson costumes, hold a flotation board under your branch and blow your whistle. person at the party is going to need mouth-to-mouth…

The boom 1920 ’ sulfur was a time of flashiness and glam, with italian Mafia Kingpins ruling the streets of New York City. Arrive at promenade dressed as a gangster, with a 1920 ’ sulfur chorus girl or burlesque girl on your arm. This one is good for groups of couples .

Demand authority and look like a million dollars by rolling into the party as a group of Pimps. Excellent for a 90 ’ randomness party or Hip-Hop disco, ‘ pimps ’ is an theme that continues to be a collision. Stand out with flashy pimp colours, and don ’ t forget your cane .

Drink beer like the Germans and celebrate in epic fashion in a bavarian costume, whether you ’ ra attending Octoberfest in Munich or crawling the bars back at home. bavarian traditional outfits are a great joke, with styles to suit guys and girls .

rock that neon, turn up the boom box and throw yourself back into the decade of perms and blue eye shadow with the 80s music group costume. Including the very best from the decade including chart toppers and the identical best of the fashion !

Who ’ s your guitar hero of the ages ? Become iconic musicians such as Slash, Alice Cooper and Slade from rock eras of the past century. Create a band mash-up that you never thought would happen, with your best buddies .

Wave your magic trick wand and transform your colleagues or friends into fellow wizards. Harry Potter is a must-try fancy dress theme for lovers of the movies and books and it can be chosen for any affair, from Halloween to house parties and World Book Day .

You may have seen this theme on a stag-do, but it ’ sulfur besides great for student nights out, birthdays and any other group event. Give all your friends a makeover as a brilliant bluing Smurf and parade around as group .

If you ’ re a group that always end up dinge and bruised after a night out, the Crash Test Dummies are the perfect idea for a big group. Throw yourself onto the dance floor and pull all sorts of shapes and make memories !

Exterminate all of the supernatural ghosts and ghouls in your neighborhood with your friends. Ghostbusters costumes for guys and girls give you everything you need to assemble a team. One of you can evening dress as Slimer .

Have you ever heard of pub-golf ? It ’ s a drinking rival where the group tours different bars and competes to finish drinks. Dress in fabulous golf attire to look the part and boost morale ! It ’ s a challenge that ’ s not for the dim of kernel .

Whether you ’ re looking to spice up your life sentence or simply reminisce, dressing up as your favorite 90s start stars is one of the most alone and trending group costume ideas out there ! Have your Walkman and double denim at the fix, you ’ re going to be in for a playfulness, nostalgic and bum night !

When it comes to movie series, few can beat the legendary condition of Lord of the Rings. Re-create the Fellowship of the Ring with your buddies and full-dress as the heroes from the films, including Gandalf, Legolas and Bilbo Baggins .

Dia de las Muertos, or ‘ Day of the Dead ’ is the world-famous celebration of the asleep that takes place in Mexico City every year. Gather a ghoulish group of friends and don the skittish but admirable sugar-skull search .

We hope we ’ ve inspired you to pick out the perfective group costume composition ! Dressing up with friends is always a good laugh and the opportunities are endless. Plan your own theme party as an excuse to dress up as a particular theme or save the mind for Halloween, where you can become any character or inanimate object you wish ! Wanting to go as a couple rather ?
Find all of the costumes featured in this ideas guide on the  shop  area of fancydress.com. Order today for next day delivery and guaranteed great value.

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